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  1. Cat Rage Room

    It's been real, guys!

    I've found I have less and less time (and sadly, to some degree, inclination), lately. I don't think it's really fair to take up a moderating slot, as well, so I think it's about time for me to hang it up. It's been really real, guys. I'm not going to disappear, but I am going to slowly vanish...
  2. Cat Rage Room

    Chronology of the Last Era: A little game I've been working on.

    When I joined the Navy I started dabbling in game creation software as a way to pass time. Eventually I started cooking up an actual game. I had fun messing around and sampling and editing graphics, but I hope the plotline and the gameplay is what eventually cements it. Hopefully I'll finish it...
  3. Cat Rage Room

    No searching 3 letter words?

    We used to be able to do this, didn't we?
  4. Cat Rage Room

    If the remake let you do dumb ass plays in Event Square in Gold Saucer, that would be dope as hell.

    In the original game, the Event Square's one and only purpose is for the date sequence. But in the remake, it would be really cool if they had tons of plays for the player (i.e., Cloud and co) to participate in to make awesome or ruin at your leisure. Different plays with different outcomes...
  5. Cat Rage Room

    Can someone do a big favor for me?

    Can someone find/translate the bit of info from the Ultimania that proves Queen Brahne and Amarant are human? This guy wants proof.
  6. Cat Rage Room

    Search isn't working?

    I was messing around with searching posts, and it's not really working right. I tested it on my name and it keeps telling me 'Sorry, no matches'.
  7. Cat Rage Room

    Is anyone interested in doing anymore Community Playthroughs?

    I've noticed that for a FFVII RPG board, a lot of you haven't really played any of the solid gold RPG greats, namely those that were on the SNES and the PS1. There isn't much I can do about some titles, but, many RPG Classics are now available on the PSN and thus available for everyone to enjoy...
  8. Cat Rage Room

    Team Fortress 2! (Free to Play)

    From TV Tropes In short, Team Fortress 2 is fun as shit. A team based, class based, item heavy FPS, I got into this game a few years ago in college when it was first released. Since then, it's gotten a bunch of gameplay updates, limited but not including; Crafting, a bunch of new weapons, a...
  9. Cat Rage Room

    Two pieces of news I think we'd be interested in.

    I'm surprised no one has heard of these interesting tidbits. http://www.cavesofnarshe.com/news/article/square-enix-launches-crowdfunding-website/ http://www.p4rgaming.com/tetsuya-nomura-spent-3-months-convincing-square-enix-not-to-move-final-fantasy-xv-to-smartphones/
  10. Cat Rage Room


    Check it out. Some of you are aware that Yasumi Matsuno, (mastermind of Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and to an extent, FFXII) are among the list of 'game creators I'm most likely to fellate'. A few years ago Yasumi Matsuno stepped down from Square Enix and went freelance...
  11. Cat Rage Room

    I know I've been bugging you guys about this a lot, but...

    I think we should do something about this. Saga Frontier 2 Perfect Works Scanning/Translating Progress Thread It's not just that I personally want to see the project finished, but quite a few of us spent money and capital acquiring this book, and I (Littlefinger reference aside), really...
  12. Cat Rage Room

    Shinra executing Barret/Tifa=Justified? (kinda)

    I never really thought about it before, but when Shinra captured the FFVII team (minus Cloud) in the Northern Crater, is it really all that unusual that they decided to put Barret and Tifa to death? While the stated and immediate reasoning was to provide a scapegoat for the Meteor crisis, keep...
  13. Cat Rage Room

    I think I may have kinda figured out the Tiny Bronco thing.

    For a long time its been wondered why Shinra hassled Cid about his Tiny Bronco when they have the Highwind (even if it wasn't ready) and a literal fleet of Gelnikas and helicopters. I think I may have figured out the reason why they didn't use their Gelnikas or other fixed wing aircraft. Which...
  14. Cat Rage Room

    I want to get you guys to play some cool RPGs

    But I have no idea how. There's a lot of talk about modern games, which is cool! But I'm surprised at how little of you guys have played the classic RPGs. The old Breath of Fires, the Suikodens, Wild Arms, the Tales series, Suikoden, so on and so forth. A lot of these games are on the PSN, but...
  15. Cat Rage Room

    How did the Shinra Executives get their jobs?

    And what exactly are their roles? It's been a while since I talked Final Fantasy VII so just go ahead and run with that and I'll add in more later.
  16. Cat Rage Room

    SOLDIER Pride.

    This concept is talked about a lot in Crisis Core, but playing through the game I've never really had a good grasp on what it is. It seems to be a fundamentally different type of 'pride' one might have serving the regular Shinra Army. At first I compared it to a sort of knightly noble code...
  17. Cat Rage Room

    Now what?

    I know I bring this up a lot, lately. But it's because I CARE, GUYS. So what's next for our site? What direction are we taking? What moves are we making, or should we be making to go in that direction? We should figure out what Staff members we have, both forum and site we still have, and...
  18. Cat Rage Room

    How to convince people that FF7 is still hip and totally not lame. (Split out of secrets discussion thrad)

    I mean, seriously though. When that secret was posted at first, I thought it was really weird because I see this place as a community of friends based off Final Fantasy VII. Granted, over time, the community aspect outshined everything else (which is great!), but I always tried to keep that...
  19. Cat Rage Room

    So what's next?

    For the site, for the forum, and the community? No this isn't me calling everyone lazy like usual, haha. Everything's been going pretty well for everyone and the site. But of course we can always go forward. Does anyone have any thoughts on what direction we can go or what we can do?
  20. Cat Rage Room

    I think I figured out why I don't really like Sephiroth.

    I guess it's a misnomer to say I dislike Sephiroth, but in 1997 he was cool for a while then, and yeah he still has a certain 'cool' factor now, but in general? Eh. It's not for the more popular reasons either; not 'he's too generic' or 'too derivative' or whatever, so why? Because nothing...
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