30 days of FF meme (Spoilers)

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no u :catfight:


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Currently I'm replaying FFIV the complete collection version, its apparently very similar to the GBA version, I say apparently because I never played the GBA version.

I'm actually waiting for the PSN to get back online so I can download FFV, I've bought it already but by the time I went back to download it the following day to play it the PSN had gone offline so that's going to be my next FF to replay :) I mean I could just go get my PS2 out and my anthology version of FFV out but I CBA to look for the PS2 leads.


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OMG WTF moments ?

FF V spoilers. Ppl !

FF V has a huge one. I think Galuf gets his memory back and you realize that Galuf and Bartz's father were apart of the old light warriors and defeated Exdeath and caged him in a prison so he wouldn't do anymore evil. Okay. Cool. That sounds neat.

Then you find out that Galuf comes from a different world...

Uhm, O- Okay. ?

Then you wonder how Galuf got to the world your in now. Did he like, transport by like a portal, airship..... magic or something ??

No, you find out that he traveled by a Meteor and his people in the world that he came from uses Meteors to.... travel in...


Finding out that Cecil is half-moon man, and that he comes from the moon.

FF7- Seeing Zack for the first time when you play the game, okay people today when they play FF7 they just go " Oh, that's Zack, the Crisis Core dude " ! But back in the day, that part of first seeing Zack was REALLY scary and strange, it was like, WHO IS THIS MAAAN ?, WHY IS HE IN THE PHOTO NEXT TO SEPHIROTH INSTEAD OF CLOUD ?!?


Kids today, just don't understand how big of a mind-screw that part was, back in the day. xDD

FF8- The Ending. Squall gets lost in time and then everything goes strange really fast, really fast !

FF9- The world of Terra and Garland's dungeon, with the eyes in the background and stuff. xD';

FF 10- Seymour's hat during the wedding. WTF was he wearing ??

But yeah, FF5 gets the prize for best WTF moment.xDD

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WTF Moment (spoiler implied today)

FFIV: The reveal that Cecil and Golbez are from the moon. I had the delightful experience of playing both a true SNES port of "FFII" and a new translation. The new translation mentions that Kain and Cecil were orphans raised by the King, but the original game has no mention of this at all. If I recall, they don't mention it at all until they reveal it, and Cecil doesn't even find it a big deal. So the reveal comes out of nowhere, has no foreshadowing, and nobody reacts to it. Original port is fail.

FFVII: The cross-dressing scene was pretty WTF to me, and as the years go by it only becomes more WTF-ish. I understand that it follows a time-old tradition of the hero cross-dressing (which is a strange trope imo) but the fetch-quest aspect drags it out painfully. This was one of those times when I asked the game "Why doesn't he impersonate a SOLDIER?" Which still bothers me about a lot of the game.

FFVIII: Orphanage revelation.

Also, the opening hours of both FFX and FFXIII were convoluted and confusing.


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Been neglecting this. It doesn't really help that I didn't really care about a couple of categories. My answers will be curt and probably not as interesting as a number of other people's.

Day 16 - Your favourite Final Fantasy limit break.

Don't have one. I really didn't pay much attention to any of them. The ones that healed characters were useful, I guess, so probably those. I can't remember the names of any of them, but I know in FFVII Aerith and Yuffie had them.

Day 17 - Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.

Didn't really like any of them. I'm sure if I'd played FFVIII I would be listing Triple Triad, but I haven't. If the Monster Arena or whatever it's called in FFX counts as a mini-game then I guess that, but it's really just an extension of the battle system so I'm not sure it counts as a mini-game.

Day 18 - Favourite Final Fantasy opening sequence.

Of the ones I've played, FFX's was pretty damn epic. If the whole game had stuck up to that level of quality, I'm sure I'd have been a lot more enthusiastic about it. FFVI's also did a good job at getting me engaged with the story almost immediately. It established a sense of mystery that I cared about. And, of course, FFVII's is iconic. As mentioned, I haven't played FFVIII, hence not listing that. FFIX's was pretty good as well.

Day 19 - Best Final Fantasy outfit.

Gotta go with Terra's. And adult Rydia's.

Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair.

