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  1. Fangu

    Fantasy Premier League

    Anyone here into it? I'm on my second season, and I'm way too into this thing... I bought a sports premium subscription just to watch the matches. I've gotten my boyfriend into it as well. For those of you that don't know, Fantasy Premier League is like the best marketing scheme I...
  2. Fangu

    Metako is speedrunning I - XIII in one sitting

    I believe this is his second attempt to play all the single player main series games in one sitting. That's 12 games in one go. Target time is like... 3 days. He's already finished I - XII last year, but his attempt at I - XIII in April failed because his brain stopped working and he kept...
  3. Fangu

    AKAs on mobile

    Yo so, I think it would be helpful to display AKAs in some way on mobile, because it's had me confused a lot recently as I'm mostly browsing on mobile. Then again, I'm always bawling about not recognising people so maybe this is just some sad bitch who can't keep up with people, but that's up...
  4. Fangu

    Yakuza Series (Non-spoiler thread)

    Okay I need to make a thread for this series because I'm on the train now and we all know how that goes So like a lot of other people I was introduced to the Yakuza games by watching videos by Hollie at Playstation Access on YouTube. Yakuza has a reputation for being That Major game series...
  5. Fangu


    ...and for everyone who worked hard to finally get this move DONE!!
  6. Fangu

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    There is no thread and I can think of at least three members besides me who'll want to follow the matches. Sooo interesting opening match this year?! :lol:
  7. Fangu


    It's almost that time of the year... getting there! I watched both the Norwegian and Swedish finals today. Was a bit disappointed with Rybak getting through again but hey, at least the song is enjoying for... drunk people? Also the Swedish finals was a bit too predictable, they keep sending...
  8. Fangu

    Soak got married!

    Soak AKA Go Soak Your Fat Head AKA jessicaaaaaa got married yesterday! Yay congrats!
  9. Fangu


  10. Fangu

    TLS UK Late Summer ish Meetup

    Let's make it happen. Commence discussion.
  11. Fangu


    Shameless celebratory post since he deserves a cheer and I have no shame CONGRATS U BASTARD now we know where future TLS orgies will be held
  12. Fangu

    Happy Birthday Soak <3

    We love you and miss you and CONGRATS ON THE UPCOMING WEDDING But ofc most important of all
  13. Fangu

    Using a PS3 controller with the PS4

    Sooo when I first held the PS4 controller the first thing I noticed (to my disappointment) is that they decided to take a step back with the analogue sticks. With the PS3 controller they made then easier to move around, which for me was a huge step up from the PS2 one, and so I was immediately...
  14. Fangu

    I appear to be old and great

    Celebrate me
  15. Fangu

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    okay I'm making thrad :monster: D2-bWotLKqo hito is our man
  16. Fangu

    Happy Birthday Arianna!

    Hope it's a good one :joy:
  17. Fangu

    Crimson Sun's FFVII Playing Card Collection

    Don't know if this has been brought up before, but I came across this today and thought I'd share it. Highly regarded and much loved FF artist Crimson Sun apparently made a FFVII Playing Card Collection, with gorgeous artwork to go. Apparently they all sold out, but I guess there's a chance...
  18. Fangu

    The Facebook Page

    Sorry, but I just feel like I have to say something... Over the last weeks there's been a recent increase in post on the Facebook page that are, ahem... not typically what The Lifestream used to be about when we were talking about.. shit we used to talk about. It seems to be about topics like...
  19. Fangu

    Video of Rufus' speech?

    Hey guys, I was browsing YT very quickly but I coudn't find a video of of the speech Rufus makes when you first meet him (the "rule with money, rule with fear" speech). Does anyone know any videos of this segment? Preferably just that part, nicely paced for reading, but I'll take one with the...
  20. Fangu


    Here have a caek Let's chat again soon <33333
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