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Pre-Crisis Final Fantasy VII All content for Before Crisis and Crisis Core focusing on the 8 years, leading directly up until the events of Final Fantasy VII.

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S and G
Default BC Chapter Summaries

This has been ongoing for quite a while, and it is pretty much just a straight transfer of the summaries posted on ACF for anyone who read them previously. Anyway, I'll update when I can on new chapters. Life is a bit hectic at the moment, so bear with me as I get them all up.

Many thanks to Dark Angel and X-Comp for translating most of these chapters, and to Dark Ocean and NeoSphere for providing the more rare chapters.

Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, Epilogue, Tseng, Legend, Reno, WEAPON, Rescue

Updated summaries complete with images can be found on the front page here.

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S and G
Default Re: BC Chapter Summaries

1. Those Who Lurk in the Night

Midgar (30/02/01)

Led by the organisation's combat strategist, Sears, the militant anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE secretly gather in numbers in the sewer tunnels of Sector8 on Midgar's Plate. His squads move out into the streets with the Mako Reactor as their destination, killing the guards at its entrance. A number of the men break into the facility.
The player Turk - the newest recruit to the Turks - has been ordered to patrol the streets of Sector8 as their first mission by assistant to the Chief, Tseng, and Chief of Turks, Verdot. Discovering the hostile members of AVALANCHE, the player raises the alarm.
AVALANCHE are able to get inside the Reactor by blowing a hole in the gateway, planning to plant a bomb at its core. Tseng orders the player to make their way to the centre of the Reactor in order to prevent a catastrophe. Battling through the hoards of enemies on the Sector8 streets and eventually reaching the Reactor, the player meets Reno, a senior Turk. Together, they fend off more AVALANCHE members until Sears appears. He challenges Reno - fastest of the Turks - to a duel, and Reno accepts, ordering the player to stop the men at the core.
Making their way through the facility, the player is successful in stopping the detonation, and discards the bomb into the Mako rivers below. Upon returning to the Plate, the player finds Reno defeated. Sears attacks the player, and as he prepares to finish them off, a subordinate appears to inform him that Fuhito has ordered that they make their way to Junon immediately. Annoyed, Sears leaves the two Turks alive. The player calls Tseng to tell him of AVALANCHE's plan, and Tseng replies that they have a huge problem; President Shinra is in Junon.

2. By the White Light of Day, the Assassin Smiles

Junon (30/02/01)

Reno and the player fly to Junon by helicopter, and come to the hotel where the President is residing before his scheduled inspection of the Junon Army. Although heavily guarded by Shinra soldiers, AVALANCHE operatives are able to infiltrate the hotel, but are stopped by the Turks. Pleading with the President to cancel the inspection for safety reasons, Verdot is unable to persuade him, and the Turks are ordered to accompany the President to the press room at the company's Junon Headquarters.
As they make it out onto the street, a small explosive is thrown from a nearby window which separates the player and the President from Reno. With the player and Shinra soldiers fighting AVALANCHE members and ensuring the safety of the President, they finally arrive at Headquarters. At the entrance, the player is informed that their duty is to guard the building while the soldiers escort the President to the press office. This is revealed to be a setup by disguised AVALANCHE operatives, and the player and Reno are able to rescue the President in time.
The press conference goes ahead, but is cut short as the power fails. The player is sent to fix the problem, and discovers that AVALANCHE are again behind it. Meanwhile, the power returns, and Reno and the President find themselves faced by the AVALANCHE's intelligence analyst, Fuhito. He fights Reno, but escapes, and AVALANCHE retreat.
Shortly afterwards, Verdot calls the player to say that AVALANCHE have taken control of the Mako Cannon, and are attempting to aim it at Midgar. He orders that the player and Reno make their way to the Cannon to prevent more devastation. As they leave the President, Fuhito enters the room from a secret passage. He shoots President Shinra and sneers that his spirit energy is no more important than anyone else's, leaving him to die. With frantic breaths, President Shinra calls the number of the one person he knows can resolve the situation; the Captain of SOLDIER, Sephiroth.

3. Swords Clashing in the Evening Shadows

Junon (30/02/01)

Reno takes command of a squadron of Shinra troops on the streets of Junon against the vast numbers of AVALANCHE operatives who have blocked the path to the Mako Cannon. Meanwhile, the player Turk races through the underground passages to reach the control room of the Cannon. Tseng informs the player that the President has been shot, but has been taken to hospital, and is expected to recover.
As they approach the facility, the player finds many dead AVALANCHE members, slain by the robots of Shinra's state-of-the-art security system which has been activated to prevent anyone else entering the building. The player struggles on through the many systematic security settings, battling to stay live. As they near the control room, they are attacked by three highly-skilled AVALANCHE warriors. Only able to fend off two at a time, the third breaks into the control room and begins the final launch sequence, setting off an alarm.
Quickly killing the two enemies, the player reaches the control room with mere seconds until launch, only to find the launch sequence cancelled, and the room splattered with the blood of the third warrior. Tseng calls the confused player to congratulate them, but they inform Tseng that it was not of their doing. As they hang up, a woman enters the control room, and erupts with anger at seeing her slain comrade. She battles the player, forcing them outside, but is far too strong for the Turk. As the woman readies her final blow, Sephiroth appears, and saves the player.
The woman is able to parry Sephiroth's attacks, and retreats, realising that it was he who stopped the launch. She reveals herself to be Elfe, the leader of AVALANCHE. She tells Sephiroth that she and her group are fighting for the life of the Planet, and asks him what is his reason for fighting, before running off. Making sure the player is alright, Sephiroth leaves, pondering his purpose as a SOLDIER.

4. Proof of a Scar-Filled Existence

Costa del Sol (16/03/01)

Under the orders of President Shinra that the armed forces must be strengthened again following the end of the Wutai war, and the emergence of many anti-Shinra organisations, the Turks are dispatched across the world to search for possible candidates for SOLDIER. The search ends in Costa del Sol, where they have been informed that many such candidates could be found in Club Duel.
The player Turk arrives inside Club Duel and makes a deal with the fighters inside that if the Turk can defeat the strongest of them, the King, then they must all go with them to the Shinra ship in the harbour. After a series of fights, the player beats the King, and takes the fighters back to the ship where Reno and his partner Rude wait, locking them in a cell below deck. Already in the cell is an enormous man named Azul.
When the player goes to investigate the cell, they find that Azul has defeated the other prisoners – including the King – and challenges the player to a fight. The two do battle, and Azul almost wins, but is knocked down by a single punch from Rude. Azul swears to become stronger.
The Turks learn that AVALANCHE have been seen to be approaching the ship, and they fight the oncoming operatives, unaware that Sears has slipped below deck to release the prisoners. Forcing AVALANCHE to retreat, the Turks scour the coastal town for the escapees. Most are returned to the cell, watched over by the player.
Reno and Rude find Sears on the beach and they fight. Sears is able to defend himself, but is surprised by their strength. He manages to get away with a number of the prisoners on the AVALANCHE boat.
Meanwhile, on the deck of the ship, the player Turk is approached by Azul, who demands a rematch. After a long fight, the player is victorious. They ask Azul why he returned to the ship when he so easily could have escaped, to which he replies that in his desire to become the strongest fighter in the world, he must first join SOLDIER. When Reno and Rude return, the Turks set sail for Midgar with a number of strong candidates.

5. Dreams of a Nameless Soldier

Midgar (28/06/01)

A data disk containing the secrets of the Shinra’s elite force, SOLDIER, is being transferred from the Slums of Midgar to Shinra Headquarters by a Shinra scientist named Professor Rayleigh. The player Turk is sent by Verdot to escort Rayleigh back to Headquarters, but states that the disk must be kept safe at all cost. At the Sector7 train station, the player meets Rayleigh who is already accompanied by a team of Shinra soldiers, one of whom reveals himself as a young boy named Cloud.
As the train pulls into the station, the party are attacked by AVALANCHE operatives seeking the data disk. The player Turk and the soldiers hold off the enemies, but Cloud argues with the player as his mission is to protect Rayleigh, whereas theirs is to protect the disk. A powerful AVALANCHE warrior clad all in black appears and kills all the Shinra soldiers but Cloud, battling with the player while Cloud and Rayleigh are taken hostage on the train. The black AVALANCHE introduces himself as Tierce, and is eventually defeated by the Turk.
The player is able to catch up with the train as it climbs the central support tower, and rescues Cloud and Rayleigh. The train is attacked by two more black AVALANCHE, and the player Turk realises that the data disk and the scientist can both be protected at the same time. The player disables the last car and does battle with the two AVALANCHE while the car slows and starts rolling back down the tracks. The black AVALANCHE reveal themselves to be named Kyneugh and Kanos. Defeating them both, the player once again catches up on Cloud and Rayleigh.
The Turk arrives in time to find Tierce about to seize the disk, and they promptly kill the black AVALANCHE. Outside, Kyneugh and Kanos approach the train with a number of other AVALANCHE operatives. The player tells Cloud to grab Tierce’s sword and help them fight the enemy. Cloud shows exceptional talent as a swordsman, and the two are able to defeat the AVALANCHE members. Returning to the train, they find Rayleigh wounded, and Tierce gone. Rayleigh explains that he had regenerated before her eyes and simply stood up, escaping with the data disk. The Turk phones Verdot to inform him that the disk has been stolen.
Meanwhile, Fuhito is able to decipher the code on the disk and learn the secrets of the genetically-modified SOLDIER. When Elfe asks him if he can use the information to enhance the power of his Ravens, Fuhito admits that he must first gain additional knowledge from the man who knows most about SOLDIER and the legendary Sephiroth – Professor Hojo.

