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  1. The Twilight Mexican

    Collection of surprisingly candid comments from FF developers

    After my memory of this interview with Yoko Shimomura and Tetsuya Nomura was refreshed during a recent discussion with @ChipNoir, I've decided to compile a number of the more surprisingly frank comments we've seen out of Final Fantasy developers in recent years -- such comments being rare as...
  2. The Twilight Mexican

    Sony's Other Questionably-Conceived, Spider-Man-Related Films

    Sigh. Jared Leto attached to movie about Morbius, the Living Vampire
  3. The Twilight Mexican

    The Lifestream interviews Ray Chase
  4. The Twilight Mexican

    FFXV script and lore archive complete
  5. The Twilight Mexican

    FFXV voice director to join the cast at EXP Con 2017
  6. The Twilight Mexican

    Final Fantasy XV lore archive now available on TheLifestream
  7. The Twilight Mexican

    Laughably bad article that does raise an interesting question

    First, read this terribad article by someone who should just probably not bother playing the original again, much less worry about the content of the remake: "15 Things That NEED To Be Cut From The Final Fantasy VII Remake" But this does make me wonder: What from the original should be left...
  8. The Twilight Mexican

    Miscellaneous lore (Cosmogony entries, Oric's Culinary Chronicles, in-game documents, equipment and item menu descriptions, etc.)

    For radio broadcasts and newspaper articles, go here. For loading screen info, go here. _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________...
  9. The Twilight Mexican

    Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development (mandatory and optional conversations)

    What this archive isn't: A complete script of the game. It isn't intended to be. As such, the beginning and ending sequences -- neither of which especially expand upon the lore of the FFXV universe so much as the personal story at the heart of the game, nor require a special archive...
  10. The Twilight Mexican

    FFXV lore master list; statement of purpose, suggestions and discussion thread

    —Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development (mandatory and optional conversations) —Radio broadcasts and newspaper articles —Loading screen info —Miscellaneous lore (Cosmogony entries, Oric's Culinary Chronicles, in-game documents, equipment and item menu...
  11. The Twilight Mexican

    [FFXV lore thread] FFXV Scenario Ultimania translations

    _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________...
  12. The Twilight Mexican

    [FFXV lore thread] Radio broadcasts and newspaper articles

    The lore compiled in this thread consists of the various radio broadcasts and newspaper articles that can be heard and read throughout the game. I'm certain I've acquired all of the game's radio broadcasts, and fairly confident about the newspaper articles -- but there's always a chance that...
  13. The Twilight Mexican

    Zuko crowdsourcing prequel movie about his character in "Hook"

    The prequel you never knew you wanted, but kinda do now.
  14. The Twilight Mexican

    [FFXV lore thread] Loading screen info

    As part of my ongoing project to record all of the game's lore, I've been making a record of all the loading screen information I come across. You can see the results of this below, but I know I'm missing at least a couple of these, possibly more. As you'll see below -- if you didn't already...
  15. The Twilight Mexican

    Various SEGA properties to be adapted for film, television

    The list includes: -Streets of Rage -Altered Beast -Shinobi -Golden Axe -Virtua Fighter -Crazy Taxi -House of the Dead I'll just be over here in the corner asking "What the fuck? Why?"
  16. The Twilight Mexican

    The Winner of Our Discontent — 2016 U.S. Election Results Discussion

    Share your reactions, your memes, your observations, your drunken rambles here as the results come in throughout the evening.
  17. The Twilight Mexican

    Mockingbird (2016) [Marvel] ... a.k.a. "What the hell was Marvel thinking?"

    If you've heard any kind of news about this comic, it's probably that its author, Chelsea Cain, has quit Twitter following harassment she's been receiving from male comic fans:
  18. The Twilight Mexican

    KH series plot in three minutes

    wNF4sr9pHTg Funny video. Sad thing about it, though, is the summary is already this much of a clusterfuck without even bringing up Xion, the Foretellers, Replica Riku or Data Sora.
  19. The Twilight Mexican

    Fox is making an action movie about Stan Lee set in the 1970s wat XD
  20. The Twilight Mexican

    Guardians: Soviet Union Superheroes

    With that title, you'd expect it to be a tongue-in-cheek riff, but this looks to be being played completely straight. It also looks like it'll probably be entertaining enough to go see if it gets a Stateside release, which I'll be hoping for (with subs, not dubbing, for fuck's sake)...
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