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  1. Wolfhart

    FFVII: OST of my life

    Have you ever felt that a particular song of FFVII's soundtrack fits perfectly with a moment/situation in your life? Or do you have the habit to listen to a certain track while doing a particular activity? For example, I was driving on the highway when The Highwind Takes to the Skies started to...
  2. Wolfhart

    Just for fun: what music genre would FF7 characters listen to?

    Yeah, don't ask why I came up with this idea :lol: So, basically what the title says, what kind of music do you think different FF7 characters would listen to? Isn't President Shinra listening to some kind of classical music when Sector 7 falls? (I'll try to create a more serious thread...
  3. Wolfhart

    Childhood friendship?

    This has probably been discussed before and I'm sorry if people are tired of it, but bear with me, you could say I'm 16 years late in terms of FFVII knowledge :lol: Actually, I don't want to discuss anything, I just would be grateful if someone explained to me the relationship between Tifa and...
  4. Wolfhart

    ACC: my mother's impressions

    So... I wanted to watch ACC again, and I made my mother watch it with me (she had watched it once but that was some time ago). I think it's funny to see someone's reaction to the movie when they don't know anything about the game and/or the characters :lol: Although she remembered some parts of...
  5. Wolfhart

    My Fan "Art"

    ...Just thought maybe someone would like to see this: Drawn after playing Crisis Core. At the beginning I just wanted to draw a chocobo but later I started adding things... I don't like Cloud's face but well, I tried. I put effort on this one (even if you can't tell!), so please, if you're...
  6. Wolfhart

    Final Fantasy VII and me

    Hello! This is my first post at this forum and I thought the best way to start is telling my story with this great game :) I don't know if you'll be bored enough to read it but here it goes! My first memory of the game is watching my brother play it on PSone... He never finished it because he...
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