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  1. Mr. Ite

    Kotaku Video: Tim Rogers “Pre-Review”

    This video is relevant to my interests: Discuss!! ^_^
  2. Mr. Ite

    Mr. Ite Learns Unreal 4! and so are you

    Hi internet frens I'm starting my journey towards FF7R modding by learning how to program simple games on Unreal 4. Hopefully this isn't just a hobby, but a future asset as well. I registered for this udemy course which is usually $200 but has a crazy 90% off sale today, and seems more thorough...
  3. Mr. Ite

    Happy Birthday Howl!

  4. Mr. Ite

    Happy Birthday Channy!

    @Channy it’s your birthday.
  5. Mr. Ite

    Remake Mod Wish-List

    Hi folks o/ It's been chatted about here and on the discord, but I figure a whole thread about it might keep the other threads on-topic! When FF7R comes out for PC, what kind of mods do you think are going to come out? Any you'd be excited for? Any that you think are MUST-HAVES? I'm compiling...
  6. Mr. Ite

    Warcraft “Reign of Chaos” series

    I loved the RTS Warcraft games, and I’m very jealous of WoW’s luscious cutscenes — especially the expansions scenes, which unfold like great movies. You can’t do that with Warcraft III without doing a full playthrough. Apparently I’m not alone in lamenting that, I know some ppl gearing up for...
  7. Mr. Ite

    "Discs," and What is On Them

    Okay so the language around "discs" was weird. If I am correctly interpreting what's been said: - FF7 Remake (Part 1) will release 0303.2020 - FF7 Remake (Part 1) comprises 2 discs. - The 2 disks will tell the Midgar section of the story, which is expanded. - The Midgar section of the story...
  8. Mr. Ite

    Crusader Kings II

    Um... Crusader King's II is free on STEAM this weekend. This game gives Sid Meier a run for his money. I can't believe it's free. I forked out so much for all the DLC back in the day and trust me, it's worth your time. Check it out! http://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/
  9. Mr. Ite

    Mime Materia Question

    Hey guys, Google isn't helping me. I have two questions about the Mime command materia. As we know, you can mimic a spell without expending any MP. If the spell is altered by a support materia, will Mime copy the altered spell or will it cast the vanilla spell? For example, if Tifa casts Fire3...
  10. Mr. Ite

    Newbies can’t PM?

    Is there a number of post limit or am I missing something? I posted something, quickly realized it would serve better as a PM, so removed it. Is that allowed?Halp?
  11. Mr. Ite

    Mr. Ite's FF7 D&D Variant

    Ever wanted to play D&D in the world of FFVII? Or perhaps you'd like to throw some materia at your players in your ongoing campaign. Here's a full variant to do just that. Each link in this table of contents will lead you to a .pdf, first the full document, then smaller bits of it for your...
  12. Mr. Ite

    Question: HP Plus / MP Plus Stacking

    I don't actually have a save file available to check this, so I'm hoping one of you knows the answer. So iirc you can stack HP Plus or MP Plus materia and the effect is cumulative somehow, but the exact math eludes me. So, for example, a one-star MP Plus grants you an extra 10% to your MP, so...
  13. Mr. Ite

    This has always bothered me about Yuffie.

    Why would you put materia in a ranged weapon? It seems to me you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by hurling your valuables at your enemy.
  14. Mr. Ite

    Share Your Chocobo Names!

    I can't believe we don't have a thread for this! (Unless we do...?) Some of the Final Fantasy games (VII, XIV) give you a mechanic to name your own Chocobo. Other titles give you a canon name (examples below) or no name at all, in which case I usually name it in my head ^_^ I'm probably...
  15. Mr. Ite

    The Clubhouse of Verbose Grandiloquence

    Attending the multitudinous threads of the fastidiously-woven tapestry known as TLS, I descry a delectation for language shared by many of our members. Ergo I've ratiocinated that a dedicated space for the jollification of words might be valued. DIS HEER IS A WORD-LOVER CLUB Distinct from the...
  16. Mr. Ite

    Who Cares About Marlene?

    So why exactly was Tseng after Marlene? They didn't even know where AVALANCHE was, let alone who its members were (besides a "man with a gun-arm.") So why, then, does Aeris make a trade with Tseng, giving herself up in Marlene's place? Why was Tseng after Marlene in the first place?
  17. Mr. Ite

    Your Elder Scrolls Characters

    Hi TLS! Many of us are avid role-players, and there are many games and systems that indulge our creative spark, so our original characters are probably really interesting! I’ve decided to share mine, and I expect you to follow suit, damnit! You can take your organizing cues from this post or...
  18. Mr. Ite

    D&D 5E Excel Spreadsheet

    I did a thing! Posted on the appropriate subreddit but I want to let you guys know that I'm working on this: https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/4o8rgj/excel_spell_spreadsheet/ Thoughts?
  19. Mr. Ite

    External PS3 Storage

    Hi everyone! It's safe to assume that I'll always be about 5-7 years behind y'all in the tech department, and I'm right chuffed that I don't ask for advice often, but the answer to this seems to elude me, and the people at RadioShack (or whatever Best Buy Future Depot you kids use) just...
  20. Mr. Ite

    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    Hey everyone. CameoAmalthea posted this on Facebook and I thought I would bring it to your attention! http://kweh.jp/announcing-kupocon-final-fantasy-fan-event/ Sounds like it's in the preliminary planning stages. TLS should definitely have a presence there. Also I want to meet all you sexy...
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