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  1. The Twilight Mexican

    Uncharted Movie: Hollywood ruins another game

    The project with Tom Holland as Nate is still going forward, but Mark Wahlberg is also coming back as Sully.
  2. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    @Obsidian Fire @Roger I think there's truth to both your assessments. Anakin was arguably predisposed to the outcome that came down, but the Jedi Order's ways in general and handling of him specifically didn't help avoid that. One might say they shouldn't have given him special treatment...
  3. The Twilight Mexican

    House, Powers, & Dawn of X: The Mutants' Comics (2019-current) [Marvel]

    I am seriously late on getting out my review of "Excalibur" #1. I've had most of it written for over a week, but just haven't taken the time to finish with formatting it. So I now find myself needing to put out a review for three books, as "New Mutants" #1 and "X-Force" #1 came out last week...
  4. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    But what if I already walked away from the PT with a low opinion of the Jedi Order back in 2005? It only makes him look better by comparison in the sense that he is elevated somewhat from where he was before. The rest of the order remain where they have been. No denigrating is needed for the...
  5. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    One thing I should acknowledge that I don't think I have is that, yes, the Resistance does very much feel different from the Rebellion in some difficult-to-articulate fashion. I think that's just an unavoidable consequence, though, of certain narrative decisions involving key characters also...
  6. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    "And then pretty much leaves it at that." The council gives him intense scrutiny, but doesn't bother to find out anything about him? That's not going to convince me they were more competent in these matters. Lars purchased her. Slavery wasn't ended. Yes? Are you advocating for ignoring...
  7. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    You asked what I feel is being paid off. I'd like to think of it more as a legitimate analysis of what we've seen so far and where it's all heading than headcanon ... but I suppose it is technically that right now. We now know Qui-Gon had been trying to get the Order to address slavery for...
  8. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    Well, no. Perhaps I failed to be clear, but any suggestion like that was at least intended to be considered through a lens of when it would be sound tactically and time permitting. Fair enough. Wasn't it this very willingness to be reduced to leashed attack dogs that put them in the position...
  9. The Twilight Mexican

    Happy Birthday, Lex

    A truly frightening thought. The difference between 23 and 33 was unbelievable enough. Anywho, Happy Late Birthday, old fart.
  10. The Twilight Mexican

    The Mandalorian: Star Wars Live Action Series

    Jeez, Disney, what the fuck
  11. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    In light of the "Master & Apprentice" book, Qui-Gon deserves less of the blame than Yoda or Jedi culture in general. So how long was it taking them to get back to those duties? Another decade? Nobody said that something had to be done right that very moment. It could have at least found its...
  12. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    It's almost like there's not even half a good reason to forego stringing him up. :awesome: It's probably not quite that easy, but that would be nice. So offer them a ride to a different planet? Are my personal failings excused by others' personal failings? I am really confused by your...
  13. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    Watto and his ilk are years past taking away people's freedom on an ongoing basis. Are you saying killing him would be okay then if him enslaving someone was only imminent instead? =P You said the concept of resisting "implies they started out under the First Order's control." I pointed out...
  14. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    It's homicide, but not sure I'd call it murder. Either way, Luke got away with blowing up a battle station almost certainly full of mostly low-ranking personnel enlisted in the only government game in town. I think whoever gets creative with a lightsaber around a literal slaveowner is going to...
  15. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    @Clement Rage For me, "paying off the PT" means more about the themes than name-dropping, though I'll grant you the oddness of the podracing thing. I'm not quite sure that it entails precisely your assessment, though, since the marketing did have the reference while the final product did not...
  16. The Twilight Mexican

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    What about Italian Spiderman?
  17. The Twilight Mexican

    It's been almost ten years since a new numbered title was announced

    @Ghost X FFXIV is better than just good now. :monster:
  18. The Twilight Mexican

    Favorite FFVII Fanart

    Fess up, Jai, you drew this. =P
  19. The Twilight Mexican

    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    @Roger Laying it on a little thick, aren't you? XD Context matters for a lot. Assuming the line or at least the sentiment even shows up in the actual movie, we're presumably assessing something said in a convo between Poe and someone else in the Resistance. Something meant to be taken as...
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