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  1. solo player sab

    My Hero Academia [WSJ]

    @BforB and I here are at Anime Expo and we got into the BNHA panel & Season 4 Premiere!!!!!
  2. solo player sab

    Greetings TLS community.

    Hey you've found the right place!!! Glad to have you!
  3. solo player sab

    My Hero Academia [WSJ]

    S4 premiere is happening at Anime Expo in a couple of weeks! Gonna try to get in line but I’m almost certain it’s going to be ticketed or people are going to camp out for it like they did last year for the movie...
  4. solo player sab

    E3 2019: FFVII Remake Art Gallery

    NICE @Radigar ! Thanks for this. Yeah like what B said, I took these same photos but yours are great because they're each posted individually, while mine were grouped up. I was actually in the process of posting a thread to share the photos I took at E3, including my photos of the concept art...
  5. solo player sab

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Thank you guys :sob: It was a dream seeing FFVII at the front and center of everything at E3. I’ll share more pics when I get home! Speaking of Arby’s...has this already been shared?
  6. solo player sab

    Can someone change my username?

    never mind. please disregard this post lol
  7. solo player sab

    Let's Mosey!

    YOU’RE HIRED!!! Welcome to TLS :relaxed:
  8. solo player sab

    Surprise! Another New Moderator Joins the Fray...

  9. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!! STEP 8: COMPETITION DAY (FINAL STEP!) MY PIECE STARTS AT 31:16 (in case it doesn't auto-start there) I'm so proud of them :sob::sob::sob: and the audience reactions kill me :tearsofjoy: if you have time, please watch their whole performance from 27:16 - 35:45...
  10. solo player sab

    The VII Best Cinematics: FINAL POLL

  11. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    asd;lkjfa;lkj OK I CAN'T CONTAIN IT ANYMORE THE KIDS GOT 3RD PLACE AT THEIR COMPETITION YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!!! we heard the news last sunday shortly after they competed but I've been waiting on the GATDAMN hosting organization to post the videos and they haven't yet!!! i will post it as soon as...
  12. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    STEP 7: Preview Night The team debuted their set to the fraternity body this past Friday as a preview before competition day. Got a copy of the video to share so feel free to enjoy the whole set if you're interested! It's about 8 min long. You might not hear the music much over the cheering tho...
  13. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    STEP 6: Cleaning LOOK HOW CLEAN (one person absent) ok tbh when I compare this video to the last video I posted they're both still pretty clean BUT STILL the little changes/tweaks make a big difference I think! the team has been doing so great and lo and behold THEIR COMPETITION IS THIS...
  14. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    @trash panda @BforB omg yES IT WOULD BE AN HONOR
  15. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    @trash panda :tearsofjoy: the team usually tries to find their usual spot at UCI (where those stairs are) but sometimes they are kicked out by other dance teams. In those cases, they try to find a different spot on campus to practice :tongueout: Hmm I haven't taught smols yet! I was going to as...
  16. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    @BforB thank you :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
  17. solo player sab

    solo dancer sab

    STEP 5B: Blocking DONE WITH BLOCKING!!!! The blocking is still a little dirty/messy, but this is not bad for having just learned it! Also the team shrunk even more - now they are only 8 members total - but I think they still look great. Pretty happy with how this turned out! NEXT STEPS...
  18. solo player sab

    Queer Eye (Netflix Reboot).

    the Jones sisters tho :sob:
  19. solo player sab

    General Anime Thread

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