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Default Re: BC Chapter Summaries

6. Tonight, In Our Unspoilt World

Midgar (22-24/12/01)

Having completed work on an investigation at the Sector8 Mako Reactor, the player Turk, Reno, and Rude decide to finish their shift for the night. When Reno asks if they want to do something, Rude shyly excuses himself by saying he has something to take care of. As Rude leaves, Reno comments on how odd his partner has been behaving recently, and orders the player to follow Rude to see what he is up to.
Reluctantly, the player tracks Rude through Sector8 until they find him at a bar with a beautiful woman named Chelsea. The two speak of their feelings for one another, and after a few hours, Chelsea says she has to leave, but insists that Rude cannot walk her home.
The following evening when the Turks again finish work, Rude uses the same excuse and hurries off to Sector8. Reno asks the player what they found out, and the player explains. Reno is surprised that his friend had not told him about this, and decides to trail him. Reno finds Rude and Chelsea at the same bar as the previous night, and listens to their conversation. After a while, Rude gets up to use the bathroom, and while he is away, Reno sees Chelsea sneakily pick up Rude’s cell phone, but hesitantly places it back down. When Rude returns, Chelsea explains that she has to leave and quickly departs, but tells him that she will meet him under the large tree the next night.
Suspicious, Reno follows Chelsea and finds that she goes into the sewers. Tracking her, he discovers that she is meeting with AVALANCHE operatives. When a man asks her if she was able to place the bug on Rude’s phone, she tells him that she didn’t have the chance. Reno is confused by this, having witnessed her pick up the phone, but allows her to leave.
The next evening when Rude excuses himself, Reno reveals to the player what he had seen. While the two go to follow Rude, they receive a phone call from Verdot to say that monsters have started appearing in Sector8 and that the nest is somewhere in the sewers, and must be destroyed. Reno and the player make their way through the sewers and destroy the nest. On their return, they find Chelsea pleading with some AVALANCHE operatives that she no longer wants to be part of the plot. As the men attack her, Reno and the player step in and kill them.
Chelsea explains that as an AVALANCHE member, she was given the task of infiltrating the Turks via Rude’s phone, but as she got to know him, she began to fall in love with him. She asks the Turks to tell Rude that she is sorry for what she has done, and that she cannot see him again. Reno and the player find Rude waiting by the large tree and explain what has happened. Saddened by the situation, he reveals that he had his suspicions, but begins to feel better when he is supported by his colleagues.

7. The Darkness Obscuring the Light

Icicle Inn (14/01/02)

Two Second Class SOLDIERs, Yishay and Sebastian, arrive back at their base settlement at Icicle Inn after a long day of hunting monsters in the snow fields. As they prepare to enter the lodge, the black AVALANCHE operatives Kyneugh and Kanos appear. The SOLDIERs are amused by the supposed threat, and are stunned at the strength of the two black warriors. Yishay and Sebastian are knocked unconscious and taken to AVALANCHE’s lair.
Tseng raises the alarm at Shinra Headquarters that the SOLDIERs have gone missing, and orders the player Turk and another Turk to the site. Arriving at the Shinra base, the player discovers many of the soldiers to be missing. Tseng calls and orders them that their partner has gone in search of an AVALANCHE facility, and that they to head north to help with the search.
The player does as requested and starts out across the snow fields. Finding and defeating AVALANCHE scouts, they come to a series of ice-covered paths. At the height of one of the paths, the player arrives at the roof of a compound hidden in the snow. Tseng orders that they stealthily search the building’s interior and make note on anything special that will aid in an assault.
Inside, Tierce appears to Fuhito who is standing in a room with strange capsules. Fuhito explains that Shinra are destroying the Planet with their Reactors, and that Tierce was created as a Raven to help put an end to it all. He says that lives must be sacrificed in order to keep the life of the Planet going, and that those of the Shinra will be taken first.
Meanwhile, as the player Turk enters through the ceiling, an intruder alarm goes of in another part of the facility. The player makes their way through the various areas, taking care not to be seen as they map out the building. They come to a room with large capsules, inside of which is Yishay and Sebastian. The player rescues the SOLDIERs and learns that the capsules are those used to help regenerate the black AVALANCHE operatives. As the SOLDIERs escape the compound, Tierce enters the room and does battle with the player. Narrowly defeating him, the player is ordered to return to base.
As the player makes their way towards the entrance, they run into their Turk comrade. Moving along the corridors, the alarm goes off again, and AVALANCHE soldiers begin to give chase. Finally breaking out of the compound with many AVALANCHE on their heels, the two Turks run across the snow fields but are ambushed by Tierce. The player fights Tierce again while the other takes care of the regular AVALANCHE combatants. Both are successful, but as they regroup, Fuhito appears with another two Ravens, Kanos and Kyneugh.
Fuhito explains that the Ravens have the ability to regenerate and are unable to be killed like a normal man, given their powers by the scientist’s invention inside the capsules. He scoffs that not all are perfect and that defective ones should be returned to the Planet, shooting the grounded Tierce with a powerful Mako gun, causing him to disintegrate. Fuhito fights the Turks, but as the battle rages on, a truck appears from over a ridge and skids to a halt between them. A woman in a Turk’s uniform shouts for them to get on and they escape back towards the base.
Verdot reports to President Shinra that the facility is indeed the AVALANCHE base they’ve been looking for. President Shinra orders that Sephiroth lead the assault mission, but when Verdot reveals that Sephiroth is on another operation, he requests Zack be sent. Receiving the mission details, Zack later stands before a number of new SOLDIER recruits and Shinra soldiers and briefs them with the Company’s plan to destroy AVALANCHE, telling them never to forget their honour as they prepare for the mission.

8. A Light That Penetrates Through the Darkness

Icicle Inn (16/01/02)

Vast numbers of Shinra soldiers gather at the Shinra base at Icicle Inn, awaiting their orders from the Turks and SOLDIER. The player Turk is confused that the assigned First Class SOLDIER has not arrived, but Yishay and Sebastian laugh that he is probably just relaxing somewhere. They find him asleep in one of the army vehicles, and he wakes and introduces himself as Zack.
The squads begin north in the trucks. They arrive at an old wooden bridge and try to cross, but are attacked by guard hounds. As the vehicles make it across, the bridge collapses, sending the player Turk and Zack into the snowy valley below. They begin to make their way through the sprawling icy caves in order to meet the squads again, defending themselves against more guard hounds.
Meanwhile, the trucks come to a place in the road where a tree has been knocked over the path. Getting out, Yishay and Sebastian and the soldiers are ambushed by AVALANCHE operatives. In a blinding flash, all of the soldiers and basic AVALANCHE members are wiped out by Fuhito’s Mako gun, leaving only the two SOLDIERs and Kyneugh. Kyneugh defeats them and he and Fuhito take them to back to the AVALANCHE base.
Zack and the player Turk arrive at the scene of the ambush only to find a mass of dead bodies and Yishay and Sebastian missing. He swears he will get his friends back. The player calls Tseng to explain the situation, and his response is grim, saying that the information shouldn’t have been leaked as only the Executive knew about the mission. Verdot tells them that the abducted SOLDIERs will most probably have been taken to the capsule room, and they should begin their rescue mission there.
Arriving at the AVALANCHE base, Zack and the player make their way to the capsule room. They find the SOLDIERs inside the pods and the player lets them out. Suddenly, the two attack the player, forcing them to do battle. Zack intervenes, but is restrained by the two. They seem oblivious to who their friend is, attempting to kill him, but Zack manages to remind them and they collapse to the floor in a daze and die, happy in the knowledge that they were rescued from a worse fate.
The self-destruct sequence is activated in the facility. Zack orders the player to leave, and when they do, he fights Kyneugh who has been hiding in the room all along. Defeating the Raven, he runs out and meets the player in the corridor. Together, they manage to get to the exit of the abandoned compound and escape into the snow moments before it explodes. Zack tells the player that he wishes to stay a bit longer and, as the Turk returns to the Shinra base camp, Zack erects Yishay and Sebastian’s swords in the snow to mark their grave.
Later, during an Executive meeting, Rufus demands to know what actions the President will take in regard to the supposed information leak. The President states that is Verdot’s responsibility not to let that happen, and as punishment, he is being relegated to another department. Outside, Verdot explains the situation to the Turks, and leaves, informing Tseng that he is the new leader.

9. One Step Further Towards Uncertainty

Junon (01/02/02)

Tseng, Reno, and Rude wait in their Headquarters for news of who will take over the Turks. Heidegger appears and explains that he has been given charge of all aspects of the Armed Forces, as well as the Turks. He orders them to go to Junon to assist the others in looking out for AVALANCHE, but insists that the moment the enemy show, he will deploy the Army troops to take care of the situation, and not allow the Turks to help. Before they leave, Tseng secretly contacts Verdot at his new control station, and asks if he will watch out for the Turks on his monitor.
The player Turk is left to grudgingly patrol Junon Harbour, while the others patrol different areas of the city. Discovering an AVALANCHE ship docked in the harbour, the player decides that they do not have time to call Heidegger, and takes on the operatives themselves. After defeating them, the player calls Reno, who tells them that AVALANCHE members are appearing all over the city and that he and the other Turks are having to fend them off. Tseng calls Verdot and asks for his help, but Verdot says solemnly that he cannot offer his assistance as he is no longer a Turk, and Heidegger is in charge.
As the player outruns the hoards of AVALANCHE operatives, they receive a call from Heidegger to ask angrily why they didn’t report the city was overrun. He orders them to make their way to Junon Airport as AVALANCHE seem to be after the airships. The player escapes the following AVALANCHE and takes the lift to upper Junon. Avoiding the squadrons of AVALANCHE until they are summoned to help their comrades in lower Junon, the player eventually gets to the Airport lift, but is chased by even more AVALANCHE operatives.
Meanwhile, Reno is fighting vast numbers of AVALANCHE, and starts to show strain as he curses Heidegger. Rude is in a similar situation at the other side of the city, surrounded by more enemies than Reno. Elsewhere, Tseng dodges the AVALANCHE members by dressing as one. Running down n alley, he calls Heidegger and tells him there are too many AVALANCHE operatives. Heidegger finally orders the troops in, unheeding of Tseng’s words that a battle will destroy Junon.
The player continues towards the Airport, evading AVALANCHE attacks. They come to an blockade and have to fight, but is confused when the enemy sneer at how helpful Heidegger is being towards their cause – having the Turks run around in circles. The player is stunned that AVALANCHE know this information, and is even more distressed to learn that their job is to be nothing other than a distraction to AVALANCHE until the troops arrive.
Meanwhile, Verdot has seen enough, and makes his way towards the Presidential office. He blackmails the President into regaining control of the Turks by threatening to go public with the company’s secrets. The President tells him that anything other than complete loyalty will mean his execution, and Verdot reveals he has always been prepared for that eventuality.
Verdot calls the Turks and gives each of them new orders. The player is told to go back the way they came and continue on a different path to the Airport. On the way, they find AVALANCHE member retreating from a burly man in a black suit. He introduces himself as a new Turk, and helps hold back the enemy attack as the player moves on. Arriving at the Airport, the player discovers Kyneugh alive and well and does battle. Barely defeating the Raven, Kyneugh escapes and the other Turks appear, satisfied with their victory.
Later, in the Presidential Office, President Shinra asks Verdot if he has been able to discover who is leaking information to AVALANCHE. Verdot says he hasn’t yet, but the possibilities are few as only the Executive have the information. The President tells him to keep a close eye on Hojo, the man who knows most about SOLDIER, as it seems AVALANCHE are beginning to grow exponentially in strength.

