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  1. Alessa Gillespie

    Suggestion: A Break From Alt-Names

    who am i i just dont know anymore
  2. Alessa Gillespie

    The Dark Knight Rises

  3. Alessa Gillespie

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    i'd say it's more like how wizard parents can have non-wizard children or non-wizard parents can have wizard children. granted, it's a lot simpler in hp, but you can still have the same thing. but on the other hand it makes it confusing as to why people thought equalizing benders was a legit...
  4. Alessa Gillespie


    smooches rishis forehead happy birthday moirail
  5. Alessa Gillespie

    Happy Birthday Mako!

    who's mako i don't know this person
  6. Alessa Gillespie

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    yeah, i think it would have been interesting if korra got a different side of the equalist viewpoint other than 'EQUALIST BAD' like why people feel the way they do about benders
  7. Alessa Gillespie

    Destrillians: R2 - Discussion

    fire happened, will not have computer for a while possibly
  8. Alessa Gillespie

    What's With All The Hate About Disney?

    it's an english book (same with hmc)
  9. Alessa Gillespie

    Game of Thrones

    orell was the skinchanger jon killed when he spared ygritte. i assume his role is being combined with another skinchanger's role (like varamir)
  10. Alessa Gillespie

    Game of Thrones

    I AM SORRY CHILD PORTRAYING SHIREEN (ilu missandei) OH MY GOD MEERA IS SUCH A DARLING BABY WOW diana rigg is perf for grandma tyrell cause she just looks like natalies grandma they have similar faces
  11. Alessa Gillespie

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    this is actually a little disappointing cause i was hoping bolin would become a cop/learn metalbending and junk. i mean, yay, diversity in the police force but i hoped they might have a bit more about bolin
  12. Alessa Gillespie

    Addressing the core issues

    so you're saying i can't post an excalibur face in reaction to tetsuya nomura saying they're working on a 3ds version of final fantasy xiii?
  13. Alessa Gillespie

    Addressing the core issues

    i don't think anyone needs to be an asshole, but when it comes to sharing opinions, people's arguments get heated, and some people will inevitably feel like they are being attacked because someone disagrees with their opinion. so what will this forum become? the neutral planet of forums where...
  14. Alessa Gillespie

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

    im a bit worried by the trailer, admittedly, cause oz as a canon tended to revolve around female characters (like dorothy and ozma) rather than men, and that always made it more interesting to me. hmmmMMMM
  15. Alessa Gillespie

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    i just wish they'd, yanno, make us sympathize with the characters before they went 'AND NOW LOVE TRIANGLE' i mean we knew nothing of asami at that point, except that she is rich and her dad was paying for the fire ferrets to go to the tournament. as the season goes on, it places the viewers in...
  16. Alessa Gillespie

    Gaming deals

    steam summer sale fuq yeah
  17. Alessa Gillespie

    Addressing the core issues

    it's sort of hard to tell everyone 'hey change your behavior guys' when many of us aren't even sure of what about our behavior is suddenly so wrong
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