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Now that we've sorted out which of our old projects and events are going to continue and which are not, it's time to think about the future.

My goal for TLS is to have at least one event every month. I won't be running all of them, but I will step in when required to make sure there is always something happening.

At the moment we have just one event that always happens at the same time of the year, every year: the TLS awards, which have taken place in December since 2012 and will do so again next month. Repeating events gives them an extra importance, and having them at the same time gives everyone something to look forward to for the rest of the year. If we were to organise them more often, it would give us something special to publicise on the front page and on social media.

I think four headline events a year - one every quarter - is about the right number. Any more than that would feel like overdoing it, which would risk tiring people out.

For March, I was thinking about holding some sort of battle of popularity contest, like the battle of the militaries or the favourite character contest (which I called a battle at the time, somewhat misleadingly). As they are long contests, they generate lots of front page articles and should encourage people to sign up so they can cast their vote.
There will now be a contest in April/May, jointly organised by Aaron and myself.

For June, I'd like to resurrect the 30 days of Final Fantasy idea, but rename it the "Summer of Final Fantasy". I'd probably expand on it a little: every day would still have a quick-fire question or activity, but I'd make it so they were not all simple as stating your favourite or least favourite whatever. For example, there could be simple puzzles, mini-games or caption "competitions".

TLS celebrates its birthday every September, and I think we should mark the occasion with a contest or giveaway of some sort, with a prize at the end of it. We could ask people to get creative with a Final Fantasy theme and submit their work for display on our front page, or we could just try and get more people to visit our site or sign up for the forum. I'd be happy to contribute some money towards the prize.

None of those events are nailed down yet, so I'd like your input. I'm looking for big events that will run for most of the month, rather than being over quickly.


In the post below this one, I'll maintain a provisional calendar of events for 2015. If you know when you are going to run an event, you can submit it to the calendar by posting in this thread. I'd like you to be quite sure that it will happen, though; if you are still at the idea stage, you can create a new thread or post here instead, and if you know you want to run an event but don't know when it will happen, you don't need to submit it. I know it can be difficult to find the time, and I have no problem with impromptu events :)
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This calendar will be updated. Last update: 2015-04-06.

  • Chrono Trigger community playthrough (continued into February)

  • The Seven: most appropriate character themes (published in April)


  • The Lifestream ranks Final Fantasy songs (continues into May)


  • Summer of Final Fantasy

  • Community playthrough, game TBD (likely to continue into August)


  • TLS birthday contest


  • The Seven, topic TBD

  • TLS awards

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trash panda

Seeing as that Valentine's Day is in February, we could have some sort of favorite Final Fantasy couple's event.

Since December already has the TLS awards, we could have a gift exchange month...or, OR...get this...my ultimate idea...a pen pal event. :awesome:
I just love writing letters and sending post cards. Awesome idea. I credit myself. :wacky:

For the giveaway thing in September, I'm sure I could come up with something creative and (f)artistic to give away (that could be easily shipped). I mean, the dollar store has solid colored mugs that I could paint a moogle on or something. :monster:
Hey, it's a unique gift and dollar store mugs hold up quite well. ;]


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I'm gonna be the unpopular member who puts forward the opinion that all events should be TLS related only/ international/ not localized :P

(Australia has winter in June, Valentine's day is not a Scandinavian tradition)

(And to the asshole about to start talking about Chinese New Years etc: Yes you have a point, so let's not make a 'TLS new years event' either)


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I get what you're saying, and I will go back to "30 days of Final Fantasy" if people don't want it to reference summer, but I don't think we take the principle quite as far as you are suggesting. Seeing as we use the Gregorian calendar across the front page and forum, I don't really see the harm in having an event to mark the New Year, for example. Every website caters to its target audience, and ours is predominantly western.

trash panda

Okay okay, scratch Valentine's day. It's not my favorite holiday anyhow. Who says we can't celebrate love everybody month in April or August? :)
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