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  1. Mr. Ite

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Brian Cranston as Sephiroth would actually be great. He’s dynamic and sounds like an actual human, he can be sweet, authoritative, enraged. I’ve never understood why “velvet sex” is the only quality Sephiroth’s voiced dialogue has.
  2. Mr. Ite

    Locke & Key totally got a Netflix series that releases on Feb 7th!

    Just got into this. What a delight! The acting is incredible.
  3. Mr. Ite

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    ftfy :monster:
  4. Mr. Ite

    Top 10

    What are you talking about I ain’t no nerd. Now here’s my Top 10 uses of the word “family” in FF dialogue based on my memorization of the game scripts... :monster: I can’t do soundtracks again. It always changes and I love them all.
  5. Mr. Ite

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    My two cents: 1. I’m about as thirsty for Biggs as Licoriceallsorts 2. My hopes for the Remake (story/content) are generally that Sephiroth doesn’t appear much more than he already has in the trailers. Many new gamers will feel cheated if the game doesn’t let them beat the villain. (I had a...
  6. Mr. Ite


    Happy birthday an shit :monster: Good to see ya
  7. Mr. Ite

    Top 10

    This sounds fun! Not sure how y’all wanna structure things but I got lots of faves from FF ^_^ Top 10 Sword Designs: 10. Durandal (XII) 9. Rune Blade (VII) 8. Lionheart (VIII) 7. Hyperion (VIII) 6. Ragnarok (VII) 5. Brotherhood (X) 4. Atma Weapon (VI) 3. Blood Sword (XII) 2. Buster Sword (VII)...
  8. Mr. Ite

    Jenovaroth, Kalm Sephiroth, or the 'real' Sephiroth?

    It’s Remakearoth, the one who projects himself back in time to change the timeline to one where he’s a more omnipresent villain.
  9. Mr. Ite

    Remake Merchandise

    I walk by a collectible shop every morning. This is a new arrival!
  10. Mr. Ite

    Spoiler Free Questions Thread (All Spoilers Must Be Tagged!)

    *grunt* goin on the list
  11. Mr. Ite

    The Mandalorian: Star Wars Live Action Series

    My eyes just went wide as saucers. You’re telling me they shot this inside a giant VR game? @_@
  12. Mr. Ite


    Final Fantasy VII Remake 6: Veni, Sola Bellator (365*10 days) This full-length Final Fantasy experience develops Cloud’s iconic loner persona. In this game, which features 2 blu-rays of content, we’ll follow Cloud alone, as he doubles back from Junon to Fort Condor between cutscenes to try and...
  13. Mr. Ite


    Final Fantasy VII Remake: in itinere ad nigrum Final Fantasy VII Remake: media navi iter Final Fantasy VII Remake: post maris Final Fantasy VII Remake: memori maris
  14. Mr. Ite

    Aerith revival

    Shinra, because it would be interesting to see what he would be like stripped of the material greed that had polluted his spirit. What redemption might possibly await him when there is nothing to gain, nothing to lose, nothing at all. :wacky:
  15. Mr. Ite

    Aerith revival

    What was that extra FFII game with all the dead guest party members going on a journey through hell? God that game was a meat grinder... A party of Aeris/Jessie/President Shinra kicking ass in the ghost world would be an... interesting game.
  16. Mr. Ite

    Aerith revival

    Revived? No. Obi-Wan ghost? More likely than I want it to be. If we make it to the end without an AC-style ghostie scene I’ll be happy. If we make it without a “use the force” voice on the wind I’ll be happily surprised.
  17. Mr. Ite

    Any interest in doing a FFVIIR response contest?

    Cool idea! My write-up will be painfully recognizable I’m sure lol but I’m in!
  18. Mr. Ite

    FFVII Remake Frustration Expression Thread (spoilers are probably here)

    Okay cool the world isn’t upside-down I was worried there for a second :P
  19. Mr. Ite

    FFVII Remake Frustration Expression Thread (spoilers are probably here)

    Lic.... Aeris never said anything about kindergarten. The Japanese line is “I’ve known him since child-times” referring to herself, not him.
  20. Mr. Ite

    Awesome Cosplay!

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