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  1. Arianna


    Interesting... 04/10/20 = 7. I don't know if it means anything, but I don't really believe in coincidences.
  2. Arianna


    So, yeah, who's going to be experiencing Final Fantasy VII for the first time when the remake comes out?
  3. Arianna

    Silent Hill

    Okay, so, I never played the games, but I've watched play throughs for 1 through 4. Am I right in the thought that the best thing to do in the games is run? It seems fighting too much (as well as taking too much damage) leads the bad ending(s). I was just wondering if I noticed something with...
  4. Arianna

    Sephiroth, Part 2

    So yeah... Does Sephiroth see in color, or in black and white? Discuss!
  5. Arianna


    Wasn't it said somewhere in Before Crisis that it's implied Sephiroth went 'crazy' when he took out Avalanche operatives in Junon - that it was a gory mess?
  6. Arianna

    Vincent and Cloud...

    Well, I don't know this belongs here, but what the hell. Mods can move it later... Didnt someone at Square, or maybe in the Ultimanias, say that Vincent was the same as Cloud only older? Thanks, guys!!!
  7. Arianna

    Shinra Meaning...

    Okay, I don't know where I should have put this, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place... Wasn't it said a while ago that the characters used to make the name of Shinra, also mean "God group"? Thanks!
  8. Arianna

    Sephiroth at full power...

    So, I read in a YouTube comment regarding Sephiroth that it's been stated he was only using about 10% of his power against Cloud ( and I'd figure even less against Tifa, as Loz.) Is this true? Where is it stated? Thank you, all, ahead of time.
  9. Arianna

    Aerith UGLY?!

    So, I hear around the internet, that in Japan, there is discussion that Aerith is ugly. Any thoughts on this? Anyone know more information? Personally, I find it ridiculous. Aerith is not ugly.
  10. Arianna

    Happy Birthday to Me...

    I am so one of the oldest here. Anyway, I'm 42 today. Yay me. :awesome:
  11. Arianna

    I’m still here...

    Hi guys, Long time, no post. I’m still here... Not much is new. I have Multiple Schlerosis. I’m probably one of the oldest members at 41. Take care, ~ Arianna
  12. Arianna

    Help Wanted for FanFiction:

    I'm working on a Transformers related fanfiction and I would appreciate a beta reader/editor. Someone who's knowledgeable in the subject, if possible; being constructively critical is important. I want to improve both this particular story as well as my writing all together. I'm looking...
  13. Arianna

    Barthandelus' Design Inspiration

    New thread just because old threads are so old. This is the creature/character who was the inspiration for Barthandelus of Final Fantasy XIII. From the book Simplicius Simplicissimus, which...
  14. Arianna

    Your Final Fantasy Job Class:

    I'm a corsair - well, have the potential to be one. "Catherine Virginia Stoudt has the potential to be a/an corsair. Good job!" (Yes, that's my full name.) And, so, what the heck is a corsair?! I looked it up: pirate. I hate pirates. :( That or a pilot of a (type of?) fighting plane...
  15. Arianna

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    m1sP6LMgo88 And did it get clarified if Noctis is a girl or not?
  16. Arianna

    Sony Should Split Up!

    ... says foremost investor, hedge fund billionaire Daniel S. Loeb of Third Point. Sony replied that they...
  17. Arianna

    Palamecia fal'Cie

    ... There's supposed to be a face visible underneath the ship? I know there was a screenshot or a picture from the Ultimania but I can't find it... Could/Would someone be kind enough to find it and repost for me? Or, you can send it in a PM. Thank you!!!
  18. Arianna


    It's crossed my mind that this could open a Pandora's Box three times in the proportions. Still, this is a subject that has been on my mind, be it paranoia or not. I would hope those who come here, who would answer me, would try to be politely honest, and keep the spam down to little to...
  19. Arianna

    Those Damn fal'Cie!

    (Not sure if this is best here in this board, but, oh well. Moderators, you may move it if you feel it's best elsewhere. ^_^) I will fix this later, when I find out (right now I'm in a hurry, pardons.) I was inspired to do this long time ago by the phrase coined by another member in one of...
  20. Arianna

    Square Launches 10th Anniversary Site

    ... to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the merger of Square Soft and Enix. who got the news from
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