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  1. Lulcielid

    10 FF Titles available 2020 on Xbox Game Pass

    http://novacrystallis.com/2019/11/microsoft-adds-10-final-fantasy-titles-to-xbox-game-pass-available-now/ With the Xbox Game Pass, subscribers can access the games either on an Xbox One system or PC. Here’s the full list: Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Final Fantasy IX Final...
  2. Lulcielid

    Guilty Gear (2020) - ArcSys game

    Developer Arc System Works Team Red Publisher Arc System Works Designer Daisuke Ishiwatari Platform PlayStation 4 Release Date Late 2020 (planned) ------------------------------------------------ Trailers Gameplay demo ------------------------------------------------ This is looking...
  3. Lulcielid

    [Netflix] Magic: The Gathering - Animated series

    Lead by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo (overseeing the creation of an all new storyline and expand on the stories of the Planeswalkers, which are Magic’s magic-wielding heroes and villains ). Henry Gilroy and Jose Molina will serve as writers and co-executive producers on the series. Yoriaki...
  4. Lulcielid

    Disney assumes full control of Hulu in deal with Comcast

    https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/disney-full-control-hulu-comcast-deal-1203214338/ The Mad Titan Mickey now has a stronger Infinite Gauntlet on its hand.
  5. Lulcielid

    Marvel Disney series

    The Disney version of the expired Netflix Marvel thing. WandaVision Premiere Date: Spring 2021 Logo --------------------------------------- Loki Premiere Date: Spring 2021 Logo --------------------------------------- The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Premiere Date: Fall 2020 low res logo...
  6. Lulcielid

    The Pegasus Dream Tour, a Paralympic Sports RPG developed by JP Games

    The studio stablished by former Square-Enix employee, Hajime Tabata, has announced its first official game; The Pegasus Dream Tour, the first official video game of the International Paralympic Committee. It is being created under the concept of “taking RPG to the next level and creating an...
  7. Lulcielid

    Gaming News Subreddit Closes on April's Fools To Protest Toxicity And Bigotry In Community [2019]

    Today the moderators of r/games have decided to use the attention from an expectant audience anticipating an April Fool's Joke to send a message about and to the gaming community. The subreddit will be open later on the day with a Meta post adressing the community questions.
  8. Lulcielid

    [SPOILERS] Kingdom Hearts III Spoiler Thread

    The game is already in the hands of a few players and one of them is posting gameplay videos and cutscenes on twitter (and likey going to Youtube right now). I will post them and comment in a few hours, in the meantime you can hide :monster:.
  9. Lulcielid

    Masashi Kishimoto's New Manga – Samurai 8: Hachimaruden [WSJ/SJ+]

    Samurai 8: Hachimaruden Masashi Kishimoto will work as writer with Akira Okubo as artist. The manga will launch on spring 2019.
  10. Lulcielid

    Epic Games digital store is live

    https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/news/the-epic-games-store-is-now-live --- Some developments post launch: Some Epic Store games are pushing back or scrapping Steam releases
  11. Lulcielid

    Blade Runner - Black Lotus (Adult Swim)

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/blade-runner-anime-series-coming-adult-swim-1164799 Edit: could someone fix the typo in the title?
  12. Lulcielid

    Mulan - Live Action Remake (2020)

    Mandatory Disney LA movie thread cause I couldn't find one :monster: -------- Release Date: March 27, 2020 Director: Niki Caro --- First look at Mulan --- CAST Liu Yifei as Mulan Donnie Yen as Commander Tung Gong Li as a powerful witch Jet Li as the Emperor Xana Tang as Mulan sister Yoson...
  13. Lulcielid

    Cassian Andor - Star Wars Live Action series

  14. Lulcielid

    Aladdin (2019) - Live Action movie

    Coming on May 24, 2019.
  15. Lulcielid

    FF7 coming to Nintendo Switch on 2019

    http://www.novacrystallis.com/2018/09/myriad-final-fantasy-titles-coming-nintendo-switch-vii-ix-x-x-2-due-2019/ Plus other games: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – Available Now World of Final Fantasy: Maxima – November 6, 2018 Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Everybody! – Winter 2018 Final...
  16. Lulcielid

    Steam Starts Accepting 100% Uncensored Sexually-Explicit Adult Games

    Original article. Copy Paste below: :megusta:
  17. Lulcielid

    Square Enix opens new studio 'Luminuous Productions' lead by Hajime Tabata

    Square Enix has announced the establishment of Luminous Productions, a new studio based in Tokyo, Japan led by COO and head of studio Hajime Tabata, known for his work as director for Final Fantasy XV. Luminous Productions was established with the purpose of “developing new AAA titles and...
  18. Lulcielid

    When does humor have its place on the narrative & when it doesnt?

    I bet you've heard the term 'forced humor' as a criticism in entertaiment before, so let's discuss. What exactly defines 'forced humor'? I dont have an answer to this because I never felt humor being out of place in a movie, show, book, etc but, what I can add is that I find weird how people...
  19. Lulcielid

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie - Dec 2018 (JP) Jan 2019 (US)

    A new Dragon Ball movie was announced at 2017 Jump Festa due to be out in December 2018. "The strongest warrior race in the universe, the Saiyans". The story will revolve around the origin of the Saiyans and will feature a lot of Saiyans characters. Once again, Toriyama will be doing the script...
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