10. The Lone Discerning Alignment

Midgar (17/06/02)

AVALANCHE break inside Professor Hojo’s laboratory at Shinra Headquarters, releasing several monsters from their cages. The Turks are alerted to the situation and make their way to the floors above the Turks Headquarters to contain the outbreak, knowing that the secrets of Shinra’s experiments must remain confidential. Defeating the monsters as they go, the player finally comes to the 68th floor laboratory where they find a guard who has been killed by a blade rather than a monster. Hearing voices, the player hides.
Fuhito, Sears, and Kyneugh appear. Fuhito makes his way through the laboratory to find Hojo. He offers Hojo the chance to leave Shinra and discover the secrets of the genetics that make his Ravens even more powerful than SOLDIER. Moving to protect Hojo, the player comes out from their hiding place. Fuhito orders Kyneugh to defeat the Turk and show Hojo what abilities he has. The player fights Kyneugh, much to the excitement of Hojo, and although they beat him many times, his regeneration has quickened and he gets up faster than before.
Hojo agrees to go with Sears and Fuhito and they make their way to the helipad at the top of the building while the player fights Kyneugh. The Turk decides that the only way to defeat him is to completely destroy his body by pushing him into a furnace. Once successful, the player makes their way to the roof. Tseng evacuates the building, leaving a number of AVALANCHE operatives roaming the upper floors, all of whom the player defeats.
Meanwhile, Verdot reports the situation to the Executives. Knowing that if Hojo revealed any information to AVALANCHE, it could cause major problems for the company, President Shinra orders that Sephiroth be brought in to clean up the mess. Reaching the helipad, the player is just in time to see a helicopter take off with Fuhito, Sears, and Hojo on board. Fuhito fires missiles at the Turk, and flies off over the city. Verdot orders the player to make their way to the entrance of the building where they will begin their pursuit.
The player and Tseng chase the helicopter across the highway in a truck, followed by AVALANCHE operatives on bikes. In the helicopter, Hojo agrees to come and work with AVALANCHE so that he may use Fuhito’s new techniques on test samples such as Elfé. Sears is outraged by Hojo’s lack of morality, and is sent to deal with the gaining Turks. Sears parachutes onto the highway, blowing the road in two with a bomb. The player and Tseng are thrown from the truck before it falls through the chasm.
The player Turk battles Sears until they have almost been defeated, but are left alive as Sears escapes on the helicopter. The Turk chases the helicopter on foot, but is attacked by a dragon modified by AVALANCHE. As the dragon goes to kill the player, it is cleaved in two by Sephiroth. Sephiroth fires magic at the helicopter, and as it descends, uses gravity magic to pull Hojo to safety. Tseng appears and tells Hojo to return to Shinra immediately and the scientist agrees, deciding that his work with Sephiroth is not complete.
Later, the Shinra informant shows his anger that AVALANCHE moved without his permission. He tells them that he has uncovered top-secret information that will allow them to continue in their quest to return power to the Planet; the location of the last surviving Cetra.


I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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Default Re: BC Chapter Summaries

11. A Dash For Freedom

Midgar (09/08/02)

After a long night of drinking with their fellow Turks at a bar in the Midgar Sector5 Slums, the player wakes to discover themselves alone. They stumble out and make their way through the village, eventually coming to a large redbrick house surrounded by flowers. A young girl comes out of the house, but dashes away when she sees the Turk’s uniform, only to run into two AVALANCHE members.
The player defeats the men, and suggests the girl go home. She is stunned to find that the Turk has no idea who she is, and when more AVALANCHE attack, the two escape into the Slums. The girl suggests that they head for the residential district of the sector as there are many hiding places. Battling the enemies that chase them, the player Turk instructs the girl to run on ahead and find a hiding place.
After the battle, the player comes to the residential area and begins to look for the girl while avoiding the AVALANCHE operatives and their commander who are also hunting the houses. The player finds the girl hiding in one of the abandoned shacks, and insists that they remain there for a while. She introduces herself as Aerith. After several hours, AVALANCHE are still patrolling the area. The Turk asks Aerith why she had decided to leave her home that night, to which she replies that the Planet was calling her, telling her to go on a journey to see the world beyond Midgar.
Suddenly, she panics, realising that she has dropped her special Materia somewhere. The player Turk tells Aerith to stay where she is and they will find it, and quickly discovers it on the road outside. Returning to the shack, the player is followed by Sears, and is attacked. Knocking the player unconscious, Sears kidnaps Aerith.
Meanwhile, President Shinra orders Verdot to stop AVALANCHE from getting Aerith who the company have been after for years. Rufus suggests they send in the army to capture her, as she would be much less resistant against them. When President Shinra says that they need to take precautions to ensure that she leads them to the Promised Land, Rufus states that the time wasted on these precautions outweighs the final results.
Sears takes Aerith to the Sector5 church where Elfe and Fuhito wait. Fuhito and Elfe explain that the reason AVALANCHE have been looking for her is because – as the last surviving Cetra - they want to protect her from the Shinra, and learn the location of the Promised Land so that they may protect that from the Shinra too. Aerith says that she has no idea where the Promised Land is, but can hear a strange and familiar voice coming from within Elfe. Fuhito quickly suggests that it must be a mistake as they have never met before, although Elfe adds she has no memory of her life before joining AVALANCHE. Aerith says that it is something else.
While the conversation has taken place, the player Turk has been able to find the church and climb through the hole in the roof onto the rafters. As they watch the proceedings, Sears notices them, and runs to fight them on the roof. During the battle, he knocks the player off the rafters, and they land in the flower bed. The player is uninjured, and gets back up to fight Fuhito and Sears. During the fight, Aerith pleads with them not to tread on the flowers, until eventually she stands between them and the Turk.
Fuhito insists that they kill the player as they are part of Shinra, but Aerith does not move. Suddenly, Elfe collapses, and Sears and Fuhito help her from the church. Aerith tells the player that she has decided not to go on her journey as it would just be letting AVALANCHE win – running away from the Shinra.
Outside, they meet Tseng, and the player secretly tells Aerith to run off home. The player stops Tseng from going after her, and says that they are doing it because they are off duty. Tseng says that he didn’t want to hurt Aerith, but was going to persuade her to return peacefully to the Shinra. He says that the reason he hasn’t captured her before is because without her full co-operation, she wouldn’t lead them to the Promised Land – and thus to the great happiness that he hopes for the people of the Planet.

12. The Awakening of the Dark Harbinger

Nibelheim (21-30/09/02)

Following the mysterious disappearance of the workers at the Mount Nibel Mako Reactor, the player Turk is sent to investigate. They take a helicopter over the mountain, but as they parachute out over the summit, a strong gust of wind blows them off course somewhere onto the cliffside trails below. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the mountain, a young girl chases her cat, pleading with it to return to her because the road ahead is dangerous.
The player makes their way across a series of rope bridges over the gorges in the rock, avoiding the preying zuu birds, and discovers the young girl to be in trouble against the monsters on the mountain. Defeating the monsters, the Turk helps her get her cat back. The player tells the girl to remain where she is and when they have finished their business at the Reactor, they will escort her back down to the town. The girl introduces herself as Tifa.
Coming to the Reactor, the player discovers that it is surrounded by dragons. They report to Tseng who says that it is too dangerous to attempt to get inside and that the investigation will have to be put on hold. The player returns to get Tifa and takes her to the secret Shinra ropeway car to descend the mountain. As they travel, Tifa asks the Turk if they have ever met a boy named Cloud.
Suddenly, the ropeway is attacked by a dragon. The cables snap and the car crashes into the mountainside, leaving the two hanging on a ledge. The player calls Tseng and informs him that the ropeway is destroyed. He replies that it will cause problems for Sephiroth’s team, and that the player must find a guide to navigate Mount Nibel for the SOLDIERs. Tifa agrees to do it.
The following day, the SOLDIER investigation team arrives, consisting of Sephiroth and Zack, and accompanied by two Shinra soldiers – one of whom is Cloud. The player is pleased to meet old friends, but is surprised when Cloud requests that they don’t tell Tifa that he has come back to Nibelheim. They agree to remain silent.
The next day, the investigation team return from the Reactor, and the Turk is stunned to see Sephiroth act strangely and lock himself in his room. Zack explains that he went mad because of something he saw at the Reactor, and has been behaving oddly since. Sephiroth disappears into the basement of the Shinra Mansion. Tseng orders the player to keep a close eye on Sephiroth. One night, he leaves the Mansion and sets Nibelheim ablaze.
The player races up the mountain to the Reactor, and catches up to Sephiroth as he strides down a corridor towards the Reactor’s core. Sephiroth swings his Masamune and tears a chunk from the ground, knocking the Turk out. The player regains consciousness to find Cloud shaking them, and then the young soldier runs off towards the Jenova room. Staggering weakly after him, the player finds Tifa in a bad way. As they stand over her, Zangan appears, and explains that Tifa’s cat led him to her. He escapes from the Reactor with the girl on his back. The player runs up to Jenova’s chamber, passing Zack, just in time to see Cloud throw Sephiroth into the Mako pit. Following the devastation, the player Turk reports to Tseng.

13. A Scar That Disrupts the Peace

Nibelheim (01/10/02)

The player Turk waits on backup, trying to aid the wounded Zack and Cloud. Professor Hojo is first to arrive at the scene, and begins to inspect the fallen men. Tseng arrives moments later, and tells the player to return to the town to help Reno and Rude rescue the survivors. As the player leaves, Tseng asks Hojo if it is really necessary to go as far as a cleanup process. Hojo disregards his opinion, eager to enter both Zack and Cloud into his new experiment.
Arriving back in the burned town, Tseng calls the player and orders them to go to the Shinra Mansion and check that the machines in its basement are still functioning as Hojo wants to start a new project immediately. Upon entering the mansion, the Turk finds that there is something strange going on, and that mysterious floating spirits are causing illusions.
Tseng tells the player that Hojo has requested certain documents in the archives room be destroyed. The player makes their way to the room, avoiding the spirits, until they come to a room on the second floor. Reading some of documents before setting them alight, the player discovers that the bodies of the victims from a town that was accidentally bombed were discarded at Nibelheim, and that Hojo performed an experiment to fuse Materia with flesh, but that it only worked on prosthetic limbs.
Heading towards the basement laboratory, the player meets Verdot who has just arrived at Nibelheim. He explains that the mansion was used for experiments for decades until strange activity began to take place there a few years before. He leads the Turk to the basement, and together they begin to investigate the machines in the laboratory.
Suddenly there is a blinding flash, and the two find themselves in an illusion of the streets of Sector8. The events of the player’s first mission and AVALANCHE’s attack of the Mako Reactor unfold. The two have to battle AVALANCHE operatives as they make their way to the Reactor, but the enemies are found to be the mysterious floating spirits each time they are defeated. As Verdot fights, he uses strong magic. When the player asks him about it, he reveals that his arm is prosthetic, and that it was designed with a Materia slot to allow him to continue working with the Turks.
A fake Verdot appears, and tells them that he will make them insane by showing them horrors from their past. The scene changes to the town square of Kalm, but it is unexpectedly engulfed in flames. Verdot hangs his head and says that they are being shown the day when the Shinra Army accidentally bombed the town, misguided by the broken communication of his own commands. He explains that he lost his daughter, Felecia, and his wife in the tragedy, and was the one who led the cover-up. The prosthetic arm reminds him of what he was responsible for, and why he became so involved with his work.
The illusion wears off, and Verdot tells the player that they will head back to the town. They meet with the other Turks and Hojo, who is desperate to start his experiments on the survivors. Verdot tells them that he has already organised a team of Shinra employees to rebuild Nibelheim and act out the lives of the townspeople. He tells the others that he will take full control of the situation so that none of them have are involved in something that will make them become like him.
Later, Verdot returns to Shinra Headquarters. He reports to President Shinra that in his special investigation, he discovered that AVALANCHE’s Headquarters are located in Wutai. President Shinra states that although the company have many enemies there, they will prepare to move in and eradicate the rebel faction. Verdot then reveals his suspicions of the identity of the Shinra informant to AVALANCHE, leaving the President stunned.

