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  1. RedFFWolf


    If there end up being days that are going to fall anytime between Monday-Thursday, which there appeared to be last I was here, I'll endeavour to join :) (Otherwise, no need to include me in the planning [i.e., please don't factor in my inferior availability XD - don't want anything to change...
  2. RedFFWolf

    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to TLS! May you find your experiences here both productive and personally enriching ^_^
  3. RedFFWolf

    Happy Birthday, Ghost!

    Happy Birthday, Ghost! Hope it's a great day for ya :)
  4. RedFFWolf

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    I do remember, aye. What we don't seem to know is how that came about, though! Who knows, maybe I just saw it and wrote it down just for handy occasions like that giveaway :wacky: Or maybe I was supposed to send you something, in which case I'm so sorry for whatever that was supposed to be :lol...
  5. RedFFWolf

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Your reaction was beautiful, Ami. But just remember: Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you. Okay, that's enough of those jokes XD - I hope you've kept my address on the post I sent you recently, just to balance things out, haha. [For the context of others: Before...
  6. RedFFWolf

    KupoCon: Pomtroplis (Vancouver April 21st,2018)

    Aww, that is a blow, Dawn. I'm really sorry to hear that :( Hope all is okay, and I hope I get to meet you some time in the future! *Secretly awaits a surprise entrance*
  7. RedFFWolf

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    He did. He only ever spoke in cutscenes and times such as talking to the dragons he frees in the first Spyro game (though he does taunt the final boss after the final hit). He wouldn't make noises if he was say, struck by an enemy or similar. You will finish it this time. I believe in you...
  8. RedFFWolf

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    xM5xUAuPEM8 I can't find the words to express how stoked I am about this. I've been hoping for this since Crash was remade, and have been checking news on a daily basis since rumours popped up last month. Heck, less than 2 hours ago I was only checking and saw a new piece of info regarding an...
  9. RedFFWolf

    Happs Bday Force!

    Happy Birthday, Force! Hope it's a great one for ya :)
  10. RedFFWolf

    Happy Birthday Tenny O!

    Happy Birthday, Tenny! Hope it's a great one for ya :)
  11. RedFFWolf

    PC Version/Mods

    Plenty more to come after that, for sure, but in a good way :D - I can attest to that. I'm looking forward to trying out all the new stuff that I forgot to mention in the previous post Thinking of all that, it might actually make me speed up a little in my playing XD
  12. RedFFWolf

    What games are you currently playing?

    ♪ Odyssey, ya see! Odyssey, ya see! ♪ Besides FFVII through the "New Threat" mod, I am currently hooked on Super Mario Odyssey. For me, it's one of those rare games I can't believe how good it is.
  13. RedFFWolf

    PC Version/Mods

    Funny timing all this, as I'm playing this mod, myself. Started at the end of 2017, and owing to my very slow and sporadic playing time, naturally I've only completed the Disc 1 section the other day :P To reiterate others playing it, I highly recommend people give it a try. Hats off to the...
  14. RedFFWolf

    TLS Sekrit Santa 2017

    Sorry to be an inconvenience, but I'd like to opt out. As much as I would enjoy it (last year really gave me something to look forward to, and I was left with an inexpressible gratitude - Lex <3 ---[just writing all that to prep you folk for what the feeling is like giving and receiving in this...
  15. RedFFWolf

    Happy birthday RedFFWolf!!

    Thanks, folk :properhug: Never a need to apologise to me, especially for something like this :D - I'd be just as grateful getting such wishes in May (Someone hold me to it :watchingu:)
  16. RedFFWolf

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    I've just booked two nights at the Royal National Hotel (Feb 2-4). For my own benefit, it's best I'm there for the event. Booked out a family room for the extra bed and space, so if anyone needs a quiet place to rest during the event, you're all completely welcome to use it :) I'm hoping to...
  17. RedFFWolf

    Welcome Lith to Staff

    Oh, nooooo! :O I'm so sorry. Aww, please forgive me :lol: I can assure you now I don't make up weird policy - it sure would sound like me to make things needlessly odd and complicated, but not today, not today :D I just hope lith knows I'm messing! :lol:
  18. RedFFWolf

    Welcome Lith to Staff

    Yeah, that's it. The bullshit on-the-spot policy (a useless attempt to get her to come to Pomtropolis :lol:) was basically "you have to be there for every event TLS wants any established presence at, but if you just come to Pomtropolis then it's cool if you're not there at any other occasion."...
  19. RedFFWolf

    Happy birthday RedFFWolf!!

    Thank you everyone so very much for the birthday wishes. Truly, they are all I would ever want or need on a day like it. And there's nothing quite like a TLS thread where people can bombard with pics of Nanaki :D (that I might not have seen, but I'm sure I've cleaned the internet at this rate...
  20. RedFFWolf

    Welcome Lith to Staff

    It looks like you and I will be in contact quite a bit for some KupoCon planning :awesome: Only problem is, KupoCon policy (devised as of Nov 3, 18:15, GMT) is that the primary point of contact (i.e., the person, you) in relation to securing event space needs to be present on the day, for...
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