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  1. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Yo I'm writing a RWBY FFVII AU Here's the link to it. Main pairing is bumbleby (Blake x Yang). If you like RWBY I recommend you give it a read (maybe give my other fics a read too while you're at it). I've managed to update daily so far, I intend to try and maintain...
  2. Kermitu Kleric Katie


    Yo I fucking love RWBY. Bumbleby is the OTP.
  3. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Season 2 is coming April 26 AKA lesbian visbility day! She-Ra said gay rights!
  4. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    T&A; Tifa and Aerith

    Smh no activity in 2 years? This ship is the true otp, the answer to the infamous LTD. Aerith totally tops btw.
  5. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Hey I'm back

    It's been like what, a year since I've been here? How y'all doin'?
  6. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Happy birthday, Fancy!

  7. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Boobs Appreciation Club (NSFW ofc)

    This is why we need a midriff thread.
  8. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Star Wars: Episode 7, 8... and BEYOND!

    Wait, so your friend thinks Rey is not only a Palpatine, but a descendant of Sheev himself? Cuz I can't imagine Sheev actually having children.
  9. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Osama Bin Laden played Final Fantasy 7

    The article lists it as part of his film collection, which leads me to wonder if it was actually FFVII the game, or if it was actually Advent Children.
  10. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Happy Birthday, ChipNoir!

    Happy birthday! Sorry I'm late, a storm left me without wi-fi for the past two days.
  11. Kermitu Kleric Katie


    Yeah, c'mon Joe, you can't just leave without giving us a parting gift! :kermit: Anyway, have a nice break an' shit.
  12. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Can someone change my username?

    what about lesbian eldritch monstrosities and/or cookie monsters?
  13. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    The Cult of Kermitu

    :kermitu:Oh Mighty Kermitu, I bring you another gift, this time of the mammary variety::kermitu: :kermitu::kermitu:
  14. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Happy Birthday SeaDragon!

    His Holiness Kermitu wishes you a happy birthday! :kermitu:
  15. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Or you can do what the publisher wants you to do and pay for their stupid microtransactions, because it's clearly the reason "the grind" exists in the first place.:monster: I'm honestly appalled at the number of people who say the microtransactions have no effect on the game and then complain...
  16. Kermitu Kleric Katie

    The Cult of Kermitu

    :kermitu:Oh mighty Kermitu, accept my holy offering.:kermitu: :kermitu::kermitu:
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