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Default Ancient DOS Games

I highly recommend the YouTube channel Pixelmusement and its video series "Ancient DOS Games": Over 300 videos dedicated to this corner of gaming history.

Having mostly played console games as a kid, my memories of DOS games are limited and primarily from my pre-school years. Pixelmusement has given me the exhilaration of finally learning the name of a platformer that I barely remembered: Captain Comic.

YouTube Video

When asking my older brother about the games we had, he confirmed that we used to have a shareware demo of Captain Comic. We also had Commander Keen, which was another wonderful nostalgia shock for me to remember after not having heard about it for 20+ years.

As a Mega Man fan, I naturally recommend Pixelmusement's videos about the Mega Man DOS ports. The first two in particular are worthy of being on an episode of Angry Video Game Nerd (assuming they haven't already been featured there).

- Mega Man
- Mega Man III
- Mega Man X
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Mr. Ite

Captain Comic! I had a CD called “Imagination Station” which had Cpt. Comic, Clyde’s Adventure, and a trilogy of mystery/puzzle games called “Hugo’s House of Horrors”
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The first two Elder Scrolls games have been free to download for a while now.
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