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  1. Reigna Valera

    Final Fantasy Remake favorite Characters

    Okay now I am very new to naming favorite Characters for ffvii remake, since I hadn't played the game but read plenty of reviews about it and seen plenty about it on Youtube . I would definitely say that Rufus Shinra has to be my #1 favorite while...
  2. Reigna Valera

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the kind words, and I will try to type out longer messages than I have previously done thus far . I am always kind and curtious as a rule any ways . I am full of kind words though firm in some of my rare messages though I...
  3. Reigna Valera

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone , its a pleasure to meet you all My name is Reigna Valera though most just call me Rei for short . It's a privlage to meet you all and looking forward to seeing all that you have to post on this forum since its my first time...
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