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  1. Ami

    Pomsaucer - KupoCon Toronto 2018

    Someone kindly pointed out to me this morning that there wasn't a thread for this one. All info about the event can be found here: Is anyone going to the event itself? So far, I count myself, Alan (duh!), Mo and Tenny. :monster:
  2. Ami

    See ya later!

    So after I'd been deliberating all day of which title to give this, I finally decided to settle on something simple. Tonight will be the last time I'm on here for a good long while. The truth of the matter is, I'm moving. I won't be having any internet for about two weeks, as my broadband...
  3. Ami

    Here we go again!

    It really only feels like last week since we had the last one, but I'm off to Seattle tomorrow to meet up with some of the sexiest TLSers ever friends to start out Americanadian adventure! We'll then be heading to Vancouver on Wednesday. There is definitely going to be vlogging again, I've...
  4. Ami

    Adios, I'm buggering off!

    To Toronto, Canada more specifically. :monster: I'm going on Tuesday, but I might not have time to make a post tomorrow as there's still lots to do and this is possibly the only time I can make a post. I'm off for a week mainly for KupoCon, but will be doing some exciting stuff in the days...
  5. Ami

    Happy birthday, Kimble!

    It's your birthday in my timezone and I thought I'd kick off the celebrations. :awesome:
  6. Ami

    Happy birthday, Soak!

    I know you're not really around anymore, but I thought I'd throw you a thrad anyway. :awesome: Hope you have an awesome one and it has a beastly cake!
  7. Ami

    EGX 2016

    This is slightly early again, but tickets have literally just gone onsale for this year's event. Is anyone going? This'll be my fourth year and I'm quite excited it's back in Birmingham again, as I much preferred it to London. I'm headed off with the same group hopefully. For anyone wondering...
  8. Ami

    Happy birthday, Shadeycakes! <3

    Another year older, but wiser? That's debatable. :monster: Happy birthday, you amazing person.
  9. Ami

    Disney's The BFG

    VG5MtenlP-A Really, really hoping this isn't screwed up. The BFG was one of my favourite childhood films.
  10. Ami

    Eurovision Song Contest 2016

    I know this is like six months early or so, but I thought I'd kick off and share the fact that the next contest is featuring a record-breaking 43 countries. :awesome:
  11. Ami


    I didn't see a thread for this show, so thought I'd go ahead and make one. While the first season was imho up and down, I really liked the first two episodes of the new season. I particularly like the actor who plays Jerome, he's my new favourite thing about the show. Can't wait to see how...
  12. Ami

    Happy birthday, pu...- Carlie!

    I know that it's not your birthday there right now, but it is here and it's at the bottom of the forums homepage. So suck it up because you're now a quarter of a century old! Hope you have lots of cake, Corona and have an awesome day!
  13. Ami

    Arrow (CW)

    Count me on the hype train. :awesome: 9EGda9EbZgc
  14. Ami

    Happy birthday, Clicky!

    Have an awesome day and eat lots of cake! :awesome:
  15. Ami

    Happy birthday, Joe!

    Hope you have an awesome day, my favourite Londoner! :awesome:
  16. Ami

    Legends of Tomorrow (CW)

    n4cQ83S_gMM Can't wait for this. It's certainly going to be interesting mashing these characters together, especially given the hero and villain dynamic. I quite like the look of Arthur Davill as Rip Hunter, too. What has me the most intrigued is It'll be nice to have something to watch...
  17. Ami

    Happy birthday, Wolfhart!

    Happy birthday and hope you have an awesome day! :awesome:
  18. Ami

    Lucifer (TV Series)

    I don't know about you, but I'm certainly intrigued by this trailer. :awesome: X4bF_quwNtw
  19. Ami

    Happy birthday, Alex Strife!

    Hope you have an awesome day! :awesome:
  20. Ami

    Happy birthday, Kimble-kun!

    Saw it was your bday at the bottom, so decided to throw you a celebration thread. Hoping your day is awesome and you're showered with all the love you deserve! :awesome:
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