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  1. Selphie Tilmitt

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Social implications means politically correct or something I imagine, no stereotyping, etc of homosexuality, trans gender, portraying people as sex objects, etc (I'm half expecting Tifa to appear in pants/trousers for this remake and Aerith to have a granny cardy or be covered head to toe in...
  2. Selphie Tilmitt

    Mobius FF x FFVII Remake Prelude Event

    Excellent, thank you very much Tres! Is this the one date thing? Also what does the description under the name for the Aerith costume say? :) Yeah, I didn't think the costumes specifically themselves being called something like "One...
  3. Selphie Tilmitt

    Mobius FF x FFVII Remake Prelude Event

    This is interesting and cool, apparently the Cloud event happened, and in his story was released like Midgar reactors, and each of the story was a Midgar reactor unlock or something, and they find a crystal and Aerith's theme starts playing and there is talk about Cloud trying to find his way...
  4. Selphie Tilmitt

    "Cloud & Aerith" in WoW: Legion

    Aerith's been in WoW before right?, did they just add Cloud in?
  5. Selphie Tilmitt

    Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros.

    Wrong flower girl Cloud xD
  6. Selphie Tilmitt

    Final Fantasy VII G Bike Announced For Smartphones - S-E + CC2!

    Internal strife?, perhaps, maybe the app wasn't performing as well as Final Fantasy Record Keeper and stuffs? I have seen a fair amount of criticism of it around the nets, like people not happy Cloud's birthday wasn't really celebrated by the guy in charge of G-Bike, and over other support...
  7. Selphie Tilmitt

    Who shared rooms?

    Aerith already cared for Tifa, she risked Tseng's wrath, and got slapped for it, to reassure Tifa that Marlene was ok, was safe, so for Tifa not to worry, when Tifa gets picked by Don and they fall down in the sewers, Aerith will say she's fine but what about Tifa, she gives Tifa pep talk in...
  8. Selphie Tilmitt

    An LTD Video (Vote)

    JasonTandro Well I don't think there should be any actual debating or dismissing or mocking of evidence in the video either, just presenting the facts, and letting people decide on their own and people accepting each side's beliefs :properhug: Not that I actually think those involved here...
  9. Selphie Tilmitt

    An LTD Video (Vote)

    But .. but but the Lifestream net is a biased Cloti! :pinkmonster: Also ... hey Tres
  10. Selphie Tilmitt

    Remake hopes and fears survey

    Nah, not everyone would fight every single random battle either, sometimes people would just run away from them anyway, thinking that if they fought too many they were going to be over leveled for bosses or wouldn't find bosses a challenge, etc instead.
  11. Selphie Tilmitt

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    I ate my post :monster: No, that doesn't make any sense Starling. "Cloud was her friend, her lover, a symbol of what was important to her, someone to protect" It's not about Zack either. If so it would have probably written of Zack directly like Maiden of the Planet did. Case of Lifestream...
  12. Selphie Tilmitt

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    Cloud is Cloud :monster: Also "There isn't a thing I don't cherish!" :pinkmonster:
  13. Selphie Tilmitt

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    It was all just a dream ok. Never happened. N-e-v-e-r happened.
  14. Selphie Tilmitt

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    Ted Kopel, Ultimanias, interviews, clarifications, people believing the earth is flat, etc. Yeah but but ... the TLSN is a biased Cloti :kermit: So there*
  15. Selphie Tilmitt

    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    I went for a nap. I had a dream. That the LTD thread had been revived. Once isn't enough. ** At any rate apart from Shadey I agree the most with Channy so far. Square Enix knows they have a fan base they can pander to and/or exploit, and as much as neither side might like to admit it they...
  16. Selphie Tilmitt

    Industry insider Verendus speaks

    Yeah, I agree with YoP :monster: That's not nice. Yeah, I'm kind of worried if that's the guy in Kitase's ear :( I apologize if I'm wrong, if I got the wrong impression or something but yeh. Also :awesome:
  17. Selphie Tilmitt


    My heart. The park. Aerith's flowers. The dirt puddle :faint: Oh Square Enix you glorious teases. They know exactly what they are doing :muhaha: I can't help but feel everyone was trolled the whole time with that spring port thing too :o
  18. Selphie Tilmitt

    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

    Congratulations ultimaespio! :) Hito I haven't managed to get Vanille's special weapon yet but with my last Mythril draw I did manage to get Judgement Staff *5 so she's now sporting that along with the shiny new Thundaga she just got after I got it from her event :excited: I just tried her...
  19. Selphie Tilmitt

    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

    Oh well just to throw more spanners? in the works apparently Lenna gets Dancer later on and Vanille gets Summon 3, for Record Memories Lenna an ability for boost in healing effectiveness and Vanille gets ... some kind of physical attack buffing thing? (not sure if I read that on the JP wiki...
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