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  1. Telcontar

    What games are you currently playing?

    There's too little Destiny in this thread. =( Im trying to finish up Omega Ruby so that I can go back to Destiny full-time.
  2. Telcontar

    Member Spotlight #21: Ask Celes Chere anything

    What is your favourite second of the day? What is your favourite first of the day? Do you wear Ellen underwear? Do you gym, brah?
  3. Telcontar

    Member Spotlight #21: Ask Celes Chere anything

    Favourite films? Favourite bands? Favourite Telcontar?
  4. Telcontar

    Happy Birthday Gabriel!

    Happy birthday, Gabriel!
  5. Telcontar

    FFVII re-release for PS4

    There are a handful of Square reps here, in the forums. We need to do something to them. Like sign them up for spam mail or something. That'll teach them! Oh, regarding PS4 exclusivity. It's much easier to port a PC game to a PS4 then it is, to a PS3. Not sure about he Vita though.
  6. Telcontar

    FFVII re-release for PS4

    Watching it live. I got hyped as fuck when the logo popped up on the screen. Fuck you Square. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. EDIT: I swear to god. This was literally what I was doing when I saw that god damned logo.
  7. Telcontar

    Debate of the month

    A debate on what we should debate on.
  8. Telcontar

    in my absence i have fallen in love with one direction

    Did you know...? Welcome back, mate.
  9. Telcontar

    Registration problem ;)
  10. Telcontar

    Register / Retrieve Lost Info Issues

    Wait. RETRIEVE passwords? This is a bigger problem imo.
  11. Telcontar

    The Hobbit

    A Tom Bombadil standalone film. Who's with me?!
  12. Telcontar

    Site Design

  13. Telcontar

    Doctor Who!!~

    Just watched the Finale. Question... Plot-wise though, it feels rushed and not quite as epic as most, if not all of the finales we've seen since the reboot.
  14. Telcontar

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    Its a pirate simulator and its fun as fish. Edward's a very very likable guy. I'm like 70% through the game and he still doesn't give a shit about the Templars vs. Assassins thing. He finds it ridiculous.... Just like everyone who has played AC.
  15. Telcontar

    Mass Effect Series

    Talking about lifts... man, wish they'd bring it back for the next one! Loved those stupid conversations between the teammates.
  16. Telcontar

    Mass Effect Series

    Give these guys a break!
  17. Telcontar

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    Sounds like you guys arent gonna like Unity.
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