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    I found this quite interesting. Here you can read almost every dialogue from the demo (including those new bits we heard this week).
  2. Aranea


    The Aps boss battle direct gameplay footage without commentary.
  3. Aranea

    When are we likely to get more information/next trailer?

    Well we just got a lot of info recently. If we follow Square Enix info drops pattern we should be hearing more around November or December. More than likely an interview with a Japanese gaming news website.
  4. Aranea

    When are we likely to get more information/next trailer?

    State of Play next week? Although there's a very minimum chance of that happening.
  5. Aranea

    Remake Merchandise

    Gamestop exclusive pre order items.
  6. Aranea

    Highlights from Famitsu

    The official Twitter account shared the high res images. Look at those damage numbers!
  7. Aranea

    Highlights from Famitsu

    Here's the renders and some screenshots.
  8. Aranea

    Now that E3 is over, what you do hope to see from TGS?

    My predictions is that we will probably see President Shinra and Reno during the trailer (we did not see President Shinra face entirely during the recent trailer). Other than that i see Cloud having more hallucinations and perhaps another look at those "ghost". It would be really awesome if...
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original game that goes much deeper into the world and characters of FINAL FANTASY VII than ever before. “Our goal with this project is to rebuild FINAL FANTASY VII for a new era. We’re not making a straight 1:1 copy or a simple remaster...
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    This Game Could Piss Off A Lot Of People

    Weird name i agree but know this has been know for a while though. I suppose the second part will be called Final Fantasy VII-2 Remake.
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    Here's all the 5 tweets the official FF VII Remake twitter account just posted. They want to make things more clear.
  12. Aranea

    First taste of Remake BGM

    Well since this topic already exist, here's the OST found on the pre order theme you receive by going digital.
  13. Aranea

    E3 2019 Full Trailer with TIFA!

    Here's the PS4 Theme you receive by pre ordering digital. My Youtube channel is mostly dedicated to previewing PS4 Themes for like 3 years now.
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    I saw this on reddit. I suppose this means we should be preparing our wallets.
  15. Aranea

    Aerith UGLY?!

    This is her best looks so far imo. Pretty weird that Japan doesn't like how she looks like.
  16. Aranea

    [Rumours] Apparently, information about Part 1

    I though the leak was fake and the person making an error by mentioning that studio made the confirmation time of whenever the "leak" was true or false faster.
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