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  1. Roger

    Happy Birthday, Flamey

    :properhug: @TheFLAMEffect
  2. Roger

    Happy B-Day, Channy!

    Hope it's a good one!
  3. Roger

    Happy Birthday, Crash!

    Hope it's a great one! <3
  4. Roger

    Happy Birthday, Airling!

    Hope it's good one!
  5. Roger

    The Expanse

    kQuTAPWJxNo First episode of this is out. It looks pretty damn great. Don't let the MC's fedora fool you, it's harder science fiction then most. I hope visual effects of the pilot's first scene aren't a one off though.
  6. Roger

    Which Cloud's face are you hoping for?

    You got Compilation Cloud Duodecim HD Cloud New Dissidia Cloud
  7. Roger

    Dark Matter (TV Series)

    1TqwBlTQfTg At long last a new Sci Fi series. Pilot aired yesterday
  8. Roger

    Must-see blog about Ivalice The project seem to have been put on hold but the work it's already done towards making sense of the Ivalice Alliance is very impressive.
  9. Roger

    Pitch a new threat to the planet

    In a hypothetical new FFVII sequel, what would you want threat the protagonist is fighting against/goal he is working towards be.
  10. Roger

    Best buy on PSN?

    Will be getting one or two soon.
  11. Roger

    Favorite Dissidia 012 Character (Poll in thread)
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