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  1. SailorStarDust

    Japanese audio track subtitles: concerns

    I'm thrilled to know we're getting JP audio as an option, but I certainly do not want a repeat of Advent Children-style "dubtitles" which still held true even with AC Complete (the English audio track is how the Japanese audio was subtitled, so things aren't literal). Already some of Tifa's...
  2. SailorStarDust

    TLS newbie. Sup?

    Hi, I'm SSD! You might remember me from such websites as Evageeks, Ao3, and the CloTi :cloudball::tifaball /:zackball::aeriball: Zerith Discords. Anyway, I've been lurking for....(I think) around 2 years now? Fancy suggested I get over my shyness and join, so here I am! :success: I'm an OG...
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