30 Days of Final Fantasy (2019)

It's that time of year again where I ask you lot about your favourite things in the entirety of Final Fantasy!

Henceforth, I'll be aiming to post a new question around the same time each day, which will be 1900 UTC.

I'm kicking things off with our first inquiry...:

Who is your favourite character and why? Whom do you consider the best character in general?

Much thanks to Trainer Red's suggestion!

Here's a rundown of every question that's been asked so far...

Day 01 - Who is your favourite character and why? Whom do you consider the best character in general?
Day 02 - Which limit break is your favourite?
Day 03 - What has been the biggest OMG WTF/most shocking plot twisty moment for you? (be mindful of spoilers).
Day 04 - Which title has the best storyline?
Day 05 - Which Cid is your favourite Cid?
Day 06 - Which FF universe would you live in and why? What would you be doing there and how do you think you'd live?
Day 07 - Which character has the best physical presentation or aesthetic? And who's outfit would you like to rock?
Day 08 - What’s been the funniest FF moment for you? Tag spoilers if applicable.
Day 09 - Which character sparks the most rage and/or hatred from you? Why u mad tho?? Use your noggin and tag spoilers if necessary.
Day 10 - Which FF game are you planning to play or have a desire to??
Day 11 - One tank. One healer/white magic user. One black magic user. One DPS. If you could mix and match any character from all the FF titles to make up this dream party of four, who would make up your dream party and why?
Day 12 - Your first, last, and current FF crush? Only answer if applicable. :monster:
Day 13 - What’s your favourite mini-game and/or sidequest?
Day 14 - What’s your favourite quote and why?
Day 15 - Which game has disappointed you the most and why? (Be mindful of spoiler tags).
Day 16 - What three things, whether it be character background, story ending, or even game mechanics, would you change about any of the games released so far and why
Day 17 - What's your favourite theme/song and why?
Day 18 - What do you want to see in regards to possible future titles, possible remakes, sequels, spinoffs, etc?
Day 19 - Which game was your first obsession and why?
Day 20 - Which relationship is your favourite in all of FF? Note that this can be platonic, romantic, or even antagonistic.
Day 21 - If you had the chance to fill the role of any character in any FF game, NPCs included, and witness the story of the FF unfold from the POV of that character, who would you be and why? Would you do anything differently as this character?
Day 22 - What is your favourite summon?
Day 23 - Which weapon is your all-time favourite and why?
Day 24 - Which class is your all-time favourite and why?
Day 25 - What boss, mini-game, and/or dungeon has made you rage-quit the hardest or has brought you closest to that point?
Day 26 - What party has been your favourite to play out of all the FF titles?
Day 27 - Who's got the best haircut? And who's hair do you personally think you'd look good in? Note that these are two separate questions lmao.
Day 28 - What's your favourite reoccuring trope/motif throughout the FFs? If you haven't one, then what's your favourite reoccuring enemy and or creature?
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Ergo, V
Cloud remains a firm favourite.
Ffvii was my first introduction into the FF universe and also a first seeing a main character who was flawed.

After you come to learn the truth about cloud and he realises he's been living a lie he embraces it and uses his traumatic past as a kind of strength he needs to carry on.


Joe, Arcana
Idk who I mentioned last year but I'm gonna make my case for Snow considering how much hate he gets. He's not my favourite but nobody else is gonna mention him.
I mean yeah I get it, he's dumb and it's fun to watch FemaleCloud punch him.

But for all his immaturity he's trying to be that character we've all wanted to be reading comics and watching cartoons growing up. He wants to do the right thing and it's not for show. He'll throw himself in front of a barrage of bullets if it means the people behind him will get away.
He understands the desperation and helplessness of situations but he pushes that to the side so he can exude false positivity and bravado. Because that will galvanise those around him.

In a sea of angsty, edgy characters whose trauma defines them, Snow is a breath of positivity defined by his eagerness to take action.
Vivi remains the best character in the franchise. That story, and the way it interacts with and informs the arc of the overall game, all while being adorable, was masterful.

Coming from Joe's angle of a character that is unlikely to get deserved attention - Barret is a phenomenal character who is criminally underappreciated and written off.
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Cloud has always been my favorite Final Fantasy character. His character arc is pretty amazing. There was a lot of development with him. He went from the dude who only cared about money to the dude hellbent on saving the planet and keeping his friends safe. I think we can all relate to him a bit in trying to find ourselves, the way he seemed to as the game went along. I’m very interested to see how the remake gives him even more personality and to see his growth in that game. FF7 by far, in my opinion, remains the greatest game of all time and I love all of the characters involved. Cloud just happens to be my favorite.

Someone mentioned Vivi, though, and Vivi would be my honorable mention. Has to be my second favorite character in the series.
I don't think Snow is actually stupid, he's just trying to motivate the people around him in a desperate situation.

I can't possibly pick just one. Among leads, I think Steiner takes it, he has an amazing arc, heart, and skill in raw combat, powering on despite getting no respect from anyone except Beatrix.

More minorly, Judge Zaargabaath is low key amazing. He's quiet for most of the game, but his immediate reaction to a city full of his enemies being in danger is to sacrifice his own ship...and his crew seems willing to go along with it? How amazing is this dude, that his whole crew is willing to follow that order?
I don't think I have a favourite! Immediately, I thought of Cloud when the question popped up, but only cuz he's has always been someone that I related to with the whole 'outsider in a small town' background. Even in AC(C)––where Cloud's character, many would argue was killed with the whole flanderisation thing––I felt for him with his need to retreat and hide away from those closest to his heart due to sheer fear, self-loathing, and depression. Loads of us have had those dark periods, eh?

