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  1. Carlie

    Where are they now?

    Aww that's so sweet, so glad to hear from you guys again. I saw those pictures you posted of your kids, they're looking great. Man does time fly by
  2. Carlie

    Where are they now?

    Hi GLD! Hi Clicky! Glad to see you back man Yeah I'm around just mostly on discord I've been luring way too much and not posting cause I don't remember what I posted 8 days ago
  3. Carlie

    Final Fantasy IX

    Also no thank you
  4. Carlie

    Just poking my head back in!

    Holy shit wow congrats Ash! Baby looks super cute.
  5. Carlie

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    Looking forward to seeing her voice the Avatar's love interest in the next series then.
  6. Carlie

    Star Wars Eclipse

    I should add that this is the same David Cage that a couple of years ago before Detroit came out was confronted with an investigative report of rampart racism in Quantic Dream, including unsurprisingly from himself. His response was that that couldn't possibly be true because Jesse Williams was...
  7. Carlie

    Playstation 5

    Or get the dbrand darkplates 2.0 which has venting for your fans which Sony's do not and are high quality. I managed to get the 1.0 when they came out before Sony sued them because they got annoyed that dbrand beat them to it by an entire year. As for the controller, I have a dark blue and black...
  8. Carlie

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    Do not grab people and try pushing them off for no reason: MrcXldGiqNU
  9. Carlie

    I've logged in again

    I just came to update that I've now had weed regularly again for the past month and balance has been restored.
  10. Carlie

    I've logged in again

    Why wouldn't there be? Let the ghost enjoy their afterlife, maybe they just like being closer to food.
  11. Carlie

    I've logged in again

    Paper, snow.....A GHOST!
  12. Carlie

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    On that second video at 1:18 you can see a red panda grabbing me so I would fail which happened a lot during that session. People were taking advantage of some many people having that red panda outfit so they could be assholes and you wouldn't know which one did it. I've played with Lex, Tres...
  13. Carlie

    I've logged in again

    Considering I haven't logged in since my birthday (almost 5 months, wow) I thought I'd make a thread to explain. The thing is I haven't actually been gone, I just went into a pattern of checking the TLS server and not logging in here for no real reason other than discord is right there. Anyways...
  14. Carlie

    Winter is coming...

    It's July 29, 2020, the day George R.R. Martin said we could imprison him if Winds Of Winter wasn't done 'Spoiler alert': He isn't done.
  15. Carlie

    James Cameron's Avatar

    Highest grossing doesn't mean highest viewed, Avatar was only the highest grossing film of all time because of the overpriced 3D tickets. More proof that these things should be looked at by the number of tickets sold not the price. Honestly I'd hardly call Avatar an original intellectual...
  16. Carlie

    James Cameron's Avatar

    All that for a movie that had no cultural impact whatsoever and its revolutionary gimmick has completely fallen out of style. But we have to satisfy Cameron's colossal ego in his quest to prove that his movies are better and more profitable than the MCU.
  17. Carlie

    The Last of Us Part II is Zionist Propaganda

  18. Carlie

    The Last of Us Part II is Zionist Propaganda

  19. Carlie

    TLS Distand Worlds Weekender NL 2023

    Well is going to depend on how things keep developing, what the money situation is going to be for us. My ideal time is late September or October if that can't be done.
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