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  1. Makoeyes987

    Your Favorite Appearances of FFVII Characters!

    Thanks to FFVII's immense popularity, the characters have all appeared in numerous other games. And thanks to these appearances, they've had numerous other looks beyond their original FFVII depictions. So I was curious to see what everyone's favorite look was for each of the various...
  2. Makoeyes987

    1 Summon, 1 Sidequest, 1 Superboss... Who and What Do You Add?

    So, the one thing I've been fretting and thinking about, more so than if the writers would stay true to the source material, if they would include all memorable moments of FFVII or if they'll add any Compilation-esque plot points is... What new sidequest/post-game content will they add to the...
  3. Makoeyes987

    An urgent request for help...

    Who here is good at FFXV? Particularly the Pitioss Dungeon? I'm like. At the end of my wits and I have only like 10 more minutes to go but it's like the longest most difficult 10 minutes of platforming hell. Does anyone want to help me with this? Pleeeeease? I'm begging. Like, I will...
  4. Makoeyes987

    You know...Starscourge sure does remind me of something from FFVII....

    I mean. Surely SOMEONE here on this FFVII board thought that the Starscourge held A LOT of eerie similarities to Jenova Cells and Geostigma, right? ..Right?? Like, Tabata totally cribbed from FFVII regarding this dark infectious element that contaminated Eos. Like, let's look at the...
  5. Makoeyes987

    The meaning of "canon," multiple endings, and Noctis' fate in FFXV. (Spoilers regarding the ending of FFXV)

    So one thing that's always bugged me is the loose and often times misunderstood meaning of 'canon' in regards to multiple media works. This is more a discussion on "canon" and what it means and doesn't mean. First off, let's talk about the term. Canon means: This is important in regards to...
  6. Makoeyes987

    Who... Am I?

    I feel like... I've been here before. A long time ago. And it's as if something pulled me back. Something familiar.... Something in my heart.... ...... So. How's it hangin' everyone? :monster:
  7. Makoeyes987

    Holy **** has anyone played this?

    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest I cannot fucking believe this shit. I thought Airborne Brigade was a piece of dogshit but this is fucking amazing. Square-Enix has seriously fucking hit a new low in terms of brand whoring. This is the worst cell phone "game" (and I call it this loosely, due to...
  8. Makoeyes987

    ...So uh..yeah! What's up?

    I'm...back! :monster: Kinda didn't even realize I left but... There I was..caught up in the current of lifestream, but now here I am. Again. Alive, no longer a drooling vegetable, standing and back in the game. So uh... How's life, everyone? I missed you! All of you... Very much. :mako:
  9. Makoeyes987

    Gen Con Indy 2012

    So Gen Con Indy 2012 started today, is anybody going of following up with it? :monster:
  10. Makoeyes987

    Happy Birthday Brent!

    A day so special, that is true. Brent, a very happy birthday to you! This week we saw Kenpachi's power. Which suits your birthday's special hour! So today's a day of win and joy! So have some fun, birthday boy! :hugemonster: No but seriously, happy birthday, dude!
  11. Makoeyes987

    Capcom gets owned. BBB Rating Drops 3 Ratings due to DLC Bullshit

    Due to numerous complaints regarding their DLC practices, Capcom's BBB reputation has been smeared. This is extremely awesome. Let this serve as a lesson that gamer's aren't just gonna take such crap without there being consequences. Capcom's been very heavy handed in terms of the DLC and...
  12. Makoeyes987

    Staff Audit and Critique: Please post your thoughts here

    Well in order to keep the ball rolling while the topic is fresh in our minds, here's the thread for us to post our thoughts/opinions/criticism of the staff here as a whole on TLS. Please post your thoughts on each staff member you so wish so that we may have an idea of our memberbases' thoughts...
  13. Makoeyes987

    Policy changes and discussion.

    Reading through member's posts regarding their discontentment with the way staff resolves its issues and talking it over with some members, here are some some new important policy changes I think will really help in terms of member-staff relations. I'd like some input on these from everyone to...
  14. Makoeyes987

    Capcom has lost its damn mind at Comic-Con

    Surprised no one's made a thread about this, I thought there'd be more Megaman fans here. First off, for anyone who is not aware or not in the know, Capcom has cancelled Megaman Legends 3. Naturally, a lot of fans were upset, pissed off, confused, etc, given how the developers had opened up so...
  15. Makoeyes987

    I need some help with Fallout: New Vegas...a glitch.

    Okay, I know quite a few members here play Fallout New Vegas. I have a major glitch here that hopefully someone can help me with. I did the peaceful resolution to Rose of Sharon Cassidy's quest and found the evidence.. and got her "Calm Heart" perk. Now sometime after this, her HP suddenly went...
  16. Makoeyes987

    Dissidia Duodecim Friend Card and Quest Exchange Thread

    Dissidia 012 has the nifty new feature to allow the sharing of friend cards and quests via the internet by exporting their friend cards and data as a save file, allowing them to be uploaded to the web and shared with other players. So this thread can serve as a means of exchanging Friend Card...
  17. Makoeyes987

    Square-Enix Profits Plunge an additional 76%. Due to "discerning customers."

    Holy shit guys, we've finally gotten smarter now!!!! :awesome: Their PR line? Oh shit! Guess the cat's out of the bag now.... They might actually have to start working again. Damn. Square, just fucking fire Yoichi Wada already lolol
  18. Makoeyes987

    Dragonball Z Kai to end after the Cell Saga

    Whelp, that was all a monumental waste of time. So apparently it'll end at 99 episodes. And just stop. So much for this being a truer adaption of the manga series for fans! It ain't even fuckin' done. I feel sad for the poor fuckers who bought the DVDs/Blu-Ray or relied on it to get a look...
  19. Makoeyes987

    Yoichi Wada: We fucked up, guys. Bad.

    The first step to recovery, is admitting you have a problem. And Wada has taken the first step. It seems Yoichi Wada has manned up and admitted they've basically screwed all their brands and they'll need to rebuild them all. Considering their stock is at a 10 year low, I guess there was no way...
  20. Makoeyes987

    Dissidia Site Staff Recruitment Drive - We need YOU

    So would you like to do frontpage news posts? Or work on the forum and site's projects? Well then send us some info and your interest and we can get your ass on the frontpage. We frankly are in need of some new blood and reliable people who can cover the news of Dissidia for our site, and...
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