Also, as I've mentioned last year, my favourite thing about him is that he's essentially a side-kick playing the role of a hero. He has tenacity if anything––even when he's reached a point where you wouldn't blame him for folding (tfw your whole life might've been a lie lmao), he carries on.

And he's a huge fucking dork, you gotta love the guy.

My pick for the best character evar tho is pretty shallow tho lmao it's Auron for sheer Coolness and Badassery. :megusta:
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Listen closely, there is meaning in my words.
Smooth Criminal
It's hard for me to choose just one... Personally, it's a toss up between Cloud Strife and Lightning Farron. Those two have cemented their place in my heart the most and have the most awesome and unique character stories.

....Although, I want to give special mention to Reynn and Lann from WoFF, because their story and journey in their respective game is lowkey fucking amazing.

They are two stupid kids that went through some horrible shit, and handled it the best they possibly could. For what appears to be a lighthearted, "baby's first Final Fantasy" story, it got heavy real fast.

Seeing as no one else did, I'm gonna take Balthier from XII as my fave because I adore his sass! But his togetherness as well, the way he always appears chill no matter the situation and takes stuff in stride. I dig it. I dig him.

And on that note, his big quickening, Element of Treachery, is my all time limit break. I used to get sooooo excited when I managed to trigger a chain with that, it's the coolest one by far! I love how his are all based on the sea cos pirate and they were always just the most visually pleasing to me!

trash panda


Fancy, I like how you described Cloud as being more of a sidekick than a leader. I feel like in the OG game, Barret would have been the better leader, or heck, even Tifa. I think it would have made better sense to have Barret be the leader until after the party finishes that story tidbit in Kalm. Idk. Just saying. And yeah, one of the things I love about Cloud is his nerdness. Like when he says "let's mosey" and then Cid is all "stfu u weenie". Lol. But yeah, all the compilation stuff and KH makes me forget sometimes that I actually really love OG Cloud.

As for best character in the series...oooo...that’s tuff. I think a lot of the IX cast is really up there...in fact it’s hard for me to pick a best character in that game...(basically everyone who isn’t Amarant). I even adored the NPCs in IX. I relate to Quina on such a personal level because I love to eat (although I eat frog very sparingly) but his/her/their character arc is a bit weak, sad to say. I enjoy Dagger's character a lot because she bears a few significant burdens and she does it like, super well despite being quite young. She's also tough as nails, she doesn't screw around, and she doesn't let fear deter her. Vivi is incredible; that is all.

I think the character whose personality I enjoy the most might actually be Aerith. I've never pegged her as my "favorite" character before, but now that I'm thinking about it I really enjoy the way she handles the whole work/life balance, unowotimean? Like, she's serious when it matters but she's also goofy and doesn't walk around with a stick up her butt as far as I know.

Did I choose someone as my favorite?? Er, no I didn't. Okay, so I'm going to say, for now, my absolute favorite character is...
Oglop Cid. Man knows how to run a kingdom, and as a bug at that. And he has great hobbies (playing cards, building airships). And he's like hopelessly in love with his wife even though he's a bit lecherous. Plus he wears a cape. He's a bug in a cape. With a wicked mustache. C'mon.



Eyes of the Lord
Day One: Noctis Lucis Caelum (FFXV)

The most endearing and chill bro in the series :grinning:. Extra relatability points for liking fishing and being a young adult boy struggling with heavy responsabilities on his shoulders.

Day Two: Armiger Unleash (FFXV)

Most the series limit breaks are overglorified cutscnes with damage numbers attached to them, Armiger Unleash is.....a playable limit break (on top of having its own unique combat mechaniques)!
I like Cosmo Memory a lot as far as the backgrounds during the limit break and all that good stuff. Plus Red XIII is a great character. Barret’s “Catastrophe” is also really cool, and obviously Cait Sith’s can be if it works and is used properly.

I’m going to have to go with Omnislash, though. It’s just too iconic to both FF7 and the Final Fantasy series as a whole.


Pro Adventurer
To Day 1 question:

I've always loved my mate, big bad Barret Wallace!

I identify myself with him a lot! as subtle as.... *insert witty thing that is not very subtle*, passionate, simple, straight forward, dedicated, big gentle giant teddy bear.

Love him to bits!
Day 1: Tifa 'cause I know within the context of the storyline it's easy for her to fall to the wayside next to the grandiosity of the other characters' heroics (even her theme song is super subdued compared to the rest), but I've always admired her constant and strong and subtle presence and even though she's just the "childhood friend" to the main character she will always be my hero in this story :tongueout:

Day 2: Omnislash cuz it cool
Day 1: Tifa 'cause I know within the context of the storyline it's easy for her to fall to the wayside next to the grandiosity of the other characters' heroics (even her theme song is super subdued compared to the rest), but I've always admired her constant and strong and subtle presence and even though she's just the "childhood friend" to the main character she will always be my hero in this story :tongueout:

Day 2: Omnislash cuz it cool
Well if it wasn't for her ol' Cloud would still be in a coma and drooling in a wheelchair, so you got a point.
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