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Classic Final Fantasy (I - VI) Discussion area for all Final Fantasy titles before Final Fantasy VII.

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Old 01/19/2017   #1
Default Original Famicom Manuals?

Hi, everyone. Not sure if this is something anyone knows or cares about, but I'm wondering if there are scans of the Japanese FF manuals. Either that, or knowledge of their contents.
I was thinking particularly of Final Fantasy 1, as I am playing it for the first time at the moment. However, I figured it would be good to make this an all-encompassing thread.

I tried looking quickly to see if such information for FF1 existed and came up empty-handed. The things I'm most interested in are any story-related tidbits, or information about how the game works that would've been communicated to the player. To be clear, I do not mean American NES manuals, Nintendo Powers or any Japanese guides. Just materials that would've been included in your Famicom game box.

I know it might seem an odd question, but I wanted to know what people were dealing with back then.
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The Twilight Mexican (01/23/2017)
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this site seems to be a transcription of the manual (or they just decided to write the 'thank you for purchasing this game' stuff manuals have for the sheer fun of it), rather than actual scans (the site has a lot of other games as well, including ff2)

some pages including images that i managed to find:

ff2 (3 images):

ff3 (3 images):

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Ryuman (01/19/2017), The Twilight Mexican (01/23/2017)
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Wow! Thank you so much. This is the best reply I could've gotten about this. Almost feels like this wasn't topic-worthy...
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The Twilight Mexican (01/23/2017)

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