14. Every Hope and Resolution

Wutai (03/01/03)

At AVALANCHE’s Headquarters in Wutai, the Shinra informant reveals to Elfe, Sears, and Fuhito that the Turks have located their base and have been sent to destroy it. The informant orders that they must not fail in their mission, as it will cause all their plans to have been for nothing.
The player Turk arrives at the centre of Wutai, just in time to see a young girl running away from an AVALANCHE member from the direction of the pagoda. The player defeats the Turk and is thanked by the girl, who then asks about the magic the Turk had used. The player explains to the girl that it was Materia, and tells her to go home before she gets into any more danger. The girl runs off, pondering the idea of using Materia to gain power. Knowing that they will only be able to access the pagoda of AVALANCHE’s Headquarters from the roof, the player climbs the Da-Chao cliffs so that they can jump onto the roof.
Inside the Headquarters, Fuhito orders the elite troops to assemble on each floor to protect against the intrusion. Although weak, Elfe insists that she fight alongside them. She argues that she was found wandering alone and without her memory, and that the least she can do for those who helped her is make a stand with them. Sears and the reluctant Fuhito agree to protect her.
The player Turk calls Tseng once they are inside. He informs them that he is nearby and will be acting as their support. Working their way down through the pagoda, battling the Special Divisions of the AVALANCHE Army and planting explosives on each floor, the player arrives at the ground level only to discover the entrance is locked. Suddenly, the young girl falls from the ceiling and lands on top of the Turk. She tells them that she hates the people who have used the building as their Headquarters as well as the Shinra, and escapes through a hidden passage.
Realising the girl to have stolen the detonator, the Turk gives chase through the passage and a series of rooms. Eventually trapping the girl, who has identified herself as Yuffie, the player orders that she return the detonator, but she presses the button and initiates the bombs before the Turk can grab it off her. Knowing they have to get out of the pagoda, Yuffie leads the player through more secret passages, pursued by AVALANCHE operatives.
Fighting the AVALANCHE men, they come close to the exit as the first of the explosions go off, shaking the entire building. They reach a large room only to find Elfe, Sears, and Fuhito waiting. The player battles the three as she defends Yuffie, and is surprised to defeat them, not noticing that they change into Ravens as she leaves. Outside the destroyed pagoda, the player and Yuffie meet Tseng. Yuffie is outraged to discover the player works for Shinra and demands that they leave Wutai at once.
Verdot reports to President Shinra that the mission was a success and that the AVALANCHE leaders were assassinated. Meanwhile, atop Da-Chao, the real leaders meet with the Shinra informant – Rufus Shinra. Elfe is upset that her illness has come back and hindered her strength, but the others assure her that patience in allowing the company to think they are dead will reward them. Rufus states that their most significant attack on the company is yet to come.

15. To the Ends of a Distant Sky

Rocket Launch Site (11/04/03)

At the rocket launch site, Rufus Shinra and his escort, the player Turk, watch the rehearsal for the ceremonial air show performed by the legendary pilot, Cid Highwind. Landing the Tiny Bronco, Cid approaches the two, appearing excited about his opportunity to be the first man to fly into space. Rufus mutters his distaste that the ceremony and the launch is a waste of money and nothing more than a publicity stunt.
As they speak, a thug steals the Tiny Bronco. The player chases it down and jumps on, knocking the pilot out of the cockpit before it takes off. Unable to take control of the plane, it shoots into the sky. The player contacts Cid and follows his directions to manoeuvre the craft and land it safely. Meanwhile in the nearby woods, the thug tells Sears that he was unsuccessful in stealing the Tiny Bronco. Sears orders him to sneak into the Shinra No.26 rocket and steal one of the oxygen tanks to stop the launch and embarrass the company, before they assassinate the President.
Cid takes the Turk and Rufus to see the inside of the rocket. Rufus alerts them to a stranger’s presence, and sends the player out to apprehend the intruder. Locating and defeating the man, they return to the cockpit. Cid soon discovers that while the player had been chasing the intruder, another had stolen one of the eight oxygen tanks.
Later, a meeting is held to discuss what will happen due to the new events. President Shinra is determined to show the world the strength of his company while Cid states that he is willing to risk his own life for the dream of flying into space. Rufus argues that under the circumstances, the launch should not go ahead. He is unsuccessful in his plot, and plans for the scheduled launch go ahead.
The next day after the launch ceremony, Cid is nowhere to be found. Tseng orders the player to go look for him. They find him in the woods chasing the thugs from the rocket. Helping him defeat the men, they return to the launch pad. Explaining that he had found more men trying to sabotage the replacement oxygen tanks, Cid boards the craft as the final countdown approaches. In the control room, Rufus is frustrated because Verdot doesn’t leave the President’s side and AVALANCHE are unable to get near enough to assassinate him.
Meanwhile as the final countdown begins, Cid realises that one of the mechanics is still in the oxygen room. She explains that she is still unsatisfied with the results after the second intrusion, and keeps working as the rocket nears lift off. Although willing to sacrifice his own life, Cid is unwilling to sacrifice that of another, and pushes the abort button. The rocket does not launch and his dream is shattered, leaving the Shinra Company humiliated. At the resulting Executive meeting, Rufus Shinra quizzes his father about the space program and it is scrapped. The other members of the Executive begin to see Rufus as a strong candidate to replace the President.


I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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16. The Inevitably Muddy Flow of Fate

Corel (08/05/03)

The strengthened AVALANCHE take control of the under-construction Mako Reactor in the Corel Mountains. Elfe declares to her comrades that they will reveal the secrets of the facility to the world and cause major economic and political problems for Shinra. Meanwhile, the Turks arrive at Corel Village, and are ordered by Tseng to split up and enter the facility from different routes. Reno, Rude, and Tseng head up the mountain while the player Turk begins to make their way through the coal mines.
After a short while, they meet a large miner who is working to put coal in the mine carts. The player asks if they are going in the right direction to the Reactor, to which the man replies that they are but there is some final unscheduled construction work going on. The player tells him that he has been tricked, and he decides to help them navigate the dark tunnels of the mine. He introduces himself as Barret.
As the two progress through the caves, they come to a place where AVALANCHE have set up artillery to prevent intruders. They are able to smash their way through in a mine cart and eventually reach a cliff overlooking the Reactor. The Turk thanks Barret for his help and begins down the mountain towards the facility. Meanwhile at Shinra Headquarters, Chief Verdot calls the President to alert him that Rufus has arrived at Corel. He orders Verdot to take the secret emergency measures to keep Rufus from doing anything stupid and maintain the Company’s reputation.
Following the railway tracks, the player is able to make their way to the Mako Reactor and defeat the AVALANCHE guards to get inside. Coming to a junction in the passages, the player is stunned to find Vice President Rufus. Reno, Rude, Tseng, and Verdot appear, and Verdot orders the others to capture Rufus as he is the one controlling AVALANCHE, and that they have been given instructions by the President to place him under house arrest at the Turk Headquarters.
Suddenly, Fuhito and a number of AVALANCHE operatives appear from above. Rufus orders Fuhito to kill the Turks, but he refuses, telling him that he has organised a new division of AVALANCHE and no longer needs Rufus’ help. Rufus begins to regret what he has done. AVALANCHE attack but the Turks protect Rufus and are able to defeat their opponents, and start to make their way out of the facility to get the Vice President to safety, only to find Elfe, Fuhito, and Sears blocking their way.
Elfe says that their preparations to blow up the Reactor are complete, but as she speaks, Verdot breaks forward, stunned to see his daughter, Felecia. Elfe’s jaw drops as she sees her father, and her memories of how she had come to be experimented upon and discarded by Hojo as dead came back to her. Seeing the strength return to Elfe, Fuhito knocks down Sears to grab her, and escapes with her. The Turks tell Verdot to rescue his daughter, even if it meant forfeiting his job by saving the leader of AVALANCHE, and he resigns as Chief before disappearing after Fuhito and Elfe.
The Turks try to get out of the building before it explodes, but are ambushed by Ravens. The player Turk fights them off as the other run out with Rufus, but they keep increasing in numbers and regenerating. Suddenly, one of the secret Turk agents, Cissnei, appears and lends a hand against the foes. With seconds remaining before the detonation, the two run towards the exit, but the player stops to help the wounded Sears. Cissnei makes it out just as the first of the bombs go off, and she, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and Rufus watch as large portions of the Reactor collapse, knowing that one of their comrade’s is still inside.

