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Kingdom Hearts All games in the Final Fantasy/Disney cross-over series Kindgom Hearts.

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Old 02/16/2017   #136

Yeah but since this is Nomura, it wouldn't surprise me
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The Twilight Mexican (02/16/2017)
Old 02/16/2017   #137

Especially when he comes up with new ways of confusing, shocking or grossing out fans of Kingdom Hearts. Though I don't think Ansem the Wise was even aware of his existance and I doubt even Yen Sid would know.

I mean, ya' might as well add Castle of illusions into the franchise if you want to mess up with illusions.
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Old 10/07/2017   #138
ultima espio

It's been a while, but now we have room mod for 0.2:
YouTube Video

Very interesting how the boss arena was just below the original map, and the other parts of the island are solid too.
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Dark and Divine (10/07/2017), Dashell (10/09/2017), Shademp (10/07/2017), The Twilight Mexican (10/07/2017)

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