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  1. Obsidian Fire

    Obsidian Fire's Etsy Site

    I have finally started selling products with my art on them! They can be found on my etsy site. Some of the stuff I have up.
  2. Obsidian Fire

    FFVII Remake Frustration Expression Thread (spoilers are probably here)

    Making this because I don't want to be a downer in all the other threads where everyone is excited for the Remake. But sometimes I do want to vent about things... I figured other people might like that too... Currently... The music is probably the biggest disappointment to me. For all a lot of...
  3. Obsidian Fire

    Remixes of Final Fantasy Music in Final Fantasy XIV

    I'm not quite sure where this would go... It almost feels like it should belong with the other fan-mixes, but it's also in a main Final Fantasy game, so it's not like it's really a fan-mix either. Mods, feel free to move this where it should be! Over the course of Final Fantasy XIV, there have...
  4. Obsidian Fire

    I'm Moving...

    My family is moving this weekend. So no idea when I'll get settled, be online, etc. We're only moving within 5 miles of where we currently live, but none of us kids have ever moved houses before, so it's extra crazy. See you guys more often whenever I get my tech center back together.
  5. Obsidian Fire

    Verdant Streams (FFVII Fanfic)

    The story FFVII from the point of view of the Lifestream. It's been there for every single Compilation title, yet is one of the most neglected characters in FFVII fanfics. And the explanation for it's actions being that of something that is so inept that it can't take care of itself never set...
  6. Obsidian Fire

    In-Depth Materia Study

    In-Depth Materia Study This is a series of articles on Final Fantasy VII materia system. It is designed to be an in-depth study of all the materia in the game as well as how they interact with each other and how players actually use them in the game. I've decided to put this up on the forums...
  7. Obsidian Fire

    Steam Workshop Now Supports Paid Mods

    Link: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent/ It's now possible for mod authors on the Steam Workshop to charge Steam Dollars/real money for their mods. This is optional. Currently, this only applies to Skyrim mods, but more games are coming. This was preceded by the 100MP file...
  8. Obsidian Fire

    Spell Power Spreadsheets and Analysis

    So on my current FFVII play-through, I got curious as to what the actual spell power of all the spells are as well as how the All materia and Quadra materia effected that. After doing some research, I found that there wasn't any easy way to compare the spell powers of different spells, so I went...
  9. Obsidian Fire

    Site Design (Everyone Get In Here!)

    For the last couple of weeks, me and the other staff have been working on sprucing up the index pages of the Lifestream. These are the pages where the links to the articles can be found, not the articles themselves. Before I start re-doing some of the more work intensive pages I'd like to see...
  10. Obsidian Fire

    Hidden track on Reunion Tracks album

    I was looking up track lists on different Final Fantasy 7 albums and it turns out there is a "hidden track" on the Reunion Tracks album. In order to hear it, you need to rewind from Track 1. It's an instrumental version of One-Winged Angel, but without the choir part. 7eOMpUqwZgk
  11. Obsidian Fire

    Chat Problem - Port 843

    So, every time I try to use the IRC chat, I get this on the screen right after I log in: Do any of you internet tech guys know what's causing this and how to fix it? I've looked it up online, but I still don't get what the problem is. Thanks in advance.
  12. Obsidian Fire

    Obsidian Fire's Graphic Art

    This is a dump thread for all the "art" I've made/am making in GIMP. Starts from when I didn't really know what I could do with the program to the present. The first desktop background I made. I was playing with some of the pattern generators GIMP has. The text is from two songs, "Rise Above...
  13. Obsidian Fire

    Ultimania Omega Artwork

    I found a website that has a lot of artwork of things like weapons and items from the Ultimania Omega. It doesn't look like it's up here so I'd thought I'd share it. http://shillatime.org/ff_vii_artwork.html Here's some stuff I'd like to know how you could fit 8 materia onto this. How do...
  14. Obsidian Fire

    Obsidian Fire's drabble collection

    Unlike some people on this site, I can't do visual arts (drawing, photography, etc.). At all. Instead I write. So, this is my version of other people's art threads only it's all writing. As for what I write, well, let's just say I like crazy world building and character interactions (not...
  15. Obsidian Fire

    Question about the relationship between FFVII and FFX

    I was reading more about the connection between FFVII and FFX and while it mostly seems to work out, there is one thing that bothers me; the origin of the Cetra. FFVII has made a good case that genetics play a large part in being a Cetra and having a connection to the Planet. It has also made a...
  16. Obsidian Fire

    Obsidian Fire's FFVII FanFiction

    O_O We have a fan creations forum? Why did I not notice this before? Anyway, here is my fanfiction.net profile --->http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2001529/Obsidian_Fire My main FFVII story is The Shadow Level. This is an AU suspense story that went AU a long time before the Compilation starts...
  17. Obsidian Fire


    Hey everybody! I've been lurking around the forums for a month or two and finally decided to join in. Basic Info - the more complicated a story/game/character/ is, the more I like it - as there is no such thing as a perfect game, I tend to focus more on the pros of the Compilation rather then...
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