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    The japanese account clarifies 2M of those were on digital sales.
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    John Wick... Films!

    Lions Gate confirmed John Wick 5. They hope start shooting 4 & 5 back to back next year.
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    Bleach (Manga Spoilers Not Tagged) [WSJ]

    Kubo's new manga will be 4 chapters long.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

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    Playstation 5

    Digital only PS5 keeps making more sense.
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    UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End

    Neat trivia:
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    Captain Marvel (MCU)

    Nia Da Costa to direct Captain Marvel 2.
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    Butterfinger DLC free for everyone.
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    General Anime Thread

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    Mulan - Live Action Remake (2020)

    More detail about the $30, here's an article saying that the $30 fee will not be a one time rental fee, rather a fee that grants you access to the film for as long as you're a D+ subscriber.
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    Playstation 5

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    Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Montreal)

    More PS4 exclusive content.
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    PlayStation 4

    And people are asking why Sony is still giving focus to PS4 :monster:. There're roughly as many PS+ subs as Xbox One units sold :monster:.
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    Which is one game in a franchise with dozens of entries, dont look at the outlier, look at the whole picture.
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    FF as a franchise has always been T-rated or lower, don't see that changing anytime soon.
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    Playstation 5

    Microsoft firing back: --- On a serious note, that's a more pro-consumer and accesible approach by comparison.
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    One Piece part II

    Sorry for the necro (not really :monster:) in some exciting news: Shonen Jump Teases One Piece Manga is Headed Toward 'Upcoming Final Arc'
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    TLS 2020 Community Playthrough: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    It's unfortuanate that the HD collection is behind PS3/360 with no current-gen release, it's long overdue.
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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    Re: Girl with muscles
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