17. The Snarling Burst of Chaos

Corel (08/05/03)

The player regains consciousness after falling to the lower levels of the crumbling Reactor, only to find Sears nearby. The player tries to call for help, but it is in vain. Sears explains that he knows the layout to the facility thanks to the blueprints Rufus gave AVALANCHE, but that he is unwilling to help the player escape. They do battle, but the Turk discovers that Sears has been badly injured in the fall. As they continue to fight, monsters appear, and they decide to suspend their hostilities towards each other in order to defeat the foes. After slaying many beasts, Sears prepares to attack the player again, but they say that it would be much more productive to work together to get out. Unconvinced, Sears agrees.
As they progress through the Reactor, a Raven appears. The Turk warns them that if they come closer, they will kill Sears. Sears states that the Ravens will be targeting him too, since he is now seen as an enemy of Fuhito’s new AVALANCHE, and that it was Fuhito who had caused him to fall. Sears fights the Raven, but as he does so, he drops a strange Materia to the ground. The player picks it up and notices a pyramid-like crystal inside. Sears snatches it back and explains that he had found it in Fuhito’s lab.
More Ravens appear, and the player Turk curses Elfe for discarding her men in such a way. As they fight their way through, Sears reveals that Elfe is being used by Fuhito, whose real goal is to return all life to the Planet so that it may live a bit longer. He explains that by using the Materia embedded in the back of Elfe’s hand, Fuhito can destroy all life, but that he has not been able to complete his mission yet. Sears states that something is not right with Elfe, as she has become unnaturally lethargic, and Fuhito has betrayed them all.
Struggling on, Sears tells the story of his past and how his parents were killed by Shinra, causing him to hate the company, and eventually becoming the leader of the large group of bandits that had raised him. When he tried to rob a cart one day, he and his men were stricken down by the girl on board. She revealed herself to be Elfe, and recruited him for his strength and hatred towards Shinra. Since then, he swore to stand by her side and will do whatever it takes to get her back from Fuhito.
There is a rumble and the Reactor begins to collapse. The two fight off more Ravens, but Sears’ condition gets worse, and he is barely able to walk. He orders the player to escape and leave him behind, but the Turk refutes this, and carries him on. As they approach the exit, there are many explosions, and the walls begin to cave in. Knowing that it is their duty to complete their mission, the player has one final push for freedom.
Later, Tseng arrives back at Shinra Headquarters and is summoned to the President’s office. He explains that Rufus has been put in the secret holding room at the Turks’ Headquarters, and that he will ensure the Vice President’s role in AVALANCHE and his whereabouts will be kept from the Executive. President Shinra orders that Tseng link up with the Turks’ secondary division in order to replace the injured members, and that as part of the company’s policy to eliminate any threat to their secrets, he is to lead the finding and assassination of Verdot.

18. A Cry That Rings Throughout the Planet

Cosmo Canyon (30/10/06)

The player Turk awakens to find themselves in a hospital bed in Midgar, watched over by Cissnei and a Turk they have never met before. Cissnei explains that the player has been in a coma for over three years, and was rescued from the wreckage of the Corel Reactor. When the player Turk asks about Sears and the Materia he gave them, Tseng appears and explains that there has been no activity from AVALANCHE since that time and that Fuhito, Elfe, Sears, and Verdot have been missing.
Months later, the player is sent on their first assignment since regaining consciousness to Cosmo Canyon with Reno in order to locate and capture an endangered animal, and return it to Hojo’s laboratory in Midgar. Reno explains that the creature resides in the canyon, and is due to appear at the village for the upcoming festival known as the Rite to Appease the Planet. The two begin to head towards the village, scouting the Valley of the Fallen Star for a beast matching Hojo’s description.
Meanwhile, at Bugenhagen’s observatory at the height of Cosmo Canyon, Nanaki visits his adopted grandfather. Bugenhagen reminds him that he must participate in the ritual as only his tribe can perform the ceremony and he is one of only two remaining. Nanaki understands what is expected of him as the Rite to Appease the Planet takes place once every fifty years, but is reluctant to go through with it. Taking time to think, he goes down into the valley where he meets his friend and ritual partner Dinne. Sharing his hesitance with her, he runs off, leaving her to call him a coward.
Arriving at the village, Reno takes the player to see Bugenhagen. Bugenhagen reveals that Verdot had passed through Cosmo Canyon in search of his daughter, and that the Materia Fuhito has embedded in Elfe is an incomplete Summon Materia which is draining her energy. They conclude that Fuhito’s plan must be to use this powerful summon to end the world, but he needs special types of Materia to complete his goal, and that Verdot’s goal is to extract the Materia before it kills Elfe.
Heading back to the valley to continue their search, the Turks discover a number of Ravens and do battle with the AVALANCHE operatives. Finding the Ravens to have developed in strength since they last met, the Turks are separated. Fending off the enemy, the player discovers a creature matching Hojo’s description being chased by Ravens, and follows after them.
Elsewhere, Fuhito arrives at Bugenhagen’s observatory to seek information from his former mentor. He reveals to Bugenhagen his plan to use the world-burning summon to cleanse the Planet and return all life to the Lifestream, but cannot get the Materia to work correctly. Bugenhagen insists he does not have the knowledge, but Fuhito warns him that if he does not comply, his subordinates will capture either Dinne or Nanaki to stop the Rite to Appease the Planet.
As Nanaki broods in a corner of the canyon, conflicted by his feelings and his duty as the last of his tribe, he sees Dinne being chased. The player is able to halt the Ravens, and follows Dinne to the summit of the valley where they explain that they want to take her back to Shinra Headquarters. Suddenly, Nnaki appears to protect his friend, warning that he will defend her and join in the ritual at all costs. He battles the player Turk, letting Dinne escape, but is defeated. Understanding the importance of the Rite to Appease the Planet for the people of the canyon, Reno and the player insist Nanaki take part on the condition he accompanies them to Shinra Headquarters afterwards. Agreeing, the three return to Cosmo Canyon to begin the ceremony.

19. Our Choices in the Beginning and the End

Nibelheim (19/12/06)

The player Turk arrives in the forest around Nibelheim following the escape of two research samples from Professor Hojo’s secret laboratory. Tseng calls the player to advise that the Shinra Army are also in the forest searching for the samples who have been in isolation since the Nibelheim incident four years before, and that they must find their target before the Army does. The player steals a radio and a map from a soldier and uses it to track the samples.
The player finally comes to the coastline at the edge of the forest to discover one of the research samples is ex-SOLDIER Zack. Zack pleads with the Turk to let him go, but the player apologises for all that has happened to Zack, and that it is their duty to capture the escapees. The player attacks Zack, but he is too skilled and darts off into the forest.
The Turk is able to track Zack to a clearing where he is found to be nursing an ill-looking Cloud. Zack explains that Cloud has severe Mako poisoning from the experiments done on them at the Shinra mansion. Regretting their part in the aftermath of the Nibelheim incident where they allowed Zack and Cloud to be taken by Hojo, the player Turk calls Tseng and tells him that the samples were none other than old friends, and that they have managed to get away. Zack thanks the player for their help and disappears with Cloud into the forest, and the Turk decides to investigate Shinra mansion.
At the manor, the player heads to the archive room in the basement in order to find out what went on down there. At the archives, they meet Verdot who is in search of the records from the Materia-fusing experiments done on his daughter, and asks if the player has come to assassinate him. The player responds that they will not carry out that order and that they will do all that they can to help. Verdot explains that he has learned the broken Materia grafted into Elfe’s hand is draining her life and the only way to extract it is to use the four special Support Materia that exist. He says that the Turks gained one of the Materia in Corel, to which the player is confused how he would know this.
One of the archive’s reports indicates that there is a valuable research sample behind one of the doors in the basement. Accessing the room, they discover an old colleague of Verdot’s asleep inside a coffin. The ex-Turk, Vincent, introduces himself and has a brief discussion with Verdot, revealing that one of the Support Materia they are seeking is located in a room in the mansion. As he says it, the party realise AVALANCHE operatives have overheard. Leaving Vincent to return to his coffin, the player and Verdot chase and defeat the AVALANCHE agents.
As the find another Materia with the pyramid-like crystal inside upstairs, Fuhito appears and steals it from Verdot. The player tries to help Verdot, but he knocks them down, stuffing a piece of paper into their jacket as he does so, and escapes. Moments later, the Shinra Army arrive and say that they saw the Turk and Verdot together. The player realises he attacked them to give the impression they were not allies. Reading Verdot’s note, they find that he has requested the Turks seek Reeve’s help in learning the locations of the final two Support Materia.
Later, President Shinra receives a classified message from Scarlet who accuses the Turks of helping Verdot instead of carrying out their duties to assassinate him. The President is reluctant to take action against the Turks while Rufus is still in their custody, but begins to draw up plans of a secret assignment for Scarlet to capture Verdot and punish the Turks for their insubordination once and for all.

20. The Consequences of Our Choices

Gongaga (10/02/07)

With the task of finding and assassinating Verdot transferred from the Turks to Scarlet, the Head of Weapons Development orders the Shinra Army to locate the secret Turk Headquarters within the upper levels of the Shinra Building. At the same time, Reeve controls Cait Sith remotely to secretly make contact with the Turks. Cait Sith meets the player Turk wandering the corridors outside HQ and manages to sneak inside against the player’s protests. Reeve reveals his true identity to the Turks and says that he is here to help them for an old friend. He divulges that the next Support Materia is located in the ruined Reactor at Gongaga and that the Turks should steal a submarine from Junon harbour to get there.
The player Turk and Cait Sith make their way to Junon harbour and sneaking past the security, they are able to commandeer a submarine and sail to Gongaga. Arriving at the village, they head for the Reactor. In the forest, they are attacked by monsters and Cait Sith flees. When the player finds him, he apologises for running away and says he wishes he had the ability to fight in battles.
They come to a clearing on the edge of the ruined facility where Cait Sith has foretold the Materia to be, only to discover a monster. Knocking the Materia into the depths of the Reactor, the monster dismembers the parts of the toy cat, scattering them in different parts of the forest before escaping. Reeve directs the player to find the various parts and they are able to reassemble Cait Sith. Once Cait Sith is together, Reeve says that he has to attend a meeting and tells the player that there is a backup controller inside the cat that can be used to operate him.
The player Turk makes their way through the facility using Cait Sith’s small form to enter new parts of the building and unlock doors. They discover AVALANCHE operatives inside also searching for the Materia. Coming to the room where the Materia had fallen, the player is ambushed by a Raven. They do battle, but the Raven seems to be stronger than before, and manages to steal the Materia, but Sears appears and incapacitates the enemy.
Sears leads the player Turk to Verdot who explains that he rescued Sears from the Corel Reactor and the two have been working together to save Elfe since. Verdot says that he has discovered that while the only way to save his daughter is to gather the four Support Materia with the Materia inside her, the union will summon the world-burning Zirconiade. He explains that their plan is to summon Zirconiade using this method, but destroy the Support Materia before it can take its full form, thus saving Elfe’s life and rendering the summon able to be defeated. Verdot is unwilling to risk the lives of all those on the Planet for that of his daughter, but the player Turk and Sears explain that they must do what they can to save her and stop Fuhito.
The trio are sighted by a Shinra soldier who reports back to Scarlet. When the President learns of this, he orders Scarlet to mobilise the Army and assassinate all the Turks for their betrayal, knowing in secret that with them out of the way, he can reclaim Rufus without any threat of blackmail.

