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  1. cun10294

    [Fanart] Something to celebrate

    Hiya, it was pretty hype recently, and I'm really rooting for the new contents, I drew this pic long ago to celebrate their coming back so I think it would be nice to share it here. Also put this up on Redbubble so you can check the place out if you want an item with this on.
  2. cun10294

    [PRE-ORDER] Shinra company enamel pin

    UPDATE(11/09/2019): It's officially opening for Pre-order again from now until October 10th, 2019 at: The minimum pin orders we will need is 30. If the order didn’t reach the minimum order at the end, I...
  3. cun10294

    FF7 Tote bag survey

    Deleted content.
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