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  1. Cacti

    Fancy That in London!

    Oh fuck while I've looked away we're now booked to go karaoke? Y'all are gonna have to get me hella smashed to sing the songs of my people!!
  2. Cacti

    Fancy That in London!

    CRASH IS SUCH A BADASS SHE CAN LIFT TWO FANCIES WITH HER TITS I SWEAR ON ME MUM I'll also be in that there Landan place for September I guess. I wasn't sure I was going but I owe Roger a cup of hot chocolate and I always pay my debts. TIME TO MAKE THE FIRST TLS CHILD
  3. Cacti

    Anthem - New Bioware IP

    I played the game in Alpha previously and got to play a little yesterday after I got back from my work trip in Poland. I had surprisingly few issues in the couple of hours I played. Maybe it was a lot more stable on Sunday than the other days. I got disconnected once and my audio disappeared...
  4. Cacti

    The Official TLS Movie Night Thread

    Shame I missed the most recent movie night! I didn't know it was happening until it was already happening D: I missed all the info (my own fault) and there were some really good looking movies on that there list. Suggestion to make it easier to keep up with: Those of us on the Discord, maybe...
  5. Cacti

    TLS Music Club!

    Fancy is out of town at the moment and her internet connection is really spotty so she's unable to post the next weekly update for the music club since it keeps timing out on her. So she's asked me to post it on her behalf! Here it is, the next post! \o/: A•N•N•O•U•C•E•M•E•N•T Holy shite! So...
  6. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    Pizza :reptar: UK :reptar: Warwick :reptar: Ok ok, I'm totally not excited like a little child. Play it cool Cacti. OH MY GOD IT'S HAPPENING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON EDIT: Also, I'll order you that elephant or get you the money in person Mage!
  7. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    I'm not too picky so I'd be up to eat most places as long as I can afford to, which I should be able to! So if a reservation is necessary for us to be accommodated then I'm fine with that! Pizza place sounds good. I love me some pizza!
  8. Cacti

    Monster Hunter World

    I might have bought a PS4 to play this game :| And it's absolutely amazing. I didn't play MH4, but it's improved on every aspect of the game with massive steps since MH3U. It's so good. If anyone here is playing on PS4, add me on PSN: Kantherz \o/
  9. Cacti


    You, you I like. :reptar: A lover of Spelunky is a friend of mine! Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to join us!
  10. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    Yes to all of the everything \o/ Edit: I'm fine with any food really. I'm not a picky eater and since we're a big group I'm sure you won't lead us all to our weird food filled death!
  11. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    Sounds good Joe, I'm up for that! I'll get you the money before the first I think. If not you'll get it while we're there!
  12. Cacti

    Fancy Smancy Pantsy Art Thread

    The ihavenoideawhatyouretalkingaboutcloud face is my favorite, I feel so incredibly judged just by looking at it :|
  13. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    Sorry to hear that you won't be able to come Mao! ;_; But at least it sounds like the reason you won't be able to come is a good one! Congrats on your commission conditions being accepted, that's amazing o.o
  14. Cacti

    Fancy Smancy Pantsy Art Thread

    These are awesome Fancy, can't wait to see the others you draw and come up with!! \o/
  15. Cacti

    TLS Music Club!

    I was meant to type out this response a week ago but I forgot I'M SO SORRY ;__; There's lots of music that can inspire me and often from game soundtracks. The song I'm going to post is not from a video game. I don't remember exactly where I found this song but I think it was on some Japanese...
  16. Cacti

    Discord quotes of awesomeness

    Not as much of a quote, but that time Fancy and Flare made the creepy :watchingu: emote and the whole craziness around the emotes: I don't know how many emotes we have now but I think I ended up making at least 3 or 4 emotes myself XD Those were good times :wacky:
  17. Cacti

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    The game will be #49.99 on Steam and as Flint mentioned, a 20% discount the first week of release. Will feature: 60FPS - Ivalice will look better than ever with the game running at 60FPS. Compatible with 21:9 ultra-wide monitors - Up to three HD monitors can be used for a potential 48(16x3):9...
  18. Cacti

    Pomingham Palace (KupoCon London 2018)

    I expressed my interest in going to see the castle before and I'm still definitely into that idea! Especially if foods later on is involved and shit. Sign me up! And pls no boot ;__;
  19. Cacti


    HAPPY B-YOPDAY :reptar:
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