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  1. WinglessACCS

    Happy Birthday Jason Tandro!

    Happy Birthday Jason Tandro!
  2. WinglessACCS

    Final Fantasy: Dreams (RPG Maker)

    Yup, I already did that and all I keep getting is error messages or the game crashes immediately.
  3. WinglessACCS

    Final Fantasy: Dreams (RPG Maker)

    So, recently, I've been trying like hell to get this game to work on my computer (it runs Win32/x86) and for some reason or another, every time I go to install this game and run it, I keep getting error messages that prevent the game from loading. Not entirely sure what is causing this, but it...
  4. WinglessACCS


    Thank you all so very much for the warm welcoming, I was expecting to be aggressively criticized and ridiculed.
  5. WinglessACCS


    Sorry for any SEVERE spelling/grammar errors, sometimes this keyboard fails to work and accidentally deletes words or adds random letters or doesn't even post anything at all.
  6. WinglessACCS

    Crimson Sun's FFVII Playing Card Collection

    That moment when you realize that all your money is shoved into college and not a single penny is saved for buying these cards... :okay:
  7. WinglessACCS

    My new FFVII related PS mod

    Dang, if I wasn't saving all my money for college, I would buy that controller ASAP.
  8. WinglessACCS

    Why Did Sephiroth Take Jenova's Head

    (NOTE: I haven't read any part of this except the thread question) SPOILERS! (Although, it has been like 10 freaking years, so if you haven't played it by now, then you're clearly in the wrong place, no offense). As far as I remember, Sephiroth was never even around until the end of the game...
  9. WinglessACCS

    If Sephiroth had a girlfriend, how do you think she'd be?

    If Sephiroth had a girlfriend... truth, she'd be jealous of his beautiful hair. That's about it.
  10. WinglessACCS


    Greetings and Salutations fellow supporters and followers of the Final Fantasy series! I'm going to keep this as short as possible, but with as much detail as I can offer. So... 1) I've played a wide variety of games, but like some of you (if any of you), I've absolutely fallen in love with...
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