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  1. annacamille

    FFVIIR Original Soundtrack

    Does Amazon Japan ship to US??? I didn't realize that...
  2. annacamille

    FFVIIR Original Soundtrack CDJapan also still has it in stock for 7777 yen, and they'll ship to the US (for a pretty hefty fee)
  3. annacamille

    I exist

    ryu! the man who first told me about occam's razor! hahaha! :) thought i would wander back into the lifestream and it's nice to see you still exist!
  4. annacamille

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    Sorry, not sorry. I am actually surprised to see that there's still "debate" about this. I distinctly remember a TLS post with Ted Kopel signing off to say the LTD was over (haha). After 7-8 years, several Ultimanias, interviews, clarifications etc. I would have thought that there would be no...
  5. annacamille

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    Am I allowed to revive my favorite thread of all threads? In any case - question for you all - would you rather that the remake make it clear who the true pairing of the game is (CLOTI, duh!) or would you rather it be as "ambiguous" (not that it was really that ambiguous) in the remake...
  6. annacamille

    Turn Based or Not?

    Yes. This would be the dream battle system! *Sigh* I wish my PS3 was backwards compatible so I can play FF12 again (instead of crappy 13) hahaha
  7. annacamille

    Turn Based or Not?

    Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed FFXII's battle system? I like the idea of gambits, being able to change party members, dodge attacks, not transfer to a new screen, etc. I am in the process of playing 13 right now, and I absolutely HATE this battle system. As long as it's not FF13's...
  8. annacamille


    Thaaanks!!! Why can't I see these emojis to express my excitement?! *sad face* EDIT: OMG my name changed back! THANK YOU!!!! woooo!!!
  9. annacamille


    The FF7 remake news brought me back here, and I hope it will bring others back. I can't believe how long it has been since I've really posted here/been active on a forum. hashtags weren't even a thing yet... Anyway, for all who remember me, HELLO! I'm back~ Otherwise, Hi! I'm Anna. #cloti...
  10. annacamille

    Gameplay Help and Discussion Board.

    Hi guys! I haven't been keeping up with FF news lately, but two questions: will Dissidia 12 *count* for anything in the canon of FFVII and why doesn't Tifa remember anything? (Or did I misinterpret that part?) (Hope this is the right thread! :))
  11. annacamille

    Can anyone confirm/deny this remake rumor:

    Int'l Version of FF7!! IDK if this has been posted, but I thought that some people might be interested! It's only $31 :O
  12. annacamille

    Final Fantasy XII

    In the Henne Secret Mines area, the abysteel drop demon shields after an 80-chain (which is super easy to do if you're at a good level). I think those sell for quite a bit of money.
  13. annacamille

    Final Fantasy XII

    The secret area of the henne mines!! //edit: nvm that's only a good area if you're around level 70
  14. annacamille

    Anime Expo in LA?

    Ohhh sweet. I'll look forward to that then!
  15. annacamille

    Anime Expo in LA?

    Anyone going there? I'll be there on Friday (tomorrow). :) //edit: just looked at the appearances - no one I like will be there :(
  16. annacamille

    I'm back <3

    velcam back!
  17. annacamille

    Mind of Mencia's 2nd Annual Stereotype Olympics

    Even if you haven't seen the first one, you should definitely see this one. Basically Carlos Mencia holds a Stereotype Olympic and the 5 players this time around are: A Black guy, an Asian, a Jew, a gay guy, and a Cuban guy. It's quite funny and it starts around the 11 minute mark. xD...
  18. annacamille


    ^Granted, but it is only available in Japan... and in order to play it you must be of pure Japanese descent. :( I wish I had a $100 right now.
  19. annacamille

    Your ways of starting the day.

    ^ Innerestin'... O_O I put my headphones on, listen to an upbeat music, take a shower, have breakfast, brush teeth, go to school. Not very interesting.
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