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21. Resolve to Reach the End

Corel Prison (01/10/07)

A woman is walking through a valley in the Corel Desert when she sees a number of Ravens run past. She is surprised to see any AVALANCHE operatives after four years and notices that something seems strange about them, like they have become zombies.
Meanwhile, Rufus informs Tseng that he has spotted AVALANCHE at Corel Prison on the real time surveillance equipment in his cell. They conclude that the only reason AVALANCHE would break into such a stronghold is because one of the Support Materia is there. Tseng sends the player Turk to retrieve the Materia.
The Turk activates their radar device to track the movements of the AVALANCHE operatives and let them lead the player to the Materia. Following the signal through the wastelands, the player soon discovers a young woman lying on the ground. Examining her, the player finds that she has many artificial body parts, deducing that she has heat stroke and will have to get some water and shade. Suddenly, a land worm bursts from the ground and attacks the Turk. Defeating the monster, the player carries the woman through the hole the land worm made and into the caves below, wary of the fact they had not seen a single AVALANCHE operative.
At Shinra Headquarters, Scarlet advises the President that she has located Verdot’s whereabouts. She tells her troops that they have orders and that they must accomplish their mission by any means necessary.
Meanwhile, the woman regains consciousness in the caverns under the desert. The player introduces themselves but the woman is hesitant to be helped by a Turk. The player searches the caves for a water pool and when she finds one, carries the water back to the woman. Leaving her to recover with the water, the Turk decides to continue with their mission. Using the radar device, they are able to follow a number of Ravens through the tunnels. The player comes to a large cavern to discover the Ravens have been killed by another land worm. Slaying the creature, they discover that it had the Support Materia.
The player Turk returns to the women, but is surprised when she acts ungrateful for their help. The woman says that she has something to do and walks off. The player chases her, telling her she won’t make it out of the caves in her condition. Together they exit the tunnels but find the desert engulfed in a sandstorm. They are accosted by Ravens trying to steal back the Materia but the Turk defeats them, noticing on the radar that a large number of AVALANCHE operatives are gathering nearby.
As they go to investigate, the woman asks the Turk if they know why AVALANCHE hate them so much. She introduces herself as Shalua and says that the Turks are responsible for tearing her family apart when they kidnapped her sister as a SOLDIER candidate. She says that she searched the world and fought countless battles against Shinra to find her sister, resulting in many wounds, and joined AVALANCHE to find out more about SOLDIER. The player explains that the AVALANCHE Shalua knew is gone, replaced now by Fuhito’s soldiers.
The two escape the storm and arrive at a ridge. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Ravens, but the operatives are mown down by rapid gun fire. The player is relieved as Verdot and Sears appear, and is surprised to learn Shalua and Sears are old acquaintances. Shalua is unimpressed that Sears is helping the Turks, but agrees to leave with him.
At Turk Headquarters, Rufus informs Tseng that Scarlet and her troops are closing in on Verdot in the Corel Desert, and that the player Turk is with him too. He says that if his father captures Verdot, he would use him as leverage against the Turks. Tseng concludes that President Shinra will kill Verdot no matter what happens and decides to fly out to Corel himself, even though there’s no way he would make it in time.
In the desert, Scarlet arrives with her troops and Shinra weapons. She unleashes the weapons on them, wounding the player. Verdot calls on Scarlet to stop the onslaught as it’s he she wants to kill. Scarlet cackles that her orders are to capture him. Leaving the player for dead, Scarlet and her troops take Verdot into custody. Tseng arrives at the scene a short while later. The player explains the situation and Tseng says that they have to save Verdot as it means saving themselves.
At Shinra Headquarters, the Shinra Executive unanimously agree to disband the Turks, leaving Scarlet in a position to assassinate them discretely. President Shinra secretly plans to use Verdot as leverage to get the Rufus back, and announces that Verdot is to be executed in four days time.

22. The Threat That Pierces the Heavens

Midgar (04/10/07)

With the date for Verdot’s execution at the hands of Shinra growing nearer, the Turks split into two teams; Tseng, Reno and Rude try to locate Verdot’s whereabouts while the others work to recapture the final Support Materia from Fuhito. At Turk Headquarters, Tseng tries desperately to access the Shinra mainframe and find the location that his mentor is being held, but is unsuccessful.
Meanwhile, the other Turks and Sears are gathered at a bar in Wall Market discussing their next move. They decide to divide the Materia between themselves for safety. Elena, the younger sister of one of the Turks and barmaid for the premises, enters after leaving something behind at the end of her shift. Exiting the bar, she makes her way through the streets but spots a scuffle between some Shinra soldiers and Ravens. The Ravens drag the soldiers away, stealing their outfits. Seeing the uniforms again, Elena thinks the soldiers are okay but notices something is not quite right. She begins to follow the soldiers but soon gives up, unaware that she is being watched.
At the Turks Headquarters, Tseng is getting frustrated. Suddenly, someone accesses his terminal remotely and shows a surveillance feed on his monitor. The video shows Verdot in a cell and Tseng Reno and Rude realise that Rufus is showing them his location. Rufus says he will give them the location but at a price and will only negotiate the terms with Chief Tseng.
At the bar, the Turks decide to split up and search for Elfé. As the player goes to exit, Shinra troops arrive with security robots and unleash them on the Turk. Defeating them, the player gets out of the bar. Tseng calls to say he has found Verdot and is going to rescue him, giving them orders to secure an escape route. The player heads for the city gates, avoiding the security robots, but finds them heavily guarded by Shinra soldiers.
The player establishes that in order to get through the gates and checkpoints beyond, they must commandeer a Shinra truck. As they make their way through the Slums, Shinra soldiers pursue them. The Turk decides to take cover in a small shack, only to discover Elena inside. Elena allows the player to stay there for a while but reiterates her dislike of the Turks.
Meanwhile, Tseng, Reno and Rude arrive at the garbage disposal site, fighting through hoards of heavy-armoured security robots. Tseng calls the player Turk for a report. When they explain the situation, Tseng order them to steal a truck and they will use it to escape with Verdot. Going outside, taking care to evade the security robots, the player soon runs into a Shinra soldier. Knocking the soldier out, they steal his uniform. As they head towards the parking lot, the Turk sees a truck leaving and climbs aboard.
Passing through the security checkpoint, the truck makes it onto one of the Slums’ highways. In the back of the vehicle, the player notices a bag on the floor moving and making noises. Opening it, they are stunned to discover Elena tied up. Elena explains that the ones driving the trucks are anti-Shinra operatives in disguise and that she was kidnapped because she had saw them.
Suddenly, the truck stops and the Raven driving it gets out. The player runs outside and discovers another hijacked truck on the highway. They kill the operatives but more Ravens emerge from the other truck. While fending off the enemies, the trucks drive off with Elena still in the back. The player tries to call Tseng to inform him what has happened but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Tseng and the others have come up against too many security weapons. Reno and Rude have fallen and as the robots close in on him, Tseng recalls the day he caused the scar on Verdot’s face, and since then has sworn never to give up on his mission.

Using the memories of the day he learned his most important lesson as a Turk, Tseng summons a strength from somewhere within and blasts down the security robots with his gun. Helping Reno and Rude to their feet, he asks them if they can continue on. Together, they proceed through the garbage disposal site to rescue Verdot.
In the Slums, Sears continues to search for Elfé in the knowledge that Fuhito may have discovered a way to summon a complete and indestructible Zirconiade from the Materia in Elfé’s hand. Suddenly, he is shot at by a Mako gun and turns to see Fuhito. Fuhito threatens to hurt Elfé is Sears does not hand over his Support Materia. Sears does so, deciding that doing as Fuhito asks is his best option of saving her.
The AVALANCHE-driven truck arrives at the train station. As they force Elena aboard and through the carriages, she drops one of her academy badges on the floor. The player Turk, who has taken a shortcut to get to the train station, boards the train as it sets off for Midgar’s Plate. Discovering Elena’s badge, they proceed through the train until they find Elena surrounded by Ravens. The Ravens demand the player’s Support Materia in exchange for Elena.
Going through with the swap, the player ensures Elena is clear of the Ravens before they attack them to reclaim the Materia. Elena is impressed by the Turk and considers joining the organisation. The player chases the Raven with the Materia onto the roof of the train but, as they near the Plate, the operative jumps onto the roof of a train travelling in the opposite direction. Knowing that they have to stop the Raven at all costs, the Turk decides to head into Shinra Headquarters and steal a helicopter to give chase.
Meanwhile, Sears has been badly injured by Fuhito and his troops. Fuhito explains that his Ravens’ mission was to secure the Support Materia from the Turks and once they have been brought to him, he can begin the summoning. He says that once he has used the Support Materia to summon Zirconiade, he will remove the Materia from Elfé, thus killing her, and offer her Materia to Zirconiade so it may become complete. Leaving Sears wounded on the ground, Fuhito leaves. Sears calls the player and explains that in order to stop Zirconiade from becoming complete, they must save Elfé.
At the garbage disposal, Tseng and the others arrive at the place where Verdot is being held and break into his cell. Verdot is surprised to see them as he realises they have sacrificed everything. The player calls Tseng to inform him the Support Materia has been stolen and they are going after AVALANCHE by helicopter. Meanwhile, President Shinra decides to take advantage of the fact the Turks are preoccupied with Verdot and AVALANCHE and try to free Rufus from their custody.
As the player Turk arrives at the upper levels of the Shinra Building, an intruder alarm sounds. Making their way up through the floors, fighting past Shinra soldiers and Hojo’s monsters, they arrive at the helipad at the height of the tower. Taking the helicopter, the Turk flies it back to the Slums and begins pursuit of the AVALANCHE truck.
Nearing the truck, the player rams it with the helicopter, causing it to crash. They land and begin to chase the Raven on foot along the highway, but are accosted by a number of other Ravens. Defeating them, the player races on and catches up with the other one, but not before he has met Fuhito and handed over the Support Materia.
With the four Support Materia gathered, the summoning of Zirconiade begins. Elfé’s body glows a burning red and is lifted from the ground. Bursts of energy begin to shoot upwards, turning the sky red with cracks of lightning. As Fuhito marvels at the sight, the player dashes forward and grabs Elfé, leaving Fuhito and the Support Materia behind. Setting the unconscious Elfé down, the Turk returns to battle Fuhito.
During the fight, the player notices that the Support Materia begin to act strangely, glowing on and off in spurts. In a blinding flash of light, Elfé is again encased in energy, and the Summon Materia rises from her body. The Summon Materia then shoots towards the four Support Materia and in another flash, they fuse into one. Taking the new Materia, Fuhito escapes, swearing that he will fulfil his destiny to restore life to the Planet.
The player calls Tseng and tells him that Elfé is safe but Fuhito has got away with the Materia and plans to use it to summon the complete Zirconiade. Tseng promises that they will stop him. The player makes their way to join the other Turks on their team at the entrance of the path of light that leads to Zirconiade’s dimension, knowing that defeating Fuhito and world-burning summon will be the Turks’ most difficult task yet.

