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    Was going to pass this one up, since I'm fucking tired of musician biopics, but my dad wanted to see it, and its fathers day weekend. This is a fantastic movie, with an oscar worthy performance by Taron Edgerton as Elton John. The movie bypasses most musical biopic tropes by making the thing a...
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    What The Remake Could Learn From FFXV

    Come see what ideas FFVIIR could take from the development of FFXV! Written by: Kain424 Narrated by: Interslicery Sound Edited by: Interslicery Video Edited by: Kain424 Thumbnail Art by Elizabeth (
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    Super Best Friends has ended

    I don't know if anyone else here watches them, cares, or even knows who they are, but they got me through some hard times over the past 10 or so years with their stupid jokes, and showing me games that i would have never looked at before. I realize their content meant a lot to me, when i...
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    Short Films

    I wanted to share this video, but couldn't find an appropriate place to put it, so why not make a short film thread, for all your miniscule narrative needs. 5HEN37zhcGA The channel is for the France based visual arts school Gobelins, and they can have some pretty good animated shorts on there.
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    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Go into this game as blind as possible. A 19th century ship floats into port 5 years after it goes missing, with no one alive on board, and you're able to view the last few seconds of dead peoples lives. Your goal, is to find out what happened, to whom, and figure out the whole story. I've seen...
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    Playstation Classic

    Rqs9yOmqi8c There'll be 20 games total. Revealed games so far: Final Fantasy VII TEKKEN 3 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Jumping Flash! Wild Arms At 100 bucks, the other games are going to have to be good.
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    I was really enjoying it. Very tense, building things up, interesting storyline. Then my packed theatre of teens-college kids decided the "boring movie" had wasted enough of their time. They laughed throughout the ENTIRE climax of the movie. The WHOLE theatre. Big 'ol belly laughs. Fuck this...
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    Took my mom to see Rawlins Cross

    They we're playing in our town for mother's day (originally supposed to come before, but postponed cause of the flooding), so I took my mom to them. They put on a great show, and started off with one of my fav songs of theirs. 9HQkM0RCfu0 Could only find a live version, and the pipes aren't...
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    Not expecting this thread to really go anywhere, but fuck it. Always saw this hanging around, but never really looked into it any. Recently I've been hearing a lot about it though, so I decided to check it out. I'm... kindof shocked at how well it does things, and how much interaction the...
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    Wreck It Ralph 2

    JMgLxOZJWvs I dunno if it's just cause of The Emoji Movie, but this doesn't look that great... It seems like the cameos from video game characters in the first one, will just be ads in this. The final joke was pretty good, but didn't do much for me otherwise.
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    Monster Hunter World

    So, is anyone else interested in this? Its my first MH, and I'm really enjoying what I've seen from the beta.
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    Big Mouth

    Netflix's new animated comedy series about puberty. I would post the trailer, but honestly it makes it look like crap. It's actually surprisingly good. It's not just crass for crass' sake, it just doesn't shy away from the weird and "inappropriate" stuff that happens during puberty, and I've...
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    Really great movie. Great performances, even if Jennifer Lawrence doesn't seem like it at first. By the end, it makes sense.
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    Adam West

    Because I can't find the death thread... Adam West died last night at 88, after a fight with leukemia. Edit: well nvm. Am I fucking blind?
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    Night Trap Remastered

    CAoCOXBE0yY I'll buy it.
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    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    -MAGs7rf8jQ Bout time we get another game with the nemesis system (I'm assuming) Edit: can someone move this to vidja games?
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    The Great Wall

    I enjoyed this way more than I was expecting. I have to give real props to the costume department. Fun summer movie, not nearly as bad as people are saying. I think people are latching on to the white savior, white washing aspect. Which, I don't think is that big an issue. Damon's character is...
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    Lego Batman

    Like The Lego Movies style of humor? Go see this. It's great, and the more you know about Batman, the more you'll get out of it. Even tho it's pretty accessable to people who know little about him. Shits real good, yo. Edit: It references Gymkata, people!! Come on, it deserves your money for...
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    So I was kinda shocked to find out this Netflix series was based off Archie. The description is "While navigating the troubles waters of sex, romance, school and family, teen Archie and his gang become entangled in a dark Riverdale mystery" This first episode involves, a mysterious death...
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