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  1. Leafonthebreeze

    What games are you currently playing?

    Ah see Link's awakening for the original game boy was the first video game I ever played, borrowing my childminder's game boy to play. I would have been maybe 6? It took me genuinely multiple weeks (bearing in mind i could only play it occasionally as it wasn't my game) to figure out you could...
  2. Leafonthebreeze

    Total Crisis - Final Fantasy VII (Revised)

    Yeah this is believable as a dlc or side story honestly!
  3. Leafonthebreeze

    New Zack bro has joined the forums

    Wooo welcome to the forum! It's fun to see some of the discorders sign up.
  4. Leafonthebreeze


    Oh hey you made it over :monster: Assuming this is raven from discord and not a huge coincidence.
  5. Leafonthebreeze

    Hello, hello!

    Oh man, on all-video games, Sam Barlow's (Her Story, Telling Lies and Immortality) absolutely break my brain - if I start one I can't think about anything else until they're done. Highly, HIGHLY reccomend.
  6. Leafonthebreeze

    Hello, hello!

    Hello, welcome!! Did somebody say indie games?? Yess to Edith Finch and Unpacking! I remember finding the ending of Gone Home a bit abrupt but that was over 10 years ago so maybe I should try it again (once I finally finish Rebirth lol). Tacoma (which I think is the same studio) is insanely...
  7. Leafonthebreeze

    Jen, The Sarah Saga, And Where She Went

    ...well that was an interesting trip back to the year I did my GCSEs :neom:
  8. Leafonthebreeze

    ...Webtoon Thread?

    I've got the webnovel of that downloaded onto my phone, I read it on the tube lol. I've been told it goes to some crazy places, like the initial premise is only scratching the surface...
  9. Leafonthebreeze

    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    Thats OK, I do think we could do with a CloTi spoiler channel, or I just need to stop coming in here lol.
  10. Leafonthebreeze

    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    Guys. Spoilers. I knew that had happened because no one could keep their mouth shut but I'm sad it got ruined for me and so will others I imagine.
  11. Leafonthebreeze

    Jen, The Sarah Saga, And Where She Went

    Yeah I just read through that whole thing. What can I say, I'm a messy bitch who lives for drama. But ffvii house is old news. SummonerYuna you say? I hear so many vague allusions to what went on there and I would so love to hear the whole story. Someone who was there should write their own...
  12. Leafonthebreeze

    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    I'm still on chapter 9, a lot of people haven't had a chance to finish yet. You could start a new thread in the spoiler section so you can discuss without the spoiler tags though? Might be easier, I keep opening this thread hoping there'll be something I can engage with but not yet 😞
  13. Leafonthebreeze

    Last Film You've Seen

    It wasn't quite back to back, but I rewatched part 1 at home the night before going to see part 2 at the IMAX (@Erotic Materia I didn't know there were only 30 in the world! Two of them are in London and my friend has one local to him in a random bit of Kent so I just figured they were...
  14. Leafonthebreeze

    Where do the years go?

    I resisted having Discord on my phone for a loong time, but then my choir started using it for social activities so now it's there, and doesn't seem to use up too much internet - I'm on it not on wifi most days and haven't been regularly using up my limit. The app seems fine. I also found TLS...
  15. Leafonthebreeze

    I made a playlist for different FFVII characters

    One day when I'm not on my phone on a train I'll do nice posts with links and lyrics for these songs, but way back when I was a teenager on a different ffvii forum, someone said Your Armor by Charlotte Martin was a good song for Tifa towards Cloud and it's stuck with me ever since. Actually...
  16. Leafonthebreeze

    I made a playlist for different FFVII characters

    Ooh I wanna listen to everything but youtube doesn't work too well with me always listening on my phone on trains with no WiFi... Will browse through the lyrics later today. I have additions but will wait until I'm not at work lol. Worker Bees by Billy Talent is my personal Turks theme song...
  17. Leafonthebreeze

    I made a playlist for different FFVII characters

    I live for this shit, waiting excitedly :monster:
  18. Leafonthebreeze

    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    Guys, just a heads up that this is meant to be a spoiler free channel (unlike LTD), just started skim reading but seems like you're discussing specific rebirth events? Do you mind popping it under a spoiler tag? (I'm not a mod, there's just so few spoiler free threads updating atm that I read...
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