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  1. sephirothpaine

    Remake Voice Actors Announced

    I like the old cast......I'll hope SE does not F#$% the game on poor voice acting.
  2. sephirothpaine

    If Sephiroth had a girlfriend, how do you think she'd be?

    I think Sephiroth is either Asexual or gay(coughCloudcough). Have ya'll guys read the lifestream: Black from OTWTAS? He literally throwaway his memories of his childhood and his few friend, even his physical appearance. He make Cloud his Core......even though he did it with hate, love and hate...
  3. sephirothpaine

    Hopes for Remake & Rebirth (story/content)

    I look forward to that and Cloud in drag.
  4. sephirothpaine

    Repair Advent Children Cloud Polystone

    There use to be peeps here on thelifestream and ACF that did customs to PA and other figures. I figured to post here since it is the only forum that dealt with any type of art. I bought it and the USPS broke one piece of it. It had insurance on it so USPS can pay to have it fixed. I don't...
  5. sephirothpaine

    Repair Advent Children Cloud Polystone

    I recently bought a Cloud poly-stone, and when I got it part of the statue broke in shipping. Does anyone know someone that I may contact to have it repaired or a hobbyist? I'll upload pics of the break when I get home.
  6. sephirothpaine

    IS it just me or are the trade arts going creepy? Saw it on the JP se site and didn't see any threads for it. I think that it is creep to switch out faces :/
  7. sephirothpaine

    Even Hideo Kojima wants FF7 remake

    truth. I just wish they got their stuff straight.
  8. sephirothpaine

    Official Sephiroth Bracelet?

    They do but it is one earring (not a pair) and it's a clip-on.
  9. sephirothpaine

    Official Sephiroth Bracelet?

    It is real sterling silver it weights almost 2oz. The craftsmanship of the Final Fantasy jewelry is awesome( nothing is hollow, it is SOLID). I have the sephiroth ring, meteor/holy pendant, Cloud's earring, and the Loveless pendant.
  10. sephirothpaine

    Official Sephiroth Bracelet? I personally think it is cool, but not the price. It's roughly about $400. I find it hard to believe that SE would release something in this price range without considering releasing the...
  11. sephirothpaine

    Historical Compendium: Never to be finished?

    I don't think so, tim.
  12. sephirothpaine

    Getting Western Fans a Voice with Square Enix.

    Why don't you guys get in touch with or DailyDustin's blog?
  13. sephirothpaine

    Maiden of the Planet

    Little too late for that. There is a fan club of on SEmembers so they know about it.
  14. sephirothpaine

    Advent Children Aroma Candles

    Can't wait for the Cloud Condoms.
  15. sephirothpaine

    Maiden of the Planet

    I think it's ok. I think it could have a bit more of Zack in it. I do have a question about it though. Why hasn't anyone ever bring it up to SE on the grounds of whether it is or not canon? I don't care if it is or not, but it's a FREAKING headache to read peeps argue over something publish by...
  16. sephirothpaine

    [Case of Shinra Finished] Any news on the new OTWTAS entries?

    ................I thought it was all translated by now?
  17. sephirothpaine

    Hello! Dissidia is out!

    Why isn't Tennyo a mod? Hell alot of the info comes from Tennyo lol On topic, I ordered through Amazon ( they haven't sent a notice on when it was shipped out yet...........)
  18. sephirothpaine

    Dissidia special NA members site and give away.

    Why hasn't made front page news?
  19. sephirothpaine

    Dissidia special NA members site and give away. It only works if you are a member!
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