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  1. Final Fantasy


    Thank you, my fellow Mancunian.
  2. Final Fantasy

    What games are you currently playing?

    I've had Horizon Zero Dawn since it came out, I've played it for about an hour... I'm going back to it.
  3. Final Fantasy

    Doctor Who!!~

    Love the new logo, can't wait for the new series.
  4. Final Fantasy

    General TV thread

    Yes, worth a watch if you like the films.
  5. Final Fantasy

    General TV thread

    The only show that i'm watching that's currently on air is Lethal Weapon.
  6. Final Fantasy


    Hey, welcome to TLS. :D
  7. Final Fantasy


    Hello, welcome to TLS. :D
  8. Final Fantasy

    Last Film You've Seen

    The Greatest Showman - 4/5 I can't say that i'm a massive fan of musicals,but this one was really good. Coco - 3.5/5 Disney animated film... I didn't cry at the end. :whistle:
  9. Final Fantasy


    Thank you everyone.
  10. Final Fantasy


    Thank you kindly, I will do. :)
  11. Final Fantasy

    Share your PSN/ 3DS/ XBox/ PC ID's: Gotta add em all

    PSN: Cashy1990 Twitch: Cashy_1990
  12. Final Fantasy


    Thank you, unfortunately I won't be coming to KupoCon. I'd never heard of it until you just mentioned it. I believe it's now sold out though. :crymoar:
  13. Final Fantasy


    Hello everyone, my name is Elliot, nice to meet you all.
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