Again, Terra's and Rydia's. Although Seymour gets an honourable mention for having by far the most ridiculous-looking hair I have ever seen anywhere.

Day 21 - Favourite Final Fantasy pairing/ship.

I was shipping Terra/Leo
until his death, which kind of rendered the pairing a bit impractical
. I'm also fond of Terra/Shadow because of their contrasts, although I'll be the first to admit it's a completely crack pairing. Of more or less canonical pairings, I think my favourite is probably Rydia/Edge because they have so many humorous interactions, and I like how she doesn't take any shit from him. Tifa and Cloud probably have the most realistically developed relationship of any couple in the series, though. Celes/Locke was also a well-developed pairing.

I should also mention that I really like how the Cecil/Rosa/Cain love triangle was handled in FFIV. I always felt bad for Cain.

edit: wtf, how did I not mention Zidane/Dagger. Clearly a close second after Rydia/Edge. Others have already summed up why quite nicely.

Day 22 - Favourite Final Fantasy summon.

Odin, I guess, because Nordic mythology is awesome. I didn't use summons that much. I guess I used them most frequently in FFX, where the Magus Sisters were pretty cool.

Day 23 - Least Favourite Final Fantasy mini game.

Wasn't too fond of any of them.

Day 24 - Best Final Fantasy quote.

"This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet!" was the one that most immediately came to mind. But reading people's responses made me realise that as ridiculous as the writing has gotten in recent years, there are really tons of them.

Day 25 - Final Fantasy game you plan on playing (old or new).

I haven't played an RPG in a long time. If people decide to LP one I may decide to play along though. I'm more interested in playing Dragon Quest games though, since there are a large number I haven't played at all and a few I haven't finished as well.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Final Fantasy moment.

For me I think the main one was in FFVI
when Kefka deliberately pushed the statues and killed the Emperor. I knew he was a complete nutcase but I really didn't expect him to freak out to that absurd degree. Though as soon as someone mentioned that if the statues moved bad things would happen, I knew they would get moved somehow, but I expected it to be an accident. The whole Floating Continent sequence would really have counted if I hadn't known ahead of time from knowing about the World of Ruin that it couldn't be the end of the game.

the whole moon sequence probably counts, but especially finding out that Cecil and Golbeza are brothers and Golbeza isn't evil
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Most WTF moment:

Mukki and Cloud.



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Day 26 - OMG WTF final fantasy moment

There's too many to choose so heres a few of favourites with spoilers galore

Anyone who has seen Aerith’s death in the PC version knows that Vincent spends the scene after defeating Jenova Birth with his leg in the air.

The Honeybee inn,that whole place is one big OMG WTF just happened moment.

Finding out Cecil and Golbez are brothers and that they come from the moon.

Tidus and Yuna's laughing scene, I'm pretty sure we all went OMG WTF!!!!!?????? at that.

Zidane pinching Garnet's arse but it was more like omg wtf in a very funny way.

Cloud's constant mental breakdowns the first time you played FFVII, I don't think anyone was sure what was going on during that

To partially quote South Park..."OMG HE KILLED AERITH!" "YOU BASTARD!"

The first Time I watched Yuna perform the sending, it was just like, wait a minute…she dances in order to send people to the afterlife??????

There’s always an OMG WTF moment every time in FFVII when you come out of the Gelinka and Emerald weapon is floating like an inch in front of you.

Terra's mum is human and Terra's dad is an esper....need I say more.

Midgar Zolom on a stick :monster:

If you get the GF Odin before disc 4 in FFVIII, well watching Seifer slice a GF in half is a pretty big WTF moment.

The fact that the Devour command in FFVIII comes with a censored screen every time you use it.

I needn’t bother mentioning the amount of translation errors featured in some games....

Just after heading to the Wutai area for the first time: Battle with Shinra, “What the -WHERE’S MY MATERIA!!!?????”

Finding out Hojo was Sephiroth's dad was a big wtf, and also kinda icky because Hojo is just plain creepy.


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Best plotline?

Oh, man.

I loved almost all the plots of the FF games; FF4,6,7,8,9,10...

