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  1. Joe

    NieR: Automata | Community Playthrough 2019! |

    What's up folks it's about time for our Summer Community Playthrough! We voted for it months ago but the time is now. Well the time is THIS WEEKEND. :awesome: We'll be officially beginning Sunday 23rd June. So what IS NieR: Automata? NieR: Automata is a game for PS4, PC, and Xbox One...
  2. Joe

    I need a logo designed

    So I was browsing through fiverr for this and just thought I'd much rather ask here first. Got a lot of talented artists here on TLS I'd prefer to give money to :monster: Production values are stepping up so I need a logo for my dnd podcast Twelve Gnomes & A Palanquin. The logo design would be...
  3. Joe

    much Lex. very birthday. wow

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!:monstersmash: Soz I'm not with you this year but I'm sure you'll manage. Conratulation on still living.
  4. Joe

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños a Carla!

    Have a good one babe, much better than last year yeah? :monster::rclosedmonster: <3 <3 <3
  5. Joe

    Happy Borthday Avec!

    Idk where the calendar is hiding on Xenforo forums but Happy Birthday Avec!! :excited:
  6. Joe

    Kill La Kill: IF

    nWeTKT9S0xc I'm so hyped. Fight club Mako is my main
  7. Joe

    TES VI

    dUltPi3EXzo Right now it seems like this game will be TES VI: High Rock. But who knows. :mon:
  8. Joe

    Devil May Cry 5

    KZ9rbZf9x2I Holy shit I wasn't expecting this at all and I am pumped. A numbered title. A sequel to DMC4 rather than a follow on from dmc. Nero. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  9. Joe

    Tanjoubi Omedetou X !

    Happy birthday buddy! ^_^ Hope you have a grand and exciting day.
  10. Joe

    Happy Borthday Kimble!

    Tequila selai! Hope you get shitfaced or something today and have a gay old time. :monster:
  11. Joe

    Joe's weeb corner [Title Pending]

    Figured I'd make somewhere to chat shit about everything that does and doesn't really fall under the 'anime' header. I dunno how many other degenerates fellow weebs want to splurge about whatever they're into right now but go right ahead. :monster: I've been playing a mobile game called BanG...
  12. Joe

    Happs Bday Force!

    Have a good one you handsome devil!
  13. Joe

    Happy Birthday Tenny O!

    Have a grand birthday! ^_^
  14. Joe

    Happy Birthday Sprites!

    Tanjoubi omedetou! Have a good birthday an' shit :monster:
  15. Joe


    Taking a break for a while. Even when I'm not posting I feel like I'm on here too often for my liking. :awesome: Likely take a month or so out. Will still run the dnd sessions. If anybody needs me I can be summoned via Discord or messenger or something. Ciao!
  16. Joe

    Heppy Berfday Mormz

    Seeing as you've resurfaced you get a birthday thread. :monster: Happy birfday an shit Dustin! :birthday:
  17. Joe

    Happy Feckin Birthday Kevin!

    Have a fantastic day you old git. It only gets better :monster:
  18. Joe

    Divinity: Original Sin

    So I've been playing heaps of the second one (and have over a hundred hours played on the first) but I hear surprisingly little about this game. It's phenomenal. Massive scale high fantasy rpg with huge amounts of freedom, XCOM-like combat and co-op. xL7_U7oWJzk Anyone been playing?
  19. Joe

    Happy Nameday Lith!

    Congratulations on the sun rotating you or something. :wacky:
  20. Joe

    Be Right Back

    Marcus hath arrived in London and we're departing for Tokyo tomorrow morning. Probs won't be around for at least a couple weeks but we shall return with photos :wacky:
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