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  1. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Where exactly ARE you? If it's only 15 minutes from JFK, you're either in Queens or Brooklyn.. Heh. Sorry. I'll stop trying to invite myself to stuff. You guys have fun!
  2. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Bad news guys. My car is fucked up. I can't pick anyone up ;-;
  3. Cait Sith

    Distant Worlds NJ

    I can make that magic happen! Not technically allowed to drive in Manhattan, but I drove to Harlem one or two times and I was totes cool, so there's that lelz Don't even worry about gas money, just pay for my parking. No fr though, I live so close to JFK that I can pick you up. We can drop...
  4. Cait Sith

    Distant Worlds NJ

    Hey so who all is flying into JFK? I know Carly and Lith annnnd Ami? Let me know what day and time y'all land if you want a free ride outta there. Like I said before, the AirTran is ridiculously expensive and it's much easier to just get a ride from me. I have an SUV with a good amount of...
  5. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Snow shmow. We'll probably get some in mid January and like Early-Mid February. We've never had a problem with snow on my barfday weekend. Just saying.
  6. Cait Sith

    Distant Worlds NJ

    We got ours uhhhh like back around when tickets originally went on sale. They were sold out already for the 3 p.m. show, hence the 8 oclock tickets.
  7. Cait Sith

    Distant Worlds NJ

    Fiancé and I are nosebleed, but that's cuz we got meet & greet passes.
  8. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Heh..... not THAT kind of diesel xD
  9. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Yes ma'am. ..... and molly, crack, coke, diesel, and painkillers You didn't hear that from me tho
  10. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    AND DID I MENTION I LIVE IN NYC!? HIIIIIII Peeps can crash at my place if you don't mind sleeping on a burnt couch with a pullout bed with a shitty mattress. XD And don't mind a hyperactive 2 year old boxer puppy all up in your shit. ALSO THAT WEEKEND IS MY BDAY WEEKEND GUYS JANUARY 30TH IS...
  11. Cait Sith

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Yo bitches, I'll be around for DW. Feyonce and I got tix & meet & greet passes for the 8 p.m. show. Still gotta get tix for the 3 p.m. one and look into getting kupocon passes, but yeah. We'll be around. People are more than welcome to jump on a train and come kick back with me on Long...
  12. Cait Sith

    TLS Member Meet & Greet Thread

    If someone would come visit me in NYC that'd be gr8. *coughHOWLcough* :D
  13. Cait Sith


    Bienvenido!! Poast lots!
  14. Cait Sith

    2015 TLS Awards Results!

    BOUNCIEST BOOBS WILL BE MINE NEXT YEAR DAMNIT. I supposed this means I'm gonna have to poast like... Full on newdages with nippling and shit, huh? Fuckers. XD GRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! <3
  15. Cait Sith

    15) Horniest Member (New)

    WHo nommed me for this? lelllll I voted Dawn. Cuz. There was that one time she left the SKype chat to go have sexy times and never returned.
  16. Cait Sith

    30) Bounciest Boobies Award

    Why thank ya! :D I'm told they're p comfy pillows.
  17. Cait Sith

    27) Hottest Male Award

    HE ISN'T THERE WTF GUYS *hides again* Ignore my ramblings. I'm sick and drunk and exhausted. :D
  18. Cait Sith

    28) Hottest Female Award

    Sexiest Femaleeeee eyeeeeyyyy
  19. Cait Sith

    13) Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life (New)

    *hides* My pick -still- isn't there.
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