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    "FF VII - Original DVD - High Quality CG Collection" - worth anything? ever dumped?

    Hi, I'm the seller from the 2017 ebay listing that you mentioned (retro*dream on ebay) I wrote everything I know about it in the original ebay listing, which is being mirrored on this site...
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    The FFVII Mobile Game Initiative (2004-2008 Era)

    I have a 3-page printed press release for Dirge of Cerberus & Lost Episode that I kept from the time that I worked at USA Today and reviewed the game. I can sell it & ship it to somebody if you guys want it for preservation purposes. Several parts of the press release are personally...
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    Locations IRL that evoke FFVII

    I know this isnt FF7, but my mind was blown when I found out that Vagrant Story's Lea Monde was inspired by a real own in southwest France called Saint-Émilion.
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    Locations IRL that evoke FFVII

    Horyuji Temple in Nara Japan = Wutai. Horyuji has the oldest wooden buildings in the world. Of course you could say just about any Buddhist temple reminds one of Wutai, but I chose this one as it's one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) buddhist temple in Japan. Was fortunate enough to visit here...
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    Locations IRL that evoke FFVII

    I used to live near here, the Taiheiyo Cement factory in Hokuto-shi, Japan. It has a very Midgar-esque feel, to the point where even my friends started jokingly calling it Midgar. It's a huge hulking factory in the middle of a small city and it dominates the landscape.
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    Locations IRL that evoke FFVII

    Boingboing remarked about this photo's (of Japanese factory) resemblance to FF7 in a post back in 2009.
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