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  1. Strangelove

    i'm playing ffvii in spanish

    i just got to kalm and i think they just called jenova 'that headless secret agent' who lives in the Shinras' building? i played a bit of the ps1 version a few years back (so if this kind of thread seems familiar to older folks here it's because i already made one long ago) but this is the ps4...
  2. Strangelove

    bi-weekly art challenge thread

    outline: every two weeks, we'll post a prompt for a piece of art and anyone who wants to take part will have that time to post something based on that brief. it's not a competition, or about having the best technical skill. the main thing is to encourage people to make something no matter what...
  3. Strangelove

    suggestion: drawing challenges?

    so there's a youtube channel called drawfee the gist is that a group of artists have a prompt or challenge and they have to make a drawing based on that. some of the previous videos have been stuff like drawing disney characters as dark souls bosses...
  4. Strangelove

    graphics tablet monitors

    i have been thinking about getting a graphics tablet monitor. while a wacom cintiq would be nice, they're also hella expensive so i would probably go for a cheaper chinese brand. i don't have a particular one in mind at the moment, or even the size. i was looking at the larger screen size (22...
  5. Strangelove

    square enix registers new parasite eve trademark in europe please don't be carrying on from the 3rd birthday, my poor heart can't take anymore
  6. Strangelove

    Jewellery making

    I am looking at pictures of things a friend’s partner made and I am like, that looks really cool and I want to make something :sadpanda: Has anyone ever made jewellery themselves? What materials did you use? I want to make something with metal but I don’t know where to start but I’ve also not...
  7. Strangelove

    hypothetical ffvii spinoffs if square outsourced to/collaborated with other devs

    i am currently replaying metal gear rising and it got me thinking, what ffvii games could you have by other devs in an imaginary scenario where there was a compilation of ffvii but square didn’t develop them in house. playing mgr, the first dev i thought of is obviously platinum games who...
  8. Strangelove

    Advent Children coming to Netflix UK

    apparently it was already on the american service but was taken off in november 2014. but it's going up on 18th november for the uk so there's that :monster:
  9. Strangelove

    FF Type-0 Online

    wJRjIgx5Ugw evidently ending agito and cancelling its ports doesn't mean they're finished with type-0 there's a site but there's nothing there
  10. Strangelove

    Scarlett Johansson signs on to star in Dreamworks' 'Ghost in the Shell' apparently there were no japanese women available in the world to play mokoto
  11. Strangelove

    Mobius Final Fantasy (formerly "Mevius Final Fantasy")

    for smartphones because off course :monster: it's produced by kitase and nojima is doing the scenario. apparently its meant to see what they could make if the staff behind the main numbered titles put all their effort into a smartphone rpg it's supposed to be out next spring in japan, and...
  12. Strangelove

    Play FFVII, FFVIII, and the FFXIII series on your smartphone

    ...through a streaming cloud service for a small fee :monster: Square-Enix are starting up a service called 'Dive In' in October, which will let you pay to basically rent games and play games over wifi connected smartphones and tablets. The first three...
  13. Strangelove

    prog rock recommendations

    i started listening to yes' 'fragile' and i was thinking about listening to more prog rock, and thought i would ask here for recommendations because i cba searching for myself right now
  14. Strangelove

    Final Fantasy Agito

    Looks like Type-0 is finally going to be on phones like it was originally planned to. Some infos: - Planned for release this winter for iOS and Android (Japan first/only, I'm guessing) - Free to play (you pay for items) - Takeharu...
  15. Strangelove

    TLS: The Game

    If the people here were to make a game, what would it be like? That's not to say the goal of this thread is to make one, but if that happens that's cool too :awesome: But even as just a little creative exercise or a bit of fun, that's no problem. It's the ideas and challenge that's the point...
  16. Strangelove


    it's short for 'hitoshura channel' and a rip off of hideo kojima's 'hide chan radio' :sadpanda: it's a bandwagony streaming thread :sadpanda: currently trying out the japanese version of ffxii:
  17. Strangelove

    i accidentally bought a cheap wii

    now i need game recommendations so far i have only thought of the fatal frame/project zero game, zelda(s), xenoblade, and silent hill
  18. Strangelove

    PS2 Archives (PS3) The Japanese name for PS2 games downloadable/playable onto the PS3. There's already been some, but they announced a bunch more and made it an official line. i misread the news as saying that you could play ps2 games on...
  19. Strangelove


    Three years. I've been on this site over three years. And I didn't wake up to find a birthday thread already made for me on my birthday. Y'all can rot in Hell.
  20. Strangelove

    "Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography: TURKS - The Kids Are Alright"

    -EDIT by TresDias- After hito took an indefinite hiatus from continuing this effort, Pixel took up the organization of a translation project, and along with mecorx (translations) and CrashOuch (proofreading) has completed it: - PART 1 - PART 2 Project 100% complete
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