But, I'm gonna be unoriginal and say FF7. Maybe because it was technically my first FF game, but I'm pretty attached to the story, the way it unfolds and the roles of the characters in such a mesmerizing tale. If only there weren't any typos. :monster:

The first time around, I really couldn't stop playing it; I wanted to know what was gonna happen next so badly. There are really only a handful of games that ever got me like that. I loved how the character relationships pretty much defined the story of the game, it made everything feel more real. I loved how it was always changing; how you're led to believe one thing and then you're shocked the next minute because everything was a LIE. :O

The story evokes so much feeling and emotion when playing it, very few other games can do something like that. You feel what the characters feel as they experience this story and that is what makes it so heart wrenching. The world that Square created for FF7 was such a perfect setting and only enhanced the plot; so realistic, sad but not entirely hopeless.

This game had everything; tragedy, romance, suspense, thrills, excitement, anger. The list is endless.

How many games have told such an engaging tale that has left fans talking about it even fourteen years later with just as much passion as they had when first playing it?

None, as far as I know. :)

It sort of bothers me when people claim FF7 is overrated. I mean, sure, it kind of is. But, simply because it is loved by so many people doesn't mean it didn't earn the title of one of the best games in gaming history. To me, it did have the best storyline and if that makes me crazy and boring because I adore such an 'overrated' game, so be it. I'm happy loving it as much as I do. :D

Woo, long ass post. Sorry for the rant guys. :awesome:


Long ass righteously true post, you mean.

Amen! FF7 is probably my favourite story of all time, made worse by taking so many years to pick it apart, debate it, freaking novelize it, and loathe its very own, very special brand of sequels. If something still gets the fires going after so much analysis and scrutiny, how could I give the award to any other game?

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Yes, the best FF plot was FFVII's, together with VI's and IX's. The metaphysics in all the three games were also very interesing and fascinating

No other FF made me so hooked in the game/story like these three.

But I also liked a lot of X's and Spira's metaphysics, as well as XII's political plot.

IV's plot was simple, but quite good, while VIII's promised a lot but in the end it was a disappointment.
FFVII is a masterpiece of the storytelling art, not only because of the complexity of the plot, but also because of the finely-tuned narrative structure, if that's the right phrase. Key information is revealed in carefully measured quantities, in a specific order, at certain moments. I also think the gameplay was well integrated into the setting and the plot. It's only very rarely in FFVII that I feel I'm simply killing monsters for the sake of it; usually, they add to the ambience.

SE have lost their touch because they've forgotten (or seem to have forgotten) that the storytelling is more important that the pretty pictures.


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Day 27 – Best Final Fantasy storyline.

I'm gonna have to go with IV's. Unconventional choice, but it has the greatest sense of thematic unity out of any of the games I've played. Just about every major plot development in the game ties in with its central theme that negative emotions often lead to negative actions.
Cain is manipulated by Golbeza because of his jealousy towards Cecil and Rosa; Golbeza himself in manipulated because of his unspecified negative emotions; Tellah is consumed by and literally dies for his quest for vengeance; Zemus sets in motion the game's many negative events because of his own hatred; and there are countless other examples. Even the final boss, who seemingly comes out of nowhere, explicitly states that he will not disappear as long as hatred exists.
I don't even completely agree with the theme; I think anger and other emotions can be redirected towards constructive purposes, although I agree they often are not. But it's extremely well expressed in the game, to the point where the central theme is a lot clearer than the central theme of a lot of the other entries in the series, and the plot never really meanders like a lot of them do. Plus, the scope of the game is pretty marvellous considering when it was released; I mean, you even go to the moon. How many games take you to the moon? That's just awesome.

FFVI comes as a close second. This was the first game in the series that
allowed you to get a full glimpse of what would happen if the villain actually succeeded in carrying out his plans, and the desolation of the world is masterfully evoked in the game's second half. The decision to require players to reconstitute their parties from scratch was a brilliant one, as the game really does feel almost completely hopeless at that point. The resolve of the characters even in the face of such adversity is a pretty grandiose sight to see.
Now that I've played more RPGs, I can't help thinking of a particular sequence in Dragon Quest V every time I play FFVI, because the feeling evoked by the passages was the same
even down to the passage of a significant amount of time after a crippling defeat and needing to find other party members again after it
, but FFVI evoked it on so much larger a scale that it still emerges as the superior evocation of the trope.
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