23. The Reckless Run Into Unstoppable Destruction

Midgar (05/10/07)

A huge electric blue ball of energy hangs in the sky above Midgar, signalling the summoning of Zirconiade, with arms of crackling light reaching down to the edge of the Slums to form a pathway into the beast’s domain. Escaping with the fused orb of Elfé’s and the four Support Materia, Fuhito makes his way through the path of light so that he may offer the new Materia to the incomplete Zirconiade. Leaving the unconscious Elfé on the highway to be rescued by a friend, the player Turk begins their pursuit.
Some time later, Tseng, Verdot, Reno and Rude escape the city limits and arrive at the meeting point a short distance into the wastelands to find a truck waiting for them. Elfé emerges from the vehicle and Verdot is overcome with joy to see his daughter, Felecia. Elfé is remorseful for her part in Fuhito’s plan but as they go to board the truck, they are surrounded by Shinra soldiers. Meanwhile, having freed Rufus from his confinement at Turk Headquarters, President Shinra believes his son has learned his lesson.
The rest of the Turks gather at the pathway to Zirconiade’s domain. Deciding to split up into pairs, they begin to chase Fuhito, knowing that they must stop him before he reaches Zirconiade. Entering the light, the player and their comrade are transported into another dimension. Using a series of glowing circles to transport themselves, the Turks navigate the maze, battling a number of shadow monsters along the way. At Shinra Headquarters, Rufus makes his father a proposal about the Turks which he believes will ensure the glory of the Shinra Company.
The player Turk and their partner arrive at an area inhabited by behemoths. Defeating the monsters, the two discuss how the plan to stay with the Turks after the situation is resolved as they think there would be no way Shinra could refute their worth. As more behemoth attack, the player is encourage by their fellow Turk to continue on to stop Fuhito while they take care of the beasts.
Continuing on through the maze, the player Turk eventually arrives at the place where Fuhito waits. Fuhito explains that Zirconiade slumbers up ahead and that the Planet is mere minutes away from being rejuvenated by all life returning to it. He shoots his Mako gun at the player, but the Turk is tackled out of the way by Sears just in time. Sears describes how he was able to pick up Elfé from the highway and get her safely to the meeting point, promising her that he would find on through the pain of his wounds to put an end to Fuhito’s plan and her suffering, helping the other Turks in the maze along the way.
Together, the player and Sears take on Fuhito. Knocking him down, they go to retrieve the Materia but he inserts it into his own body, saying that he will sacrifice his own life and offer it up to Zirconiade so that it may use him to become complete. Before their eyes, he transforms into a hideous creature. Snatching Sears in his enormous scythe-like claws, Fuhito throws him to the ground, leaving him unable to move. Swearing he will do whatever it takes save the life of the Planet, he once again battles with the player.
After a lengthy fight, Fuhito closes in on the Turk. With one final surge, Sears climbs to his feet and punches Fuhito as hard as he can. As Fuhito swings his scythes at him, splattering blood all around, the force of Sears’ blow shatters the Materia and the two disappear in an explosion. Knowing that the Materia is destroyed and Zirconiade can never be complete, the player Turk limps towards the place where the world-burning summon slumbers.
Meanwhile in the wastelands, having received a message from Headquarters, a Shinra soldier informs the Turks that President Shinra is willing to drop the charges against them on the condition that they execute the Shinra traitor and the leader of AVALANCHE. Reno and Rude react furiously to this but Tseng and Verdot remain quiet. Suddenly, Tseng draws his pistol and aims it at an infantryman, causing the other soldiers to aim their weapons at him. Stating that he has made his decision, he spins and shoots Elfé. Verdot says that Tseng has made the right choice and ensured the preservation of the Turks. Thanking him for everything he has done, Tseng shoots Verdot.

24. Concerto Which Breaks the Limit

Midgar (05/10/07)

Having loaded the bodies of Verdot and Elfé onto the truck, Tseng tells the soldiers he will ride in the back while they return to Midgar so that he may be with his old mentor until the end. Reno and Rude make no move to join him, still horrified by what has happened. The vehicle drives off, leaving the two Turks mourning in the wastelands.
Fighting through hoards of shadow monsters, the player Turk continues to progress through Zirconiade’s domain towards the sleeping summon. Using the PHS, they find they are unable to contact their fellow Turks but keep going nonetheless. Coming to a wide platform, the player is confronted by a large crystal-shaped organism known as a Zirconiguard. In the knowledge that the Zirconiguard is blocking the way to Zirconiade, the Turk defeats it.
Running on, the player begins to feeling an overwhelming pressure upon them. Pulses of green energy surround the pathway and the player senses they are being drawn by a strong force towards the end of the passage. Hoping that their comrades are already, the ground around the Turk begins to shake and they are cast into a fierce storm. As everything clears, the player finds themselves face to face with Zirconiade which has awoken from its cocoon.
Zirconiade begins shooting beams of energy at the player, knocking them down. Retaliating, the player attacks the summon, but is dismayed to discover their attacks are having no effect. As they retreat, knowing that they have to do something, some of the other Turks appear. They explain that they have destroyed all of the other Zirconiguards and that they should now be able to defeat Zirconiade.
The Turks battle the summon. After many strikes, Zirconiade unleashes a blast that knocks all the Turks down. Struggling to get to their feet, the player realises that the others have been knocked out. They fight on with Zirconiade but become more weary as the battle continues. Taking heavy hits, the player begins to hear the voices of the people they have met over the years as a Turk; the people who have helped them become the person they are. With one final push, the player unleashes their limit break upon Zirconiade.
In the wastelands below glowing ball of energy, Reno and Rude watch as Zirconiade’s domain begins to shatter and the world-burning summon disintegrate. Incredible light flashes above Midgar as Zirconiade falls towards the earth, sending a rippling shockwave out through the sky. Reno and Rude look on helpless, wondering what has become of their fellow Turks. Meanwhile, at the tree light spectacle in Sector8, Aerith watches the particles float to the ground, hoping that it is snow.

25. The Cantata That Connects Comrades

Midgar (09/12/07)

Tseng is summoned to an Executive hearing to discuss the Turks’ fate. Scarlet proposes that for their insubordination, the Turks should be disbanded and the three survivors of the affair executed. As President Shinra prepares to sentence them, Rufus arrives with Reno and Rude and demands that they stop before they make a huge mistake. The President states that the very existence of the Turks poses a threat to the company but Rufus argues that they have already proven their loyalty by assassinating Verdot and Elfé.
Later, Tseng thanks Rufus for persuading the Executive to allow the Turks to continue. Rufus answers that he didn’t do it for their sake, but for his own. As he leaves, alarms sound in the building to say there is an emergency situation at Mako Reactor1. Knowing that although their organisation may change, their pride for their job will not falter. Tseng, Reno and Rude run off and go back to work. Rufus’ report states that Chief Verdot and the leader of AVALANCHE were assassinated by the Turks and that the player Turk was killed in action.

Midgar (XX/01/08)

Having evacuated the civilians of Sector4, Reno arrives at the meeting place. Rude and Elena soon appear, reporting that Sectors 2 and 3 are also clear. They conclude that Sector5 is their next assignment and hurry there. They find Tseng next to a crumbling building and he explains that there are people still trapped beyond it. Suddenly, part of the building collapses. Thinking that a rescue would be too much for only four of them, they hear a voice from behind. They turn to discover Verdot and their former comrades have arrived. Verdot asks Tseng what his orders are, to which he replies it is urgent that they evacuation the remaining civilians of the city. All the Turks get to work.


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26. Special Episode of Tseng

Costa del Sol (XX/XX/97)

Tseng is given the mission of investigating the strange kidnapping of a Shinra soldier from one of the Mako Reactors. He is under the command of his idol, Chief Verdot, who has sent him to search a mysterious unregistered vessel that has appeared in the Costa del Sol harbour for information. Concluding that the only purpose of kidnapping a Reactor guard would be to learn more about the Reactor itself, Tseng believes that the rescue of the soldier is important before he reveals any secrets.
Boarding the ship, he finds Wutai militants patrolling its passages. He defeats them and arrives at the control room, where he notices the kidnapped guard on one of the monitors. Finding the tortured soldier in the confinement room, he discovers a more sinister plot. The soldier explains that the Wutai Army have been buying stolen Shinra weapons from a black market weapon seller, and have been stocking them aboard the ship. Torn between his duty as a Turk to investigate the weapons further and his determination to complete his mission to rescue the soldier, Tseng opt for the latter, and escapes the ship with the man.
Several days later, Verdot tells Tseng that he was wrong to choose the guard’s life over company secret and that he has failed in his duty as a Turk. President Shinra orders that the Turks destroy the weapons and all its data, as well as locate the leak within the company who gave the weapon seller information on the stolen weapons’ existence. Verdot tells Tseng that they will be going together, and Tseng is stunned as he feels he doesn’t deserve to be included in such an important mission.
Arriving back at the ship in Costa del Sol, Tseng and Verdot fight their way through the passages against the enemy. Verdot heads to the hanger where the weapons are being stored while Tseng is ordered to the control room to find and delete all files regarding the weapons. As he erases the files from the computer system, Wutai militants break in and escape with a hard copy of the data.
At the same time, the weapons begin to attack Chief Verdot. Tseng goes to help his mentor, but Verdot orders that he complete his own task of deleting the files and retrieving the hard data – such is the duty of a Turk. Finally locating and defeating the enemies, Tseng collects the data and makes his way to the hanger to aid Verdot.
Together, the battle and destroy the mass numbers of machines. Afterwards, Verdot tells Tseng that he is impressed by what he has learned, but as the two try to leave, there is an explosion. As the ship sinks, the ceiling collapses, and Tseng is trapped beneath a steel girder. He tells Verdot to escape and make sure the Turks accomplish their mission, but Verdot goes against what he has taught Tseng and saves the young man’s life.
Tseng wakes from intensive care days later to find that Verdot has a scar on his cheek to show his bravery for rescuing him. He feels guilty, but Verdot explains that it reminds him of his daughter and that life is about more than just a job. They are informed that the Shinra leak has been located in the area around Kalm, and that Verdot has o lead the mission to eliminate the threat. He agrees, knowing that it will give him more time to spend with his daughter. Tseng is commended for uncovering the weapon plot.

