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  1. Starling

    Suggestions for improvements

    This thread is intended to provide everyone with a place to give general feedback on things they think could be improved, added, changed, etc on the forums. Lately, I've noticed member input on various things concerning the forums is rather low, exemplified by the rather low activity in this...
  2. Starling

    Dragons club

    First off, this thread was inspired by Flare and is all about dragons. Their roles in myths, the inspiration behind their varied appearance, which ones are your favourites, etc. To start off, I'd like to know what everyone's favourite dragons are in general media, be it a show, book, game or...
  3. Starling

    About Materia

    So, one thing I've noticed about materia that I feel deserves a thread to discuss is about how it can be used without being slotted and in what circumstances. Genesis and Shelke's use of magic in CC nd DoC respectively suggest that it's possible to use materia not only by simply holding it, but...
  4. Starling

    Kalm festival

    I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned somewhere but I don't see a dedicated thread, nor can I find where it may have been mentioned. I'm getting the impression the culture featured here somehow relates to northern European countries but I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable in the distinct...
  5. Starling

    Dissidia theory

    I've been meaning to share this theory for a while but didn't get around to it until now. So, the basic premise of Dissidia is that Chaos and Cosmos took a bunch of people from various FF worlds connected through the rift to fight for them right? Now, what if that works like summons? By that, I...
  6. Starling

    Card games

    With that reference out of the way, this thread is to talk about anything and everything pertaining to card games, be they popular or obscure, as well as stuff like particular ways you may have played them and sharing experiences you've had with them. To start off, every time my family gets...
  7. Starling

    Pairing discussions

    I was wondering about the reasons people like or dislike particular pairings. I get how some of them got started but not necessarily why they're as popular as they are, or on the opposite end, why they're not as popular as other pairings. Here are a bunch to start off.
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