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  1. Tennyo

    FF Hangman (and other games maybe).

    Fancy I think you are doing very well. This forum just has a lot of nerds. :monster:
  2. Tennyo

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    I'm pretty sure the ED didn't force them to change anything that was already complete. Keep in mind SE made the choice to assemble the department. They want to be on top of these things. I mean, all they did was give Tifa a properly supportive sports bra like a lot of athletic women wear. Why...
  3. Tennyo

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-19-square-enix-has-an-ethics-department-and-it-told-the-final-fantasy-7-remake-developers-to-restrict-tifas-chest Is this of interest to anyone?
  4. Tennyo

    Recently registered

    Welcome to the forums! :monster:
  5. Tennyo

    Sony's Spider-Man: Now a Part of the MCU; And Now Not Again; And Now Is Again

    They be dropping trailers like mad now.
  6. Tennyo

    Greetings TLS community.

    Welcome to TLS! :monster:
  7. Tennyo

    E3 2019 Full Trailer with TIFA!

    Why stop there? Let's bring back dress-spheres!
  8. Tennyo

    The Bigger Pom - KupoCon NJ 2.0

    HEY YOU! This is Amanda. :D Good to see you on TLS!
  9. Tennyo

    The Bigger Pom - KupoCon NJ 2.0

    That would be cool.
  10. Tennyo

    The Avengers, AoU, Infinity War, & Endgame films

    The fan base seems to want some time travel shenanigans so badly. XD I'm down for it, though.
  11. Tennyo

    Captain Marvel (MCU)

    To be honest I actually liked the balance of humor in this movie for the most part. Ragnarok was way too completely over the top to the point of ruining scenes, but this movie did a much better job of toeing the line.
  12. Tennyo

    Captain Marvel (MCU)

    Dude, the first few reviews that came out were along the lines of "HeRr DuRr ToO mAnY wOmAnZ," so I don't give a shit about those scores.
  13. Tennyo

    Captain Marvel (MCU)

    And it is a very good movie everyone go see. Some very surprising twists that made me go wtf Also, best sound track. Top notch.
  14. Tennyo

    Sonic the Hedgehog

  15. Tennyo

    How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks) Series & Films

    So I just saw this, and I am not sure how to articulate my feelings, I have so many. I think I might need to see it again. But here's a spoilery meme I found on Reddit:
  16. Tennyo

    The Dragon Prince

    Oh dang, season two is out? I'm on it.
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