27. Special Episode of Legend

Wutai (10/11/99)
Costa del Sol (10/01/01)
Junon (01/02/02)

Tseng arrives at the Turks Headquarters having been summoned by Verdot and is told he will be participating in a mission with one of the Turks’ special agents. He is introduced to the special agent, realising that the man is no other than the once-feared anti-Shinra activist ‘Death God of the Battlefield’ whom he crossed paths with on one of his first missions as a Turk. Tseng is angered by this and aims his gun at the man, but Verdot calms him down. The Legend says that he has wasted enough time, and leaves for Wutai.
The Legendary Turk arrives at a secret Shinra military factory in Wutai that has been overrun by anti-Shinra activists who have kidnapped a weapons dealer with important links to Shinra. Tseng informs Legend by phone that his assignment is to rescue the weapons trader and eliminate the enemies before they can leak the confidential information about the facility to the world. The Legend enters the factory, killing many mercenaries that get in his way with his bombs.
Planting bombs in strategic parts of the facility, Legend makes his way to the second floor where he discovers the kidnapped dealer being guarded by an old ally with whom he fought alongside in the infamous conflict of 1995. The two fight and as the Legend emerges victorious, the man reveals that he know the truth regarding the negotiation incident in which Legend participated in 1997. Legend’s bombs detonate, causing the building to begin to fall apart, and the man dies.
Releasing the hostage, Legend recognises the man as the weapons dealer who had been part of the 1997 incident. The man begs him to lead the way to safety, but Legend questions him about the incident. Unwilling to admit the truth in order to save his own life, the man denies knowledge of what Legend is talking about. Showing no mercy, the Legend abandons his duty of rescuing the trader, leaving him to die in the collapsing factory.
As punishment for his actions, Legend is placed under house arrest at Costa del Sol. Tseng is appalled at this outcome and questions Verdot. Verdot explains that the judgement was made that even though he abandoned his duty, the Legend still ensured that the company’s secrets were not leaked and had thus completed his primary objective. Verdot goes on the tell Tseng that in 1997, before he had recruited the Legend into the Turks, there had been an incident at a Mako Reactor where a weapons dealer had entered negotiations with Legend’s anti-Shinra faction. The dealer had betrayed the activists, and only Legend survived, mourning the loss of his comrades and the little girl who had been so important to him. When they deduce that the hostage must have been the same weapons dealer, Tseng begins to comprehend the Legend’s actions.

Two years later, when the Wutai War was drawing to a close, Verdot sent Tseng to Costa del Sol to request Legend return to the Turks to help them with any trouble that may arise. Tseng arrives in Costa del Sol to discover Legend has become a favourite amongst the ladies of the town, and finds him on the beach. Tseng asks him to join the Turks again, but he refutes, saying that he enjoys the life at Costa del Sol and does not want to go back to the life where he brought nothing but conflict. Tseng admits that he understands his actions with the weapons dealer, and may have done the same thing if put in that situation. Legend says that he is no longer worthy of the Turks and wants a fresh start, and Tseng leaves, telling him that the Turks will be waiting for when he changes his mind.

One year later, with the Turks and the Shinra Army in shambles due to Verdot’s demotion and Heidegger’s incompetence, an attack by AVALANCHE on Junon leaves the city in chaos. Deciding to act, Verdot calls the Legend and requests that he fight for the Turks against AVALANCHE. Explaining the situation and how much his comrades need his help, Legend agrees to go to Junon and fight.
Arriving in Junon, the Legend enters the battle, decimating large numbers of AVALANCHE operatives with his bombs. As he fights, he realises how much he has missed the battlefield. Seeing his immense strength and knowing that Verdot has regained control of his post, AVALANCHE begin to retreat, and the Turks again regain control over the city.
Later at the Turks Headquarters, Verdot shows his appreciation for their efforts and informs them that they were helped by someone. The Turks are stunned as Legend enters the room and realise that it was because of him that the battle was won. He is introduced to the Turks as someone of great strength and when Verdot asks him if he has considered what he asked, Legend replies that he has decided to entrust his life to the Turks.

28. Special Episode of Reno

Midgar (01/04/01)

Following the mysterious theft of confidential documents from the files on the 45th floor of the Shinra Building a number of hours before, Reno and Rude are sent to guard over the document room and search for clues to the missing files. Reno complains that he is bored of the work. Suddenly, an alarm goes of to say that there is an intruder in the building, and a security robot enters the room. It targets the two Turks due to the high security level, but they defeat it and the others on the floor in defence.
Verdot contacts them to say that there is a problem with the security robots and the building’s control system that arose simultaneously with the intrusion. He tells them that Cissnei is looking into the relationship, but they have to stay and continue their investigation. As he hangs up, Reno notices a bearded man in a lab coat watching them from the shadows, and he chases the fleeing man while Rude tries to cut him off, concluding him to be the person who stole the data.
The man escapes into the elevator before Reno can reach him, but Reno blasts a hole in the door and jumps onto the roof of the descending lift. The hatch on the ceiling is locked and the password has changed due to the security level. The elevator suddenly stops a long way from the ground floor, and then begins to accelerate upwards. Reno is worried that he may be crushed if he can’t open the hatch.
Tseng is able to relay the passwords to Reno but, as he breaks the code, a large Shinra weapon crashes onto the roof of the lift. Reno battles the machine, but it is too strong. As they approach the height of the shaft, the robot knocks him to his knees, and is crushed into the ceiling, halting the lift and saving Reno. Sighing with relief, Reno turns to see the hatch pop open and Rude’s head appear. Rude tells him that they suspect the thief has escaped from the building and they are to continue their investigation as well as help stop the malfunctioning security robots which have escaped onto the streets of Midgar and began attacking civilians.
On the streets of Sector8, Reno and Rude split up to try and find the machines. Reno saves a number of people, and contacts Cissnei to ask about her situation, and discovers she is in trouble. Helping Rude against a number of robots, the two make their way to the fountain at the town square where they find Cissnei cornered by two Genesis Clones. Tseng appears, and then newly promoted First Class SOLDIER Zack, but Reno tells them Cissnei has everything under control. Tseng orders Reno and Rude to continue their mission to contain the security robots.
As they head along the streets, they again spot the man in the lab coat. Gaining Verdot’s permission to follow him, they chase him into the Plate underground. They are attacked by numerous security robots which seem not to notice the scientist, and Rude concludes that it must have been him who tampered with the Shinra control system. Cornering the man, they discover him to be Professor Hollander.
As they close in, two Genesis Clones appear from a hidden passage and fight the Turks, giving Hollander time to escape. After the battle, Verdot calls and tells them to return to Sector8 as SOLDIER has taken over the investigation of the stolen documents. Reno is angry by this and says that he should join SOLDIER if he wants to get to do the exciting missions. Rude replies that if he did that, they would no longer be a partnership. Reno smiles, knowing that he wouldn’t want that.

29. WEAPON Mode


Following the defeat of Zirconiade, the Turks go into hiding across the Planet, retiring to Midgar, Junon, Costa del Sol, Cosmo Canyon, Icicle Inn, and Wutai. A number of weeks afterwards, Chief Verdot calls the player to inform them that the Planet unleashed a WEAPON to defend itself against the threat of Zirconiade, but the WEAPON has now turned on the Turks. The existence of the Jade WEAPON is to eradicate anyone and anything that is harmful to the Planet. However, because the Turks were successful in defeating Zirconiade, instead of going back to sleep, the WEAPON considered them as a threat due to the fact they destroyed something that was a large part of the Planet’s ecology.
The Chief warns the player that the WEAPON has already begun attacking the other Turks, and that it must be stopped in order for them to survive. The player uses an advanced radar system on their PHS to track and hunt the Jade WEAPON across the Planet using the dark mist that it generates as it moves. This dark mist can only be penetrated by the light given from the Materia Pillars across the Planet, and thus gives the Turks protection from the WEAPON.
Coming to a location covered in mist, the player battles clusters of three strange oval-shaped enemies. Suddenly, the Jade WEAPON reveals itself above the place, and it is only then that the player Turk realises the enormity of the monster. It releases more clusters, and begins to attack from above the player. Defeating the clusters, the player launches an assault on the WEAPON, but it retreats and disappears to another part of the Planet to do battle with another member of the Turks. Finally, after nine long battles at each location, the Jade WEAPON is defeated, and the Turks are able to return into hiding.

On a side note, there is a further assignment for the player when a fellow Turk has been defeated and captured by WEAPON. This is known s WEAPON-D mode. The mode consists of the player being taken to another dimension by the WEAPON where contact with their comrades is blocked. Fighting their way through a number of enemies including Golems and a shadow version of the player, the Turk is able to rescue their colleague and return to the normal world.

30. Rescue Mode


Having failed in one of their missions, a fellow Turk has been captured and imprisoned in one of AVALANCHE’s facilities. Arriving at the facility, the player breaks in, sneaking through the dark corridors and avoiding the patrolling AVALANCHE guards. Making their way to the heart of the compound, the player arrives at the prison block to find their comrade locked inside. Breaking down the door, the player tells their fellow Turk that they have come to rescue them. The other Turk apologises for being captured, and follows the player out.
Working as a team, the two battle the vast numbers of AVALANCHE militants that try to stop their escape. Fighting their way through soldiers and special operatives alike, the Turks are able to get out of the facility. The rescued Turk thanks the player, and promises to return the favour if the need ever arises. The Turks go their separate ways and return to their respective assignments.

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Chapters 17 and 18 added. Enjoy

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Chapters 19 and 20 added. Enjoy.

On a side note, Dark Angel has finished all 24 chapters but for the epilogue on her page. Check it out.

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Not really a massive update, quite simply a small piece about WEAPON D mode added. Also, for anyone who has not noticed, I've added the first 2 missions of the extended summary of Legend in my other thread.

I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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Legend episode added. For anyone who has already read the extended summary, not really anything you haven't seen, just the main plot points.

I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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Sorry that it's been so long updating here folks. As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I have been posting these summaries on the front page. I have written some further chapters too and will be posting them there very shortly. Please also be aware that the front page summaries have been slightly edited as there is relevant info that was overlooked first time around. Whether or not I get around to completing this thread at a later date is still to be seen as the front page should have it all anyway.

The new summaries can be found here.

I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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Episodes 21 and 22 added

I've been writing a novelised version of FFVII for a few years now, which to date has received more than 200k hits worldwide. If you wanna check it out, you can download the volumes as free eBooks here, read them online here, or arrange printed copies here. I also have an author Patreon account and a project Facebook page where fans can follow my progress and come show their support.
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Oh right yeah, I edited the titles of your articles to be able to see the difference between 'em. I've also made a start with updating the images to have more descriptive names and less duplicates in our library.

You should be able to add images from other posts in your post (by clicking the 'media library' or somesuch tab in the Add Image screen), and you should get to properly naming and labeling your images - Google Images is one of our main traffic sources, and I'd like to keep it like that, allow people to find our images and such.

So instead of naming images '2b', instead rename the files to something like 'before-crisis-episode-2-scene-b.jpg' or something to that effect, with matching titles and alt texts. This'll make it easier for both other authors and search engines to find the images. Same goes for portraits, name them 'before-crisis-aerith-portrait.jpg' instead of 'ijas_aerithsdfg.jpg'. If you please, off course.

Besides that, excellent work, . You're a bit of a ninja author, aren't you?
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