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  1. Cloud_S

    Batman Beyond - 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Remaster

    Available to pre-order via Amazon Box Set includes: Exclusive Metallic Batman Beyond Funko POP 4 collectible lenticular art cards Bonus blu-ray disc of animated film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (The Director's Cut) Special features: Commentary on 4 episodes by producer, Bruce Timm, and...
  2. Cloud_S

    Remake Merchandise

    A topic for all incoming Remake merchandise couldn't hurt, right? As a side note, I'm surprised they're still using that original key art, since Sephiroth's design was updated and the pauldrons are not accurate...but maybe that's just me? :desu: Wallscrolls: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Wall Scroll...
  3. Cloud_S

    First taste of Remake BGM

    Extracted the audio from the E3 2019 gameplay demo video. Reduced the voices as much as possible
  4. Cloud_S


    FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE COMING TO PLAYSTATION®4 SYSTEM ON MARCH 3 New Key Art Featuring the Infamous Sephiroth also Unveiled Ahead of E3 LOS ANGELES (June 9, 2019) – At the FINAL FANTASY VII: A Symphonic Reunion orchestra concert in Los Angeles, SQUARE ENIX® unveiled that the highly anticipated...
  5. Cloud_S

    ThunderCats (2019)

    Guess what's back since the cancelled 2011 reboot? THUNDERCATS! Guess what's being bastardized? THUNDERCATS! EW - Cartoon Network bringing back ThunderCats for new animated series “I think the world that they built lends itself really well to comedy because of how silly and crazy and...
  6. Cloud_S

    Teen Titans on Blu-ray

    Avaible for pre-order via! Available January 16 2018, for $21.99! Run Time 282:00 Subtitles English SDH DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 Stereo - English ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO - 1.78:1 -16x9 WIDESCREEN Special Features: "Finding Their Voices" Toon Topia Bonus Cartoons (The Hiros Episodes...
  7. Cloud_S

    PROPLICA - Kingdom Hearts

    7p1beFWXOhI KHII Keyblade Kingdom Chain - 16,310 JPY (18%OFF) Release Date: April 2018 Shipping costs for this item may be very high due to package size or/and weight.
  8. Cloud_S

    S.H.Figuarts - Kingdom Hearts

    Scale will be smaller than the PlayArts Kai figures, but the face is definitely much better than the PAK KHII Sora which only came out 2 years ago. Release date is November 2017, price TBA.
  9. Cloud_S

    ReBoot: The Guardian Code

    VANCOUVER, BC – WOW! Unlimited Media’s Mainframe Studios and Corus Entertainment are pleased to announce that production is underway in Victoria/Vancouver, B.C. on the live-action elements of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, a 20×22 minute live-action/CG-animated hybrid television series. This next...
  10. Cloud_S

    Digitally Enhanced FF7 Backgrounds

    So I've been tinkering with this for the past month or so. By using two programs and a perfectionist's touch, I've come up with a way to enlarge the various tiny pixelated backgrounds of the PSX game to up to 8 times their original size without looking completely awful. The end result is...
  11. Cloud_S

    Crisis Core on PPSSPP

    Maxed out the settings in both PPSSPP, and for the specific application controls on my Nvidia GeForce GTX 780. Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Fullsize Rendering at 1920x1088, which is four times the native resolution of the PSP. Game looks wonderful. If there was a way to...
  12. Cloud_S

    Square Enix has no plans to remaster Crisis Core

    Square Enix has no plans to remaster PSP games Crisis Core or 3rd Birthday I guess SE still doesn't like money all that much. It's #1 on Amazon US, #5 Amazon UK, and #15 on Amazon Japan.
  13. Cloud_S

    Mattel - ThunderCats

    Over on the MattyCollector Forums, Skeletor’s Love child has revealed an update to their new Thundercats Lion-O sculpt. For a refresher, here’s the photos of Lion-O from San Diego Comic-Con 2015. And here’s the info on the new sculpt: (yeah I just copied and pasted :P) Hoooooooo! Looks...
  14. Cloud_S

    Hopes for the remake (merchandise)

    While not directly part of the game, there will surely be a wave of new tie-in merchandise during/after the remake's release. What would you like to see? Personally I'd love Play Arts Kai for all party members and ShinRa characters. A weapon replica line would also be enjoyed. Perhaps less...
  15. Cloud_S

    Tetsuya Nomura to Appear at NYCC It's really cool he'll be there... and yet the restrictions in place kinda suck. I wanted to get my imported copy of Crisis Core signed by him... and I really don't want to have to buy a figure to possibly gain...
  16. Cloud_S

    Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Blu-ray Box

    Up for pre-order! 54 chapters of anime remastered in HD. Opening and endings without credit and promotional trailers. Special Drama CD (exclusive of the first run). Digipack special box. Original illustration 3-side art box Original illustration digistakck case x 2 types Picture label Special...
  17. Cloud_S

    Kingdom Hearts PlayArts Kai

    Seen at SDCC 2014 Full-size:
  18. Cloud_S

    Play Arts Kai - PROJECT! Final Fantasy

    Not sure if this is for all FF's (maybe we'll get news on Cid and Barret?) or just XII, as info is slim. However, for a prototype it looks rather nice.... :lexcited:
  19. Cloud_S

    Armor Plus - Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors)

    Making this topic since there must be a few fans of this anime here... Wanted to alert those here, because Bandai has ventured into villain territory with the Black Inferno armor (I guess they're trying to get a 3rd use out of the Inferno mold... 1st release, 2nd release with improved...
  20. Cloud_S

    Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Variant

    Larger photo here: No further info at the moment. More photos:
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