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Old 6 Days Ago   #4471
The Twilight Mexican

Got my question answered just under the wire there at the end, apparently. Didn't realize he was just about finished.
Quexinos wrote: I wish I had been there when Cloud realized he had geostigma. I bet he cried.
winter wrote: ryu, I'm sorry, but you are SUCH a cloti
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X-SOLDIER (3 Days Ago)
Old 19 Hours Ago   #4472

My apologies if it's been posted already, but a quick search on "South Park" and "Ike" yielded no results, so here goes.

I was watching the latest season of South Park, and in the episode, "The End of Serialization as We Know It", Kyle and Ike's mother, Sheila, is looking through Ike's internet search history. And, the details are pretty clear on-screen so, being that kind of person, I paused at every given moment to see what was put in.

Look what I found, in the middle:
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