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  1. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    I need this. 2020 needs this.
  2. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Yeah I'm pretty upset at this haha At least give us Arcade in some form in the West
  3. Joe

    Final Fantasy XVI

    The fact that Yoshi P is producing this means I can get hyped for an FF game again.
  4. Joe

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    I was following this game a few months before release and managed to get into the beta. I'm so happy it got as much popularity as it did cos I was massively excited! It was free on PS Plus from it's release at the beginning of August but its sadly not anymore. Though if anyone wants to play I...
  5. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    I'm ready for it. In my opinion it had one of the better storys as far as events go, mostly if you're already a fan of Fate/Zero.
  6. Joe

    My First MMO: Tet's Eorzean Adventures [FFXIV]

  7. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Hello new summer event. Goodbye remaining quartz.
  8. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    The most surprising of that lot is Zerkalot. Though I think that's probably all grails to make him farm better with Skadi.
  9. Joe

    What games are you currently playing?

    I've been playing Hades. It's a Rogue-lite by Supergiant Games, makers of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. I have adored all their games and this even better by their standards. An incredibly narrative experience while being a fast-paced hack n slash. Highly recommend!
  10. Joe

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I've been playing it almost non-stop since the weekend. Stealth gameplay is pretty typical of an Assassin's Creed like game but the combat gameplay feels phenomenal. The visuals are stunning. Story is serious but engaging. Very hard to put down.
  11. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Yeah nows as good a time as any to roll for Artoria, on the Skadi banner. I didn't share my results from the big event. Rolled about 40 saved tickets and got Skadi with just one more left, saved my quartz. Rolled the Extra class guaranteed gacha and got Edmond Dantes which is about as good as...
  12. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    I wouldn't bother rolling the story banner at all personally. It has such a wide pool of servants and you're just not likely to pull a specific 5* even if you sunk thousands of quartz into it. As far rate-ups: going off the JP timeline she had two rate ups in the second half of this year...
  13. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Oooooof burning Rider Kintoki is baaaaaad. Did you have him locked?
  14. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Count your blessings and back off, good job!
  15. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    Nice LB2 rolls. Two Napoleons in one. I did the same with Ivan back a few months ago. Anniversary tomorrow, which means Skadi and the GSSR summons. That's hell we're walking into.
  16. Joe

    Community Playthrough Summer 2020

    One game with possible wide appeal I can think of is Undertale. I can imagine it'd be excellent for group discussion so I'll throw that in the ring!
  17. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    We are go go go! Nobody I really want to roll for this chapter. Honestly holding out cos it's gonna be hectic in a couple months time with a lot of top tier servants to summon.
  18. Joe

    Fate/Grand Order

    I am so tempted to grail Ushi. If they could just give her an animation update that would seal the deal. Also, grats on clearing Part 1! Now onto Epic Of Remnant. EoR is all good with Agartha being the least best (sorta rank it on par with America) and Salem being so damn good, I'd say it's in...
  19. Joe

    2019 TLS Awards: The Results are In!!!!

    Awww shit thanks for all the noms votes and awards even though I haven't been here. :monster: I've missed ya'll!
  20. Joe


    I saw Advent Children and had questions. I don't know why I'm still here or why they made me a mod.
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