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  1. fancy

    Best Pet(s) of a Member Consideration Thrad

    Post pics of your pets here for them to be considered for the Best Pet(s) of a Member award nommed here!! Shoutout to Roger for reminding me that this was missing!!!! :touchingu:
  2. fancy

    Superlatives Nom Thread (WARNING: Filler tbh)

    Back to Master Thread Most of these superlatives don’t make much sense and they’re mostly just silly fluff so I don’t expect them to get much traffic/noms but HECK we’re here to have fun, eh? Each member of Cloud and Co has an award that’s a reference to them. 29. Most Likely to Get Hired by...
  3. fancy

    Members & Posting Nom Thread

    Back to Master Thread These awards are centred around the forum itself and its membership! We celebrate everything from outstanding posts, to old community members who are gone but not forgotten... 14. Best Comeback These members were gone for a time and we missed them dearly, but now...
  4. fancy

    Personality Nom Thread

    Back to Master Thread In this category, we celebrate the various qualities of our members that make this community as colourful as it is. :) 5. Best Drunk Alcohol can bring out a different side in us–from the silly, to the candor, to the downright horny. Which member (intoxicated) do you...
  5. fancy

    Talent Showcase Consideration & Nom Thread

    Back to Master Thread Though this is our smallest category, this may end up being the most interesting! Members are encouraged to post either original pieces or links to their works, where they will be collected in the second post of this thread for quick reference. The awards are as follows...
  6. fancy

    2019 TLS Awards Master Thread

    Heyo! Fancy seeing you again lmao. This master thread (and it’s sisters) are designed to be a guide of sorts for the upcoming awards! They’ll cover everything from threads to be made, to scheduling (or an odd lack of lmao), to eligibility, to suggestions of what to consider for each award...
  7. fancy

    TLS Awards 2019 - Obligatory Discussion Thread

    EDIT: As a result of the poll we ran, we're going to be getting rid of all the Aesthetic Awards save Best Voice. arigato OG POST Heyo loves! It's around that time of year again for the annual TLS awards! There's a bit of a twist this year in the awards, as we'll be holding a ceremony here...
  8. fancy

    Renaming Dead Accounts for the Sake of Active Ones.

    Recently, Gabe tried to get his name changed to Geostigma, but couldn't because an old member who hasn't been seen in nearly 6 years already laid claim to the name. Even earlier, we had another member from the discord who tried to register as Aerith Gainsborough, but couldn't because Aerith was...
  9. fancy

    FF Hangman (and other games maybe).

    FANCY - 1 || TLS - 8 I play this all the time on the discord lmao and I'm conducting a little experiment to see if this works on a forum :monster: Might be a little slow considering the nature of this beast, but HECK. So, this is hangman. The two hints that you get are that the word you're...
  10. fancy

    Symphonic Reunion Teaser + Reaction

    BIG SHOUT OUT TO @trash panda AND @solo player sab!!!
  11. fancy

    Tifa's (Possible) Reveal At E3 and Why It Matters

    Of the many things we expect to see at E3 this year, Tifa’s look for the remake is one of them. What will she look like? Why does it matter so much? Here's our take on the issue. Written By: Fancy, B Narrated By: B Sound Edited By: Fancy Video Edited By: Fancy
  12. fancy

    If you were chosen to write the sequel to the original FFVII...

    ...What would it look like? :mon: I tried to find a thread similar to this but I can't seem to. Say whaaa?? A mod more competent than I am, pls merge :mon: Anyway, I made this thread because Makoeyes made the super good and fair point that rewriting AC(C) to include Denzel's immediate demise...
  13. fancy

    VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || THE DECIDING POLL!!!!

    51 we started out with... now it comes down to 2. Who will walk away with the crown? Who will be ranked above all the others as the BEST supporting character in all of Final Fantasy? Vote now to help us decide!
  14. fancy

    Tifa's Appearance in the Remake and Why It Should (or Shouldn't) Matter.

    The creative team wants to put together a video surrounding Tifa's potential appearance at E3 and her appearance in the Remake in general, covering everything from fan speculation, why folks care so much, and finally, what we'd personally like to see. Since 1997, Tifa has made several...
  15. fancy

    VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || SEMIFINALS - 2

    Wise. Bold. Fashionable. And rocking some seriously awesome facial hair. I'm sure these two would get on splendidly if they ever met! PREVIOUS POLL!! SEMIFINALS - 2 or
  16. fancy

    VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || SEMIFINALS - 1

    Dignified. Sensitive. Caring for both the land they reside in and the people who reside in it. These two characters share more than just haircuts. NEXT POLL!! SEMIFINALS - 1 or
  17. fancy

    VII Moments We Can't Wait to See Remade

    According to the creative team anyway lmao, wink wink ;)
  18. fancy

    The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7 - ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO by Starbomb Collab

    move this shit if it's already been poasted somewhere but if it hasn't lmao, check it out and give this channel some well deserved views.
  19. fancy

    VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || QUARTERFINALS - 4

    Previous Poll First Poll For our Quarterfinals - 4 vs vs vs
  20. fancy

    VII Best... Supporting Characters in Final Fantasy || QUARTERFINALS - 3

    Previous Poll Next Poll For our Quarterfinals - 3 vs vs vs
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