¡Hola, amigos!


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HEY, Paisanos, hi there! My name is Andy, I'm 17 years old.

You see, my case is a little peculiar, I have a pair of years lurking around here, actually since 2008 more or less, but in 2009 I had to register in order to read that Advent Children Complete "secret" forum... Or something like that, man, that ACC hype was great! I will never forget the first time I saw Rude with the Bazooka!

Anyway, the reason I didn't participate AT ALL in the comunity all this time was that, as you can see my english is kinda broken, I'm from Venezuela so yeah. I can read it and understand it perfectly (thanks to years and years of videogames AND internet), buuut, writing it is a little bit more tedious, obviously. At least you won't have to worry about "talking slowwwwly with simple words to the new guy".

5 minutes ago I was like "maaan, I totally forgot I had an account on that cool Fainaru Fantaji VII Website... Now my body is ready, LET'S GO!" and here I am.

And... That's it! I'm sure we'll be a great team! :) And really, forgive me for my glitchy english.

EDIT: OH! And... I'm a guy.
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Hi! Welcome to the forums!

Don't worry about your English. (I can read it just fine.) Practice makes perfect, right? :D


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Kind of reminds me of Mumble.

Not that that's a bad thing but anyway
We can deal with not-so-great English around here. At least you seem like a nice guy! :cthulhu: Good english doesn't mean diddlysquat if people don't know how to use it nicely.

Hope you have the bestest fun here ever! :3


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Your English is probably better than my Spanish. I haven't spoken it in at least two years.

Anyway welcome. :monster:


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¡Hola! :D

Others have said this before, but your English is fine. Don't worry, you won't be the